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  1. O

    MEMORY LEAK 💧 Mac Book Pro 16" M1 Max YOUR SYSTEM HAS RUN OUT OF MEMORY ??!! Lightroom Classic

    THANK YOU TO @white7561 for pointing out a 445.42 GB memory leak - Anyone know how to figure out what caused it so I can try and get the issue reported / fixed? Browsing + Zooming in and out of a large Pano in Adobe Lightroom Classic today and already had the system run out of memory. I didn't...
  2. rodedwards

    MP 1,1-5,1 Latest Photoshop 23 not compatible with Mojave OS 14.

    I've just tried to update my Classic Mac Pro 5,1 to latest Adobe Photoshop 23 running Mojave 10.14.6 - but it's no longer compatible. Adobe has dropped support for Mojave. Is there an easy way to upgrade to newer OS with these older Macs? New ones are just sooooo expensive...
  3. Iamthesnow

    Which Macbook Pro for Adobe CC, QGIS and SketchUp/AutoCad?

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my old Macbook Pro mid-2012, it's been a while I've been waiting! I want to buy a 16" Macbook Pro, but I need some advice: I use the Adobe suite, I do some cartography (QGIS) and I intend to start using SketchUp and AutoCad. I was thinking of purchasing M1 Pro with...
  4. M

    Abode Flash

    Will uninstalling Adobe Flash cause and viewing issues with websites?
  5. oooopossum

    Is Adobe CS6 able to be installed anymore? (On supported older macOS)

    Hi there. I was recently trying to install my legitimate copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my MacBook (running 10.13) but when I put the Serial number (also legit) in it says I need to connect to the internet and try again. I've tried the entire list of troubleshooting tips for connecting to...
  6. Z

    is 4K really needed?

    I am a Creative using AdobeCC apps (Illu, Pshop, Indesign) and i have no clue if 4K is needed for my workflow, nor what difference it will make compared to a non4K display with 2560x1440 res. Also is a 4K display considered to be close or better than a Retina display?
  7. Ompopo

    Will the Macbook Air M1/8GB/256GB be enough for one year with light graphic desing?

    Hiya, first post so don't shoot me if I should post something that has been talked about too much. So I'm currently working on a MacBook Pro (first gen. retina, mid-2012, see attached image for specs). It is just turned 9 years and it works, but it is starting to be slow. Now, I'm a graphic...
  8. jaziCo

    iPad Pro New iPad 12.9 8GB Ram - Lightroom stuttering when editing

    Hey Gang, Like a lot of you, I got my the new iPad 12.9 256GB yesterday. As most of you are aware by now, anything less than the 1TB model has 8GB RAM, and 1TB and above has double (16gb). I was working on Lightroom last night, editing a raw photo (about 350MB), and when making edits in...
  9. jyhash

    Apple Remote Desktop: Certain Hotkey Combos not working in ARD. Why?

    I have a user who is testing Adobe products (Photoshop 2021 & Illustrator 2021) remotely on 2 community-used Mac Mini's (Running Catalina and Big Sur, respectively) in our remote Data Center. She is connecting from a Catalina (10.5.7) MacBook Pro at her home. For her testing, she needs to use...
  10. W

    Intel Software Future

    First time poster and I apologize if this has been answered. With Apple moving all Mac devices to ARM architecture, does anyone understand or have a sense of what the future may hold for Intel-based Mac software? I am an architect and use a variety of software suites (Autodesk, Adobe, Trimble...
  11. anjanesh

    Adobe Photoshop on M1 - Rosetta 2 or beta ?

    My friend's daughter has bought a M1 13" MacBook Pro for her college use at NIFT. She wants student edition of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. According to this ( - she needs to install Rosetta 2. But according to this -...
  12. Phil B

    Which 2020 iMac for best After Effects / Premiere & Photoshop performance?

    Hi around, I need to buy a new iMac soonish and after reading lots of negative experiences I'd appreciate to listen some other user's experiences. My planned setup for now is: - iMac 2020 27" 5k - i7 8core 3,8GHz or alternatively i9 10core 3,6 Ghz - 64 GB RAM (if highly recommended, I could go...
  13. Natastrophe

    Best video editor alternative to Sony Vegas Pro

    Hiya folks, I've only just got my macbook today, and M1 Air, and I am used to using Sony Vegas Pro Edit 14 on my windows laptop. I'd like something, free or cheap, that is roughly equivalent in functionality and ease of use. Please could you post your suggestions and reasons below for what...
  14. i_have_questions

    Security and Adobe, Zoom etc.

    Hello! I have just installed Catalina. There are a lot of security warnings... and now I am wondering how to keep my passwords etc safe from applications that ask for access to all my folders. e.g. Adobe, Zoom and Teams Meetings want access to Documents and Downloads and Desktop. If they have...
  15. Le0M

    Major Battery disappointment on MacBook Pro M1

    Hi guys. I bought a low-tier MacBook Pro M1. After a couple of days of indexing etc, I was expecting the battery to last way longer. Here's my setup and daily use: - It is connected to an external HD monitor through a usb-c -to-HDMI adaptor, as well as an external mouse via USB. - Laptop's...
  16. A

    Need to purchase older Mac for Adobe CS4 apps, etc.

    Hi, A few months back I dropped my Adobe CC subscription and planned on (somehow) using my legacy CS4 apps instead. I tried unsuccessfully—and with many hours on the phone with Adobe Support—to try to clean my main computer, MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010, Yosemite 10.10.5), of all Adobe CC...
  17. Pilot Jones

    Is Adobe Software compatible with Big Sur on Intel Macs?

    I know Adobe is making Photoshop, etc. compatible with Apple Silicon in early 2021, but are there any issues so far with Adobe on Intel Macs running Big Sur? I have an Early 2015 13" MBP (3.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7) and was thinking of upgrading to Big Sur, but I need Photoshop, Lightroom...
  18. Z

    app design software

    What is the best App Design Software for Macs? Ive seen Balsamiq but i was wondering if Adobe has one, and if so is it handy and easy to use?
  19. C

    All iPads Adobe Illustrator Available Now

    Hey all - just noticed that Illustrator is available for download two days early.
  20. E

    What specs should i get for the 16” MacBook Pro? (I know this has been asked a lot)

    I’m looking to buy the 16 inch pro and I’m not sure what specs to get (other than i know I’m getting the i7 processor) because I know absolutely nothing about computers. I currently have the 2015 12” MacBook and I use photoshop and illustrator a ton for designs for my etsy shop. My 2015 MacBook...