1. C

    2018 MacBook Pro 15” - Fans Behaviour with External Display

    Hi, I’ve recently got a 2 week old baseline 15” MacBook Pro (2018) and got a question about its fans. When I’m using the Mac with its own display, everything works fine. Fans come on with heavy load, easily going down as it eases. However, when I’ve got my single LG 4K monitor plugged in...
  2. K

    How hot does the mackbook pro 13" 2018 run on normal usage?

    Hi, I'm about to purchase my first mackbook ever and I've been doubtfull between macbook pro 13 2018 and new MBA. But then I read about throttling issues on 2018 macbook pros line, I know apple released a patch that is supposed to "fix it" but I'd like to know from real owners what their...
  3. lollorenzo

    iPad Pro Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

    Hi. Have someone problems with the resolution of the new iPad Por 11" about this two streaming services? I see the app window of both from Netflix and Prime Video (also Affinity Designer and Photo). I think those app needs upgrade to new iPad Pro resolution but I'm not sure about this...
  4. T

    Fusioning mini2018 with external drive?

    Anybody tried this? How snappy it is? Is it even possible? Will Apple ever going to offer fusion with AFPS?
  5. S

    iPad Pro charging external devices?

    Has any had an experience on the New iPad Pro charging other devices. How quickly is it draining the pro's battery. Is it worth it?
  6. F

    URGENT: Is 8GB ram sufficient? Opinions needed :)

    Hi everyone, I have come across a very good and limited (5 units) sale for an almost new MBP 2018 with 8GB of RAM. I'd aim for 16GB, but the deal I can get is only for the base Touchbar model (but with 512GB storage). I know a lot of you guys know more about this stuff than I do, so I really...
  7. navaira

    MBP 2018 keyboard poll: problematic or fine?

    Please only vote if you've owned a MBP 2018 (third generation butterfly keyboards) for at least 3+ weeks AND do not use it in clamshell mode with external keyboard :) I've had three lemons in a row, currently on fourth which seems to keep going back and forth as I'm trying to decide whether...
  8. M

    light gaming on Macbook Air 2018

    hey hey, how do you guys think will the new MBA perform in terms of light gaming. I ordered the 16gb / 512gb version for university and as I don‘t have any other computer etc. for gaming I want to do some gaming on it. I don‘t want to play the newest games but what about older titles like lets...
  9. bonjourx

    How big is the difference between the Old and new GPU on MacBook Pro 15’?

    Just like what the title say. I’m really curious as to how big would be the difference between the Radeon Pro 560X versus the Radeon Vega? Because I have a new laptop coming tomorrow, but if the difference between the two is huge, I’m thinking of just returning what I purchased and wait for the...
  10. ppdix

    Did you order anything today?

    I ordered a new iPad Pro 10" 128GB in Space Grey. I used to have the 12.9 iPad Pro but found it too big. I already have a 15" Mac Book Pro 2018 TB so I don't need another big device to carry. I also want to use the iPad with my Mavic Pro 2... If it fits... Let me know what/if you ordered today...
  11. Adam1988

    Who can help me get a good cheap MBP 2017 or 2018

    HELLO EVERYONE! I am trying to get a new macbook pro since i been stationed all my time with my imac. Will someone be helpful to be nice to me and guide me where i can get a cheap macbook pro 2017 or 2018? I never had a macbook pro and im looking to invest for the long run like 10 years or...
  12. L

    Help Me Decide If I Should Switch!

    Typing this on the XS Max. Not liking that I'm experiencing issues with WiFi, especially given the price. I'm considering a switch to Android for my primary device. I'm fairly familiar with them; have rooted in the past, unlocked with various techniques from XDA etc. I've had Nexus 7 and 9...
  13. Ofir87

    MacBook Pro 13 2018 cooler after Mojave

    Hi all, Just wanted to give my 2 cents with my experience. A base-model of the MacBook Pro 13 2018 (TouchBar) is running WAY cooler after updating to a OS X Mojave. This is with same usage, for example running Safari with multiple YouTube videos/Netflix, mail and 4-5 apps in the background -...
  14. Internet Enzyme

    No 2018 iMac?!

    [June 4, after WWDC 2018] It did seem fairly unlikely that the Mac team would release an iMac half a year after the iMac Pro at the same time as they worked on the Mac Pro and Mac Mini, but I figured that maybe they could’ve just done a cpu refresh and thrown a touchbar keyboard with touch id...
  15. cwilliams706

    AT&T - Apple Watch Series 4 Preorders

    I figured it would easier to manage if we have carrier specific threads for those of us who chose to preorder through our providers. This is my second preorder for the Apple Watch. My first one was for the S0 42mm SS, which I got directly from Apple. I have to get the GPS + Cellular combo, since...
  16. O

    2018 MBP 15 Coil Whine

    I just bought the i7 2.6GHz, 512G version and noticed there is coil whine. It's pretty audible all the time and becomes loud when I use VM. Anyone else having it?
  17. M

    MacBook Pro 2018 overheat /HibernateError during sleep

    Opened a discussion here as well: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8528117 Hey Yesterday, after playing with my MacBook's pmset settings, I closed the lid (while plugged in), and after 4 hours I just unplugged it and went to sleep. This morning I'm waking up to an extremely hot, battery...
  18. bello2185

    Log-in background not showing currently set wallpaper on latest Mojave public beta?

    Yesterday I received my new 2018 MacBook Pro 15" and after updating to the latest High Sierra update I enrolled my Mac in the beta program and installed the latest Mojave public beta. Everything is working correctly but there is one thing bothering me. On my old 2013 MacBook Pro 13" the macOS...
  19. 2

    MBP 2018 (13 inch), 512GB SSD or 16GB of RAM?

    Hello everyone! I am about to buy a MacBook Pro 2018 13 inch, but I am still not sure about the version that I am going to get. After reading a lot of forums and articles, I am closer to getting one with 512GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and the i5 processor. What is your opinion, would you personally...
  20. zedsdeadbaby

    Considering i9 MBP - Reinstall and Disable APFS?

    Well, despite my better judgement I'm considering the i9 MBP. The reports I'm seeing from Logic users are a lot more significant than I expected... Anyway, I've been on 10.12 for a few years now and haven't gone near 10.13. After some reading, it would seem that there's some rationale behind...