1. keysofanxiety

    Upgrading my old 21.5" 2011 iMac

    Hi all! So I've got an old 21.5" 2011 iMac that I'm looking to upgrade. My current 2012 15" cMBP is on its way out and I don't trust it'll last for a few projects I'm recording. I'm going to upgrade the hard-drive to an SSD and max the RAM to 32GB, however I was also looking to upgrade the...
  2. AutomaticApple

    iPad Trying to find deals for 32GB WiFi + Cellular 6th Generation iPad

    I've looked everywhere for a good deal for the iPad 6th Generation, and I’ve legitimately looked everywhere (Amazon, eBay, etc). Does anyone know of an actual good deal going on for the 32GB WiFi + Cellular model? It’s supposed to be a gift for someone. Cheers! :)
  3. A

    16GB RAM vs 32GB RAM - Radeon Pro 555X vs 560X - Editing 4K video?

    What’s more important for editing 4K video? Upgrading the RAM, graphics card or processor? Main question is between 16GB RAM vs 32GB RAM and Radeon Pro 555X vs 560X. Buying 2018 MacBook Pro for video editing and would appreciate some input. I use Adobe Premiere. The thing that is most...
  4. Koala Adorable

    IPad 6th gen. 32Gb or 128Gb?

    Hi, everyone! I'm thinking of buying the new IPad. Just to be clear, I've been using a Samsung tablet for the last few years, but during my trip I've realized I could really use an IPad. Why do I want an IPad? Because I'm a researcher and I'm reading all day long and I could really use to have...
  5. Michelasso

    20GB used??

    I have seen it first on Xcode and then I downloaded a free app (Disc Space?) from the App Store. I have a dozen apps installed and 20GB are already gone? I understand the OS can take quite some space, but isn't it a bit too much? Is it possible that it's due to the many log files? I always...
  6. X

    2018 Macbook Pro Lineup

    What I would like to see apple do. Across the board: Improved camera for low light performance. HDR display. Improved cooling performance. Improved battery. Improved keyboard that is resistant to a speck of dust. Stereo microphones, left and right. Thin and light should not be a priority of...
  7. WristyManchego

    Beefed 32gb RAM Macbook Pro rumour wrong?

    Read on a post (https://www.macrumors.com/2017/05/30/intel-coffee-lake-30-pct-performance-boost/) that our KGI Securities bro Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted a beefed 32gb RAM Macbook pro to start production in September 2017. After WWDC and the release of the iMac pro, I'm beginning to think it was...
  8. wozmatic

    Do you think the New MacBook Pro will have up to 32GB RAM?

    It almost makes so much sense to have the option of up to 32GB RAM that it wouldn't make sense to only offer up to 16GB The Dell XPS 15 is the direct competition and it offers 32GB, and user expandable at that! 16GB would be ok with me but would it ever be great to have 32GB or at least the...
  9. J

    Late 2012 27inch iMac - Upgrading RAM - is 16GB the maximum?

    Hi there, I'm looking at upgrading my iMac's RAM (27 inch, Late 2012, 8GB). I just checked on Crucial and it is saying I can upgrade it to 16GB, but my iMac has four slots, so why is 32GB not being offered as an option? Any advice, as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. B

    Apple TV - Storage left

    Hi, is there any possibility to see how much storage there is left? Cant find it in settings, but I can see how much per app uses. Please help!
  11. A

    2012 Macbook Pro 32GB ram

    I Found this on Amazon today. 32GB ( 16GBx2 ) 1600 Mhz Laptop Memory 204pin Product description reads, Compatible with most Apple products, I know this would fit in my 2012 Macbook Pro I'm just wondering if it could see and use all 32GB