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  1. T

    iPhone adware on all search engines

    ok, I own an iPhone 8 and had no problem before getting valuable info when I searched for something thru google or safari or any of the search engines. Now when I search for something it looks like this. See pic uploaded I circled the columns and the adware. How do I get my search engines back...
  2. DagNabbitt

    Octoshape Infinite HD

    After upgrading my MacBook Pro to Mojave, on every boot-up, I get this notice: "" wants access to control "System". Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in "System", and to perform actions within that app. [Don't Allow] [OK]...
  3. A

    Mac adware not going away

    Hi! I've done a mistake by downloading an uknown application on my macbook which have caused me an annoying adware where everytime I click or press enter an ad about "mac cleanup" always appears. I haven't had this problem before, so I blame the software I was trying to download. After...
  4. Lynne326

    Adware, Popunder Ads

    Hello, Does anyone know how to remove what I can only call "popunder ads", since I've never had any kind of adware, etc. on my Macbook pro, I don't know what they are. But I see videos running when I go to view all my open windows, some names are "Xumo' and "Bitlander", for example. I don't...
  5. E

    Virus ?

    I had a notification on my antivirus as follows but it's a little confusing. Mentions Adware but then "not a virus" too. Detected Objects /Library/ScriptingAdditions/SIMBL.osax/Contents/MacOS/SIMBL Detected: not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.OSX.Okaz.c(Adware) Anyone get this before? A search for Okaz...
  6. S

    Safari Google Links are suddenly light blue? Adware?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? I have an iPad Mini with the latest iOS 10 update. Lately I noticed that when I use google in Safari sometimes all links are light blue instead of the usual dark blue and the white boxes around the links have slightly rounded corners instead of sharp pointed...
  7. A

    Remove an adware

    Hello everyone, One I reload the chrome window, I got this warning into the console: GET 500 (Internal Server Error) I tried so many adwares removal, but I still get the same error, I am using MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite V 10.10.1 and...
  8. A

    Adexc on Mac with Safari

    I was browsing an iOS development forum the other day, clicked on a link in one of the questions, and about 10 new tabs opened up (appearing blank) with the final page leading to some random medical psychology URL. In looking at my browser history, I could see that the original link I had...
  9. J

    I have adware (DoubleClick?) and can't get rid of it.

    As the title suggests, I have some kind of hijacking adware that is constantly trying to force a redirect. Fortunately, the pages it's trying to force redirect me to all have bad certificates, so I just hit "cancel" every time it tries, but that's really obnoxious when it's constantly doing...
  10. Newtons Apple

    General I think I stepped into something.

    In safari when I access one of my regular websites I get interrupted by a site that no matter what I do will not allow me to go any further. It is like a pop up that does not allow you to do anything except look at their crap. I copied the url ...
  11. r0k

    Resolved Malwarish Adware on OSX (via Chrome)

    The other day I was trying to buy something on Amazon when little window tiles popped up offering the same thing at Target. I ignored it because I figured it must be some relatively harmless adware on Amazon. Then it popped up on other sites including Macrumors! I also started getting redirected...
  12. D

    Trovi Virus

    I have a Trovi virus on my mac and macbook pro (surprise, surprise). I have tried numerous ways of getting rid of it, but to no avail. Any other suggestions? Thank you frustrated