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  1. B S Magnet

    The Power Mac G5 can’t be eclipsed by a live solar eclipse at 720p :D

    But in 1080p, things slow to about 1fps. And that’s probably in large part to the paltry OEM GeForce 5200 video card. But hey, this is cool!
  2. pmac0973

    Powerbook G3 MPEG-1 720P

    ideo testing Pismo 400Mhz 1Gig Ram Video = 1164x720 - MPEG 1 Quicktime Player 6=11-13 FPS Movieplayer 2.5 = N/A but better performance PresentMovie 1.5 = seems better than MoviePlayer 2.5 - A convert window pops up when opening the video V
  3. BigBIg5

    How to play YouTube in HD on iMac G5 20" iSight

    I have an Mac G5 20" iSight with Leopard installed. How can I play YouTube in HD like 720p?
  4. WhiteKnightMac

    Choppy DVD Playback

    Please Help, it's driving me mad! Trying to burn a video file 720p <4Gb onto a standard Verbatim DVD(+RW) using Toast Titanium 15. The video file runs fine from the HDD before burning so I know its not the source file. So far I have tried: Slow burning speed (x2) Encoding to PAL and NTSC...
  5. M

    HiDPI scaling on Dell U2515H - MacOS Sierra

    Hello everyone, I use a macbook pro (early 2013) in clamshell mode connected to a Dell U2515H (via displayport). This is a 1440p monitor. As discussed in threads before, it's very hard (/impossible?) to get 720p HiDPI working on MacOS Sierra. Does anyone know if there is a new fix or method to...
  6. Avenged110

    iTunes 10.6.3 can't play 1080p anymore?

    So I use iTunes 10.6.3 (why is irrelevant) to download movies and TV shows from the store. Sometime within the last few months, it stopped being able to download or even playback 1080p videos. 720p and all other parts of the app continue to work just fine. I've installed this version on 10.6.8...
  7. 6

    Mac Mini and TV

    I have a 29" Toshiba (720) TV. When I connect it to my Mini (10.10.5) with HDMI to HDMI, the image is too large and I cannot see top or bottom tool bar so I can not experiment with resolution, etc. It is my understanding that HDMI to HDMI should work with a 720p TV. If this should work for me...
  8. O

    720p Camera on 2016 MBP, why?

    For the life of me I do not understand why a laptop with 4 USB-C ports has a 720p Facetime Camera, probably exactly the same part used on the last gen MBP Not that I plan to use it excessively, but I assume a "Pro" machine should provide an appropriate level of video conferencing for those that...
  9. drsmall

    Photo Booth not HD

    I don't have a mac, I'm asking for a friend. But her Macbook's facetime camera says it can record 720p (1280x720) But the video outputed from her Photo Booth app is only 720x480. Any idea why this is? What can be done to fix it.