1. C

    How to my pictures from my work iPhone/account to my personal one?

    Hi everybody! I tried my best searching for a similar situation but I was unable to find useful information, so any help is much appreciated. I have an iPhone 6 from work and used to have a personal iPhone 4. All the good pictures I needed to take were taken with my work phone because it had a...
  2. H

    Changing your AppleID primary email address (bug report)

    Most of us probably signed up for our AppleID when we bought our first Apple product (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). Today, signing up for one is part of the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) with most all new Apple products. You can get around it, but it's highly encouraged. Most likely, this was done in...
  3. S

    Is restoring from backup the worst thing ever?

    Please tell me if I'm an idiot or doing things totally wrong, or is restoring your iPhone from a backup the worst thing ever? My wife recently had some iPhone trouble. We were told we needed to restore the phone to factory settings before we brought it in for repair. The phone does regular...
  4. L

    iMac in Classroom (accounts)

    Hi there, We got 7 iMacs (21,5) for our classroom (school). I would like to ask you what to you suggest to use as accounts. Can I have one administrator account for all of them and then use standard accounts (with parental controls). What's your opinion?
  5. lolo133t

    Resolved Only One Option For Login

    Hello. I have two accounts on my mac. Both are administrators. But for some reason, only one (the least used one) is an option for login when the mac is first started up. Once I log into the one account then log off, they're both present. But why is only one of the accounts a login option when...
  6. CadenZ15

    Unable to add mail accounts to Internet Accounts

    I ran into an issue with my KeyChain recently, and after wiping it out to start fresh I've been unable to add Internet accounts to my accounts in System Preferences. When I enter my password for a given account it trys to authenticate with the spinning loading animation, then goes all grey and...
  7. EasonYang438

    Convert network account to local user account

    Hi, I am planning on moving network account home directory into my local computer user account. Before I am doing this, I backed up everything and read a article of converting local user account to network account I want to do it opposite way. What is...
  8. S

    Someone knows a multi user Family Budget App?

    Hi all, I'm Stefano from Rome, Italy :) I'm new in this forum... I'm sorry for my English ;) I'm here because it's a month that I can't find a multi user Family Budget App :( Now I use MoneyWiz2 but I can use it only with one user (SYNCBit) This is an example of the banking accounts that me...