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  1. ondert

    Can I install Windows on external TB3 drive?

    Hello, I’ve got already a TB3 enclosure which accepts m.2 NVMe ssd. This one to be specific; I have used this to install Windows on it and boot from there on my 2017 and 2019 5k iMacs. However, then I moved to 2020 5K iMac and couldn’t do the same thing...
  2. M

    Dead? 2020 MacBook Pro 15’ not charging :(

    My 2020 MacBook Pro is no longer charging. Today I was video editing, battery was low. I plugged it in, charged for 30min then it stopped charging. Yes, I have tried all USB ports and different wall sockets in the house. All other gadgets and electronics work fine. FYI it got a new topcase in...
  3. E

    Macbook Air a2179 failing to complete boot

    Hi, trying to fix a friend's MacBook air (early 2020). A drink was spilt over it last year, so opened it up and it's in great condition as only had to clean the usb-c ports which had gone bit crusty. Then plugged it in to charge and it loads to the last bit of the status bar then will reset the...
  4. B

    MacBook Pro i5 2017 Vs MacBook Air i3 2020

    I'm lost between the two I have now the pro 2017 i don't if i should get 2020 Air or stick with my and in case I use my Laptop for Video Editing and Apple Arcade
  5. D

    How has your 27" 2020 iMac worked for you?

    Has your 2020 27" iMac worked well for you or has it given you trouble? Usually I'm pretty confident with apple hardware but I've had pretty bad graphics issues right out of the gate, since day one, (and before any 3rd party software or RAM was installed.) This has been the opposite experience...
  6. S

    Safe to buy MBA M1 2020? Any issues?

    Hello Macrumors Forum community, I want to buy a Mac notebook and after researching determined the MacBook Air M1 2020 would fit me best. I can get one for around 1000$. I did my research and found threads on multiple websites (including this one) where people complained about cracked...
  7. lawlietkm

    My 2020 iMac 27" is being repaired but I'm very concerned about my files, please help me

    Hello, sorry for the dramatic title I wasn't sure how to write it. Sorry as well for the poor english, as a french native I'm not always sure of the syntaxe nor the words that are fitting the best. I'll be quick: my iMac 27" that was released late August 2020 and that has become my main machine...
  8. B

    I think someone might have bought my 8TB 2020 iMac.

    I am the original owner of this 8TB, 10-core 2020 iMac, that was returned in December, and I think someone bought my returned iMac recently, because right now it is showing a new location on my iCloud account. (Since it is still connected to my returned iMac). I actually used this iMac for...
  9. P

    iMac 2020 ram upgrade issues

    Hello, I think I have a problem with the compatibility of ram memory modules in the iMac 2020. Although all modules are of the same brand (Crucial) the same capacity (8gb) and the same clock speed (2666mhz) “see photo” when installed, the system does not work at the indicated speed but at a...
  10. R

    Myriad of issues with brand new iMac 2020, freezing, visual artifacts

    I ordered a brand new souped up iMac 2020 desktop from It arrived on 4/29/21 and it’s bundled with issues. ISSUES: Intermittent freezing at least 4 times a day (when it keeps freezing, I'm able to move the mouse but nothing else. If I'm in the middle of playing a timeline in Adobe...
  11. G

    iPad Pro Which iPad Pro 11" should I get ? (2020 vs 2021) No Mini-LED

    Hey guys, I was so hyped about the Mini-LED screen, the brightness, deep blacks, but unfortunately it's not happening on the 11″. I can't wait another year, I will keep this iPad for 1 or 2 years and upgrade to the newer 11” Mini-LED in the near future. The 12.9” is very tempting, but I don't...
  12. slimmy18222

    MacBook Pro 2020 A2289 PROBLEM. Can I fix it?

    Hello, my A2289 MacBook keyboard and trackpad does not work anymore. keyboard backlight is working, Touch Bar is working but I can’t use it (change or touch anything on it, just displaying information). If I connect external keyboard and external mouse all work perfectly, but internal keyboard...
  13. AjTee

    Battery Health after 50 cycles...

    Hello, I use my MacBook Pro 2020 with Intel not often. I have 50 cycles and battery life 91%. A few days ago it has 93%. Can I increase battery health in some way? Should this thing bother me? Regards, Jakub
  14. D

    MacBook Pro 16'' 2020 Battery Drain While Plugged in

    Hello Everyone, First post here on MacRumors... be nice! I have a MacBook Pro 2020 (touchbar) Specs: - i9 2.3GHz - 5500m 4gb GPU - 16GB ram - 1TB ssd I am having issues with running higher performance apps while plugged in. The battery will drain rapidly to the point of only having about...
  15. I

    Should I trade my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” 256gb for 2020 MacBook Pro 512gb w 16gb ram?

    Got an offer for the trade but can’t make a decision. My iPad is cellular unlocked in mint condition. The MacBook looks good cosmetically in pics from what I can tell. Processor is 1.4 GHz (up to 3.9GHz) Intel Core i5 (8257U).
  16. Sovon Halder

    I really need to upgrade storage of my Mac Mini M1

    It's been 6 days and already I've got a warning "storage almost full". My 3TB HDD sounds like a jet engine when powered on, and hangs up Finder when waking up from sleep, it's very annoying. I need a large storage device for casual use that is QUIET and will be connected to the back of the...
  17. Mr. Dee

    PowerBook G3 to M1 MacBook Pro - We sure have come a long way!

    I have to admit, this something I have been looking forward to comparing. Although they are not technically equals since the Wallstreet predates OS 10.0 by a few years, its a G3 that's a supported model. But when some of us complain about the constant progress of innovation, we have a lot to be...
  18. K

    2020 27" iMac with 5700 XT hangs on Luxmark benchmark. Anyone can run it?

    I've been trying to run Luxmark 3.1 on the iMac 2020 with Radeon Pro 5700XT. While it can do the default scene successfully, the two other scenes Neumann and Hotel hangs the entire machine. On Big Sur it crashes, but on Catalina the entire machine reboots. The default sphere scene gives a GPU...
  19. tejagamer

    Considering switching to M1 Mac Mini from 13" MBP 2018

    Hi, I am currently running a 2018 MBP 13" (TB Base with 8/256GB) and it's so sluggish it with an external display (even 1440p along with internal) with just 8GB of RAM. Planning to switch to a Mac mini M1 with 16GB as my laptop always runs docked at my desk all the time. I got a good deal from a...
  20. lancee_xyz

    Strange and annoying fan noise in brand new iMac 27" 2020 (incl. audio file)

    Hi, I just replaced my late 2013 iMac 27" with a 2020 model to get the Big Sur experience :) Unfortunately my new iMac sounds strange - the fan make a clacking or engine like sound all the time when running at lowest RPM. iMac is 10 days old and does it ever since. Is this normal? I hope not...