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  1. M

    AirPlay - iPad + HomePod simultaneously?

    I'm using AirPlay to to stream some music from my iPad to 2 HomePods in two separate rooms in the house. I would like to still have the audio come from the iPad itself as well, so that it's coming from 3 simultaneous sources instead of 2. I can't seem to find a way to do this: when I select the...
  2. mactipple

    Sonos Beam and Apple TV, yay or nay?

    I'm looking to add a sound bar for a projector and Apple TV HD setup. I don't want any wires running to the Beam so the idea of just using AirPlay to send the audio is appealing to me however I can't seem to find reliable information on how well this would work and what audio formats it would...
  3. A

    Apps take over Airplay

    I’m airplaying music from my phone (iOS 16.6) via Pandora app (it’s up to date) but this happens whenever I’m airplaying audio or anything from another app: -Airplay music from either Apple Music, pandora or Spotify to my Sony TV via airplay. -While music is playing open Tumblr app -while...
  4. kithytom

    Apple Fitness Airplay

    I know when streaming video and audio content from an iOS device to an Apple TV via AirPlay. Depend on the sources, it might be a local wifi tranmission of the content form the iOS device to the Apple TV (like local videos and photos on iPhone Photo app), or a direct streaming over the internet...
  5. Ben1l

    Airplay not working with mesh network

    Hello, I recently upgraded my home wifi network to a Linksy Mesh network. Generally it works well enough but Airplay from any apple device seems to be unable to connect and play. Why is this happening and what can be done to resolve the issue?
  6. Rychiar

    HomePod Why is airplay on HomePods so bad!?

    Like seriously I use my 5 HomePods daily and I’m usually telling them what to play from my phone and selecting where to play and I’d say 80% of the time one, or multiple HomePods never start playing , lock up entirely, or lately, play music out of sync with the others. It gets so annoying that...
  7. GLTirebiter

    Airplay times out when I pause music playback

    Playing ripped music files from my iPhone to an AirPort Express, the connection to the AEX always reverts to the phone if I pause for a few minutes. Auto lock is off on the iPhone. Any way to select an Airplay device and have it stay there, even if I pause?
  8. KittyComputer

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP 5,1 Monterey AirPlay System Audio Not Finding shairport-sync Receiver

    Hey All. The issue I'm having on my 5,1 cMP is my shairport-sync receiver isn't showing up in system audio like it does on my MacBook Air 7,1. However the Apple Music app on my cMP can connect to shairport-sync just fine. Here's it working as expected on my MacBook Air Device isn't found...
  9. JSENNY25

    HomePod New to HomePod...insights and questions

    Hi everyone! So, I am new to the world of HomePods, but have been using airplay from an apple airport Xpress plugged in to an old iPod hi-fi for ages. AirPlay is great I love it. But, I realize it may be time to enter into the modern era of smart speaker and I wonder if a HomePod would be a...
  10. GLTirebiter

    Apple Music Does Sound Check work over Airplay?

    For a few years now it feels like local music files streamed over Airplay 2 do not use Sound Check to even out the volume levels. I switched to Airfoil a while back, which seems to totally resolve the issue, but just tried Airplay again and volume levels are all over the place. Sound Check over...
  11. D

    HomePod Airplay from HomePod to Mac

    I want to airplay from my homepod (and/or a group of homepods) and include my mac in that music group. This functionality doesn't appear to be supported. I can airplay from my phone to my mac, but if I try to airplay from one homepod (or a group) to my mac, it doesn't. Anyone had any...
  12. P

    Mac mini M2 Pro AirPlay crash

    Hello, since the last update on monday, Ventura 13.2.1, my Mac Mini M2 Pro crashes after setting up system sound output to an AirPlay speaker. I am using two HomePod mini in a stereo setup for the sound output of my Mac, but it does not work anymore. Even if I want to select another AirPlay...
  13. D

    iOS 16.3 Broke Airplay

    Hi Guys, I updated my iPhone 14 Pro Max to 16.3 and now am unable to AirPlay to my Apple TV. The ATV is also on 16.3. I have reset network settings, even factory reset our router. Reset the ATV and still no AirPlay or screen share. I can only see an old Apple TV (that probably hasn’t been...
  14. rabba69

    Was my airplay on!?

    I connected my samsung bluetooth headphones to my iphone 14. then a couple minutes later I turned on a video on my brower and the airplay button was blue. I have never used airplay before. Can it turn blue from me being connected to my headphone or was it because it was connected to my brother's...
  15. A

    Wi-Fi Jitter, Erratic Ping, Latency Due To AWDL (AirDrop/AirPlay)

    I have noticed that Wi-Fi on macOS Ventura has high jitter. This affects any real-time application. It is common for latency (ping) to spike to spike from a normal 2-10ms to nearly 200ms. This has happened in 13.0 and now 13.1. The only fix so far has been to disable AWDL; which is used by...
  16. Z

    auto full screen video to external display

    Looking for any tips/wondering if it's possible to use a terminal command or 3rd party software to automatically send full screen video to an external monitor only in spaces. this is to an airplay extended monitor with an Apple TV, I don't care about lag it's strictly a YouTube tv basically
  17. I

    AirPlay “receiver” for old stereo speakers?

    A year+ ago my yamaha stereo finally pooped the bed (😢). I want to get a surround system going again, but looking for a simpler approach using AirPlay from my AppleTV. Does anyone know of a powered receiver (not meaning stereo) that I can plug my unpowered speakers into? I’m thinking something...
  18. S

    Airplay no video with ipados 16

    2020 Ipad pro 11" ipad os 16.1 I used to be able to airplay to tv's on iPad os <15.7. Now I am unable to on first on my Roku (which also I cannot usbC to hdmi adapter anymore either), and now my LG. The LG was working flawless the first time using airplay for about 10 minutes and then the tv...
  19. Cmd-Z

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Strange AirPlay Feature with iPhone 14 Pro AOD

    Things that make you go "Hmmm ..." This morning I was AirPlaying music to our HomePod from my 14PM, and my iPhone's AOD was displaying the album artwork and music controls (as expected). What is very strange though is my wife put her 14PM on the table and I noticed that the same album artwork...
  20. Mikeyis

    Island visible during Mirroring

    So turns out when you mirror the pro 14, it mirrors the island too!