4k display

  1. jgelin

    2017 iMac Paired with LG 4K Simultaneous audio?

    Hello all, Happy to say that I have upgraded my iMac to the newer 5K version and paired it with the LG 4K monitor. The monitor itself seems to have amazing speakers, so I would like to pair them with those in the iMac. Both devices, when used independently rely on the system audio controls for...
  2. seenew

    can't get my new 4K monitor to display correct resolution/scale

    Hi all, I just got a new 27" 4K monitor from NEC when my old Apple Thunderbolt display died. I was wondering if there is a way to have OS X display at the same scale as it did on my old 27" display. Right now, basically the two only real options I can see are "3840x2160 (low resolution)," which...
  3. K

    iMac 2017 for Xcode and 4k video?

    Please help my decision!
  4. kathmandu04akit

    Photo Upscaling Warning Retina & 4K (aka upsampling)

    The following Mac Apps (Photos,Preview,Safari,Mail) are trashing display of image files on (at least) MBP's w/Retina display including when clamshell ported via HDMI to 4k display using monitor at SysPref display default scaling. Same trouble happening on a friends newer MBP w/Retina Display...
  5. J

    Repurposing a 2011 iMac with broken display

    So our 27 inch 2011 iMac developed the dreaded dark-side display fault. I took the machine apart, and sure enough the led power connector had come adrift. Undeterred, I filed the tip of my soldering iron down to a fine tip, and proceeded to make a right hash of the job. Time to buy a new Retina...
  6. vik.wags

    43inch 4K monitor suggestion for MBPr15 (late17)

    Hello I am considering going from a 2 monitor environment to a 1 only, and I would like to get suggestions on some 43 inch 4K monitors I have been looking into lately. The ones I have shopped for and am considering are: Dell ViewSonic LG Keep in mind that I am not a gamer nor a video...
  7. radlfuchs

    Why does MacOS slow down terribly when switching to 3008x1692 resolution on an external display?

    Hi MacRumors, I have the following setup: MacBook Pro 15“ (Mid 2014) Dell UP3216Q 4k Display connected via Mini DisplayPort MacOS High Sierra Following observations: The display works just fine on the resolution the MacOS detects as standard (3840x2160) But on this resolution all UI...
  8. R

    LG 27" 4k and Macbook pro 13 2016 late issues

    Hello all and happy new year, Recently I bought a 4k monitor (LG 27UD69P) for my MacBook Pro 13" 2016 (with thunderbolt 3 ports). I am using the original usb-c Digital AV Multiport Adapter in order to connect the external display through HDMI cable to may MBP. The issue is that: 1. The...
  9. C

    A monitor for my late-2013 rMBP

    Hi all, My trusty machine is the following spec: MacBook Pro 13 inch Late model 2013 2.6 Intel I5 8 GB Memory Intel Iris Graphics Card 1536 MB (thus running 13-inch (2560 x 1600) natively) 512 GB SSD I am now finally contemplating a display/monitor to be able to 'dock' my Macbook when at...
  10. V

    4K TV as external Display for MacBook Pro

    Hi, I intent to get a MacBook Pro 2017 and replace my Desktop Mac with a combo out of the MacBook and an external Display. One of my ideas is to get a 4K TV for this, which would be ideal for having a huge working space and at the same time a TV/Video screen on my desk. It is my current...
  11. ArtifexIV

    Should I keep my Late 2013 iMac or replace it by a new monitor for my 2016 MBP?

    Hi guys, I currently own a 2016 15" MBP TB (with the basic graphic card and processor) since January and so far, I'm really happy with it. I spent 6 months in New Zealand for a student exchange and that's actually why I bought my laptop: because I was on travel. About 2 years ago, I bought a...
  12. G

    How new Philips 4K display made my 5K iMac useless

    Few months ago I got Philips BDM4350 4K display. I was very excited and expected it to improve my productivity. How mistaken I was! The display has extreme ghosting problem. Even 10-15 minutes is enough to leave ghost of static screen parts like menus and similar for a long time. But this is...
  13. S

    Is Possible to Daisy Chain 2x4K@60hz on 2016 FN Keys MBP?

    I currently have a 2016 MacBook Pro with the function keys. This model only has 2, thunderbolt 3 ports. Currently, I have 1 1080p display, 1 4K@60hz display plus the MacBook Pro screen running. I am using an adapter and a TB3 to displayport cable. I was wondering if it would be possible to...
  14. L

    Mac Pro 4,1 GPU Upgrade for 4K UHDTV

    I'm looking to upgrade my current ATI Radeon 5870 to a 4K Card but don't know which would work best on my 4K TV. Can anyone recommend a good NVIDIA GTX card compared to the Sapphire 7950? My Mac is used mainly for watching movies and as a Plex server. Its connected to my 75" Sony 4K TV and It...
  15. MariusMasalar

    Asus PA329Q + Mac Pro (2013) = Issues?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to pick up an Asus PA329Q to replace my existing monitors and I'm just doing some preliminary research. So far, I've come across this thread that seems to indicate there are unresolved font smoothing issues for the 328Q (not sure if there's a meaningful difference)...
  16. S

    2015 MacBook Driving External 4k Display @60 Hz

    Hi guys, I want to create this thread in order to help people like myself with their struggles to decide on an external 4k-display that's driven by a MacBook (early 2015). Since there are plenty of parameters (like HDMI vs. DisplayPort vs. USB-C, 30 Hz vs. 60 Hz, simultaneous charging of the...
  17. G

    iMac 5K issue with ext. 4K screen

    Just few days ago I switched from triple display setup (5K + 2 x FullHD) to double setup (5K + 4K) for my late 2014 iMac 5K. The new display is Philips BDM4350UC connected via mini display port to display port cable. It runs in 4K @ 60 Hz (had to switch display port 1.1 to 1.2 in display menu)...
  18. S

    Unable to logon with DisplayPort connected

    When I connect my 4K Philips display on boot to flashed HD7950 card it simply refuses to boot. If I disconnect the 4K display and connect it right after booting then everything works fine. What's the reason for this? All works fine on HDMI and DVI.
  19. J

    Nvidia Quad mDP graphics card for 5,1?

    Yes, I read the Nvidia FAQ thread, so please don't flame me... Can't seem to find a definitive answer whether the NVS 510 (Kepler) will work in a Mac Pro 5,1 - or alternately the Quadro K1200 or the M2000 (Maxwell). System: Stock Mac Pro 5,1 on latest El Capitan My needs are: A low...
  20. chfilm

    Anybody running 27" 4K monitors in 1440p scaled mode?

    Hi guys, I'm debating to get some new displays for my Mac Pro 6.1. My eyes want the retina effect ;) So the question is either jump right in and get two dell 2715k. Or maybe two 2715Q will be just fine for me. But I have never seen a 4K display run at scaled 1440p mode and have no clue how it...