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  1. M

    Maximum Resolution on AirPlay from Ethernet

    I have an iMac 27” 2014, and a MacBook Pro. I installed macOS Monterey on my iMac via OCLP. And I want to use my iMac as a second display for my MBP. I tried to connect my MBP to my iMac with AirPlay via Wi-Fi, but the resolution is limited to 1080p. And it looks bad on the 27” screen. I...

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 Big Sur AirPlay issue when screen locks

    I have a 5,1 with a 3.2Ghz hex-core, 32GB of RAM, Mac-flashed GTX 680, and a Kingston 512GB SSD as the boot drive. Been running Mojave for the last few years and finally decided to go the OpenCore route the other day and install Big Sur. Had a bit of a weird video issue with DisplayPort not...
  3. 1

    This shortcut can enable AirPlay to Mac on any older, pre-2018 Mac (requires SIP off)

    This shortcut can enable AirPlay to Mac on any older, pre-2018 Mac (requires SIP off) Here's a bonus shortcut to launch Maps with 3D landmarks and interactive globe on any Intel-based Mac (also requires SIP off)...
  4. Alvin777

    Any Terminal Method to Bring AirPlay to Unsupported Macs?

    Hi. Is there any command that can be typed in Terminal (macOS Moneterey) to make AirPlay work with old Macs like the Late 2015 5K iMac and the iPhone 6s Plus (which has AirPlay I believe, coz' I see it in Settings)? Thank you. God bless, Revelation 21:4
  5. H

    Can you AirPlay to a Mac if it's asleep?

    Will the act of initiating AirPlay on your phone wake up the Mac?
  6. A

    AirPlay Music Streaming Broken in iOS 15?

    new ipad mini 6 and trying to stream music to airplay enabled receiver. previously was able to select receiver from list of available devices. with iOS 15 i am being asked for airplay password. there is no password. this is a device certified by the mfr to be airplay enabled, works as an airplay...
  7. kithytom

    Apple Music Apple Music x Lossless x AirPods

    According to this article, Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless will support 16-bit / 44.1kHz lossless audio over Bluetooth. Over Bluetooth, over Bluetooth, over Bluetooth! Meanwhile Apple still say Bluetooth...
  8. Lvivske

    Audio lag with Airplay?

    I'm using Airplay to stream audio to my apple tv. Its for music so it just takes my system audio as a whole, not just one app. It plays, but theres like a 1-2 second lag on everything. I've seen threads asking about this in the past but no answers - i guess it's not a popular feature. I'm using...
  9. M

    iPad mini How to remove AirPlay dialogue box on locked screen, iPad getting warm

    When I click the home button on a locked screen, what appears to be an Airplay dialogue box is visible, see the attached. When I click what I assume is the AirPlay symbol in that dialogue box, an addition to the dialogue box appears, see the second attachment. I cannot make the dialogue box...
  10. haralds

    Big Sur 12.4 M1 Music not Connecting to HomePods

    My Intel systems connect fine. The Music app on my M1 connects and the domes light, but there is no sound. I had the same issue with the Monterey beta. Restarting HomePods has no impact as is tapping the volume in case that is set too low. This is with ALL my HomePods - two stereo pairs each of...
  11. haralds

    Beta 3 Music - AirPlay Problems?

    Anybody else having issues with AirPlay 2 on Music? HomePods show up and connect, but there is no audio. Using the system sound option works!
  12. Mrsaxomaphone

    Airplay 2 and Dolby 5.1

    Is someone please able to help here. I can't get a definitive answer even from Apple themselves (I've contacted Customer support and they skirt around the answer). I have a 4k Projector with an Apple 4kTV. I am trying to "Airplay" the audio to my Hifi (using an older Apple TV 2/3) from the...
  13. Y

    Laggy screen mirroring on Apple TV 4K Gen 2

    My Apple TV 4K Gen 2 is unusable for screen mirroring from multiple iPhones. The phone’s screen appears but runs at about ~1fps. It’s incredibly choppy and laggy, not usable for videos or even scrolling. Audio works fine. Mirroring the same phone to an ATV 4K Gen 1 in another room works...
  14. wordlessjam

    HomePod OG HomePod Won’t Play

    Hi, I have two OG HomePod’s in a stereo pair and they wont play music either through airplay or asking Siri. They are the default output for my 1st gen 4K Apple TV and that works perfectly fine. To get around this issue I have to restart the HomePod’s everytime i want to play music. Has anyone...
  15. Foxblue

    Benefits of a Chromecast v. Built-in AirPlay 2

    Hi guys, Me and my family are Apple persons and we only have iPhones and Macs at home. Also, all of our TVs carry built in AirPlay 2 (we have Samsung’s Q60 and R7100 series). On the other hand, I have a Chromecast Ultra 4K that has been lying around since I got those TVs and have received...
  16. S

    tvOS 14.6 broke AirPlay audio from MacBook Pro

    Updated Apple TV to tvOS 14.6 on Monday afternoon and now it seems I can’t AirPlay audio from my MacBook Pro (running High Sierra) to it. Tried several times and no audio comes out. Discovered this issue hours later on Monday night. Last time I used this feature successfully was last Friday...
  17. A

    HomePod HomePod Mini

    I keep getting the below error endnote trying to AirPlay/transfer music across from my phone. The HomePod mini just won’t connect. It’s connected to WiFi, I’ve tried resetting the Mini and my phone and still no luck.
  18. Doq

    AirPlay doesn't work on a G4. Why?

    Okay, I've perused Google enough, time to ask the experts. I've got a PowerBook G4 here (my A1046) that I recently upgraded to the latest Leopard, with all updates applied, for the purpose of using it as a music box to blast to a Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air that I recently acquired. Now, the G-17...
  19. lpuerto

    Missing speakers on Airplay on iPhone 14.3

    Hey! I really don't know why but when I try to stream music from my iPhone with iOS 14.3 using Airplay some devices on my network don't show up. I have an airport express with airplay and other Airplay 1 compatible device besides of my Apple TV, but only my Apple TV is on the menu for stream...
  20. X

    [Help] ATV4 Requires Device Verification, Airplay Broken For Previously Working Devices

    I currently have an AppleTV 4 running tvOS 13 and need to turn off all device verification (mandatory one time passcode) for airplay. This has apparently been broken since tvOS 10.2 according to what I could find on the subject. I had been using an older AppleTV 2 for years with all of my...