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Mar 20, 2012
I’m airplaying music from my phone (iOS 16.6) via Pandora app (it’s up to date) but this happens whenever I’m airplaying audio or anything from another app:

-Airplay music from either Apple Music, pandora or Spotify to my Sony TV via airplay.

-While music is playing open Tumblr app

-while scrolling Tumblr the ads on Tumblr will stop my music and take over the airplay. This also happens when I browse in safari or open the MLB app- vids/ads will stop airplay from Pandora/Spotify and take over.

I got Apple to help me fix it in Feb. 2023 by “forgetting” the WiFi network on both my idevices and the tv. I tried this again but it doesn’t seem to solve the issue anymore.

I’ve called Apple support and they now say it’s not a bug but working as intended…

This can’t be real. Am I no longer able to airplay music and use my phone as normal at the same time??

Apple helped me fix it once but now say they can’t…???
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