airpods 2

  1. U

    Airpods 2 loose hinge

    Just got my first ever airpods (2nd gen). Out of the box, the hinge feels a bit loose and whether the lid is closed or open it is possible to move it left and right and it makes a creaking sound. When the lid is closed it also makes creaking noises while wiping down the case with microfiber...
  2. ScrumpyDaniel

    iPhone Announce messages not working

    Hey, Updated to iOS 13.2 and enabled announce messages but nothing happens when i receive a message with my AirPod 2's connected. Have tried uninstalling the Airpod's and re-connecting but nothing. The only thing I hear is a sound as if Siri was about to announce the message but then I get...
  3. K

    Airpods 2 - Intermittent Wireless Charging

    Hi, I just picked up some Airpods 2 yesterday and put them on my wireless charger. They seemed to start charging then it just stopped and a few minutes later started charging again? I have a tzumi Qi charging pad that I have used to charge my iphone X with no problems to date. Anybody else...
  4. C

    I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I have a question about AirPods

    I first got AirPods when the 2nd generation first came out. I was so excited when I got them, they were everything I ever wished for. Perfect for soccer game warmups, for a quick listen, or when I’m on the train on the way to work. Now the problem was that they would be loose in my ear, more...
  5. Sokrimag

    Stolen airpods

    Hi Forum, my son got his airpods 2. generation stolen in school, now after 2 weeks, suddenly his iphone Connects with airpods from one of his classmates, the airpod name is of the clasmate though, question: does my sons Iphone automaticaly connects with his old airpods even though they now...
  6. K

    AirPods 2 on 12.1.2

    So i just bought the 2nd gen AirPods and noticed the UI seems just as if it was any other pair of bluetooth headphones. I’m on 12.1.2 because of jailbreak, but I read like everywhere that everything works the same except for “Hey Siri” which I am fine with, but even something like opening the...
  7. S

    Poor battery life on Wireless Charge Case

    Got the 2nd gen AirPods with Wireless Charge case on launch day, an upgrade from my gen 1 AirPods that I also got on launch day. My usage of the AirPods has not changed (if anything im charging them less as the battery on the pods is better than my old ones) but I have noticed that I have...
  8. F

    AirPods: which silicone buds to get for running?

    Hi everyone. I bought the new AirPods and they fit perfectly when biking and walking. But today I took them out for a run, and at first I found I had to push them back in every 3 minutes or so due to the velocity of each footstep rocking them slightly loose. Later when I started to sweat it...
  9. GGJstudios

    Quicker switching of AirPods between devices

    I have been very pleased with AirPods over the past couple years. There is one thing that would make them even more useful to me, and that is quicker or automatic switching between devices. My Bose QC35 headphones connect to my iPhone and Mac simultaneously, so if I'm watching a video or...
  10. jtingley86

    AirPods 2nd Gen Availability

    Hello! Does anyone know when Apple Authorized Resellers (B&H, MacMall, Adorama, Best Buy, etc.) will get and start shipping AirPods 2nd gen orders? I cannot find this answer anywhere.
  11. D

    Hey Siri with AirPods 2 and OS X

    I've used Hey Siri on my iPhone. Does it only work on iOS? It doesn't seem to do anything when I have them connected to my MacBook (and on the latest OS version). Edit: For some reason I had to turn it on in the Siri settings manually....but it works.
  12. S

    Airpods 2 not compatible with Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

    Found that when I place my AirPods 2 on my Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, the white light on the Mophie initially lights up but then starts flashing after a few seconds. According to the manual this indicates the Mophie has detected a foreign object such as keys and has turned the power off to...
  13. westislander

    AirPods 2 new features

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to buy the new AirPods 2 very soon. There's a few new features that will be part of this refresh like Hey Siri instead of tapping one of the AirPods to wake Siri up. My concern is whether this and other features will work on 10.13.x. Apple no longer supports my MacBook...
  14. westislander

    Am I the only one? (AirPods 2)

    Hey guys! I'm planning to buy AirPods 2 very soon but I've noticed that everyone's going for the wireless charging model. Am I the only one not willing to fork over a significant amount for the model with wireless charging? I use a wireless charger to charge my iPhone 8 Plus and I find it...
  15. M

    New AirPods 2 noise cancellation?

    Anyone know if the new AirPods have the noise cancellation feature this time around. Would be nice if it had this feature available. Always a little frustrating when walking or talking and the listener can hear everything in the background when using AirPods. MacRumors, maybe ask apple if this...
  16. BenjaminRF

    Who’s gutted there’s still no sign of the AirPods 2 and AirPower after Apples iPad event today?

    There was so much speculation about the new version of the AirPods with wireless charging and finally to see the first iteration of the AirPower, but still we you think apple will quietly release these?
  17. quietstormSD

    Can't bring myself to buy 2-year old tech AirPods

    I really want the AirPods and was hoping Apple would announce an updated version today. At least minimal improvements and/or new chips inside (W2?). If the originals were discounted down to $99 I would get them, but with prices in the $144-$159 range, I just can't pay full or near full price...
  18. macgabe

    When are the new AirPods coming?

    I held off buying AirPods this summer as MacRumors said "Caution approaching end of the cycle" and now I'm regretting it, they would have been so useful :-( Anyway, don't worry MacRumors, I'm not blaming you, nobody has a 100% track record. But what do the rest of you think? How long till the...
  19. ParaShot

    About AirPods.

    So basically I want to buy a pair of them. After WWDC and any news about AirPods I'm considering that AirPods are not the priority for Apple. Still concerned about September event but I think if there was something, they should've leaked like all other stuff. :D After all those months, is...