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  1. bigdog5142

    Arrow & Board Leather Watch Band [Video]

    I just got my Arrow & Board Porter Band today...and I love it! I made a quick unboxing video so you can see what I'm talking about. I know I appreciate it when others do this...and I decided to have a little fun making a video. Hope it helps in any decision making for you when purchasing bands...
  2. Akrapovic

    Looking for a very specific Sport Loop - Black/Volt

    I'm here to ask the experts. :D The attached image is what I'm after. I can find plenty of the grey/volt sport loops on many sites. But every so often you spot one of these black/volt ones, which is much nicer than the grey. But I'm yet to find anywhere that sells it. Some eBay sellers list it...
  3. honglong1976

    Downsized 42mm to 38mm and loving it but....

    I just traded my SS S0 42mm, nike band and some headphones for a Sports S3 LTE 38mm (which cost me just £20 + my traded watch, so I got a bargain). I am loving it. I originally replaced my traditional watch with the SS S0 and it's been great! The sapphire is really good and I wonder how the new...
  4. ivantwilliams

    Sport or Stainless Steel 42mm

    To confirm, the main difference between the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Stainless Steel, is the 'stainless steel', and weight of it, right? About six months ago, I bought an Apple Watch Sport 42mm. Within 48 hours, I returned it. It felt rather small and lightweight on my wrist...
  5. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch (42mm) with Scuba Blue Nylon Band

    Does anyone have the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch with Scuba Blue Nylon band ? Thoughts and pictures would be great!
  6. D

    Got new Apple Watch, what accessories to buy?

    Hi, I got a new apple watch sport 42mm white silver aluminium . I would like to know what are must have accessories for the watch. 1. Screen Protector. 2. Charger night stand. 3. Bands Does a screen protector must have for an apple watch to avoid scratches ?
  7. A

    Looking for Hoco Link Bracelet Strap Spare Links

    Hi All I know this might be a long shot but does anybody have spare links for a Gold 42mm Hoco Link Bracelet Strap. Just received one as a gift but is too small. I bought on Amazon and have searched for a way to contact the seller and Hoco to request extra links but no joy. If anybody has any...