Is restoring from backup the worst thing ever?

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    Please tell me if I'm an idiot or doing things totally wrong, or is restoring your iPhone from a backup the worst thing ever? My wife recently had some iPhone trouble. We were told we needed to restore the phone to factory settings before we brought it in for repair. The phone does regular iCloud backups, but for safety I connected the phone to our Mac, went to iTunes, and did a manual complete backup to the computer before erasing it. We just got the phone back from repair. I connected the phone to our Mac. iTunes asked if we wanted to setup as a new phone or restore from backup. I restored from the backup. It looks like all the basics have been restored like the contacts, most of the settings, etc. but there have been so many issues I did not think I would have to deal with. I figured making a backup and restoring it would simply bring the phone back to exactly how it was before the erase but apparently this isn't so. First, after the restore we got a warning saying that 64 apps could not be uploaded because they couldn't be found. I have no idea why that would be. And now the phone is asking for every single password to be entered again on every single app as well as all her email accounts and icloud. Are passwords not restored with everything else? I thought a restore from backup would bring back everything just as it was, but it seems there needs to be a ton of manual resetting and reentering of information we have to do ourselves. I can't even be sure everything is back on the phone the way it was before because of the error message and all the questions that keep popping up on it.
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    If you use iTunes backup it has to be an encrypted one otherwise it won't include passwords or health data.
    I've restored from backup loads of times (iCloud and encrypted iTunes) and never had an issue
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    Also, if any of the "not found" apps were downloaded originally under a different Apple ID, you'll need to logout of the current Apple ID for the App store and then login under the Apple ID those apps were downloaded with.

    That's usually why you get this particular error.

    Your only mistake, as @Phil A. pointed out, was not doing an encrypted backup.

    The profile I have on my iPhone 6s+ right now is the same one I created at Christmas 2011. It's been through numerous backups and restores across four devices (3GS, 5, 6+ and 6s+).

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