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airpods pro

  1. V

    Worth it to wait for rumored AirPods Pro 2nd Gen case upgrade?

    Background: I’ve had Powerbeats Pro since they released and am somewhat happy with them, but I’ve never been able to get that perfect fit that people say brings the sound quality to the next level. I also have Sony XM4s for in-house and airplane listening and LOVE those. Question: I’m thinking...
  2. AjTee

    AirPods Pro cover replacement

    Hello, My original AirPods Pro cover damaged, so I have ordered second hand original cover. Original one with MagSafe, this second hand ordered one is probably without MagSafe - I do not care. Will be AirPods compatible with this second hand one? How to make my AirPods with this second hand...
  3. nintendoswitch

    Why won't my AirPods Pro work on FaceTime on Mac?

    my 1st gen AirPods Pro work just fine on my MacBook Air M1, but sound from FaceTime only comes out of the Mac's built in speakers. I tried unpairing and repairing the AirPods, updating the Mac, restarting the Mac, and checking in control center to make sure the audio output is set to AirPods...
  4. school computer user

    How to make my current APP1's sound better?

    I assume I'll be getting comments asking why I'm using APP1 with an android and I'll be told to buy an iPhone (I can't) but I use APP1's with a budget Samsung phone, It works somehow. The audio quality is great with Dolby Atmos and the Equalizer settings all the way up. I also turned on HD...
  5. SPØØK

    Best AirPods Pro Foam Eartips?

    I've been taking a look at a handful of ear tips for the AirPods Pro. I'm curious if anyone has compared multiple brands that are popular on the market. Some of the ear tips I've seen follow: Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips ChargenPro AirFoams Pro Active 2.0 Ear Tips Proof Labs Reakt 3 Pairs...
  6. happy orchard

    Now I care about battery care...

    Today, I pop in my 1st gen AirPods Pro, and one of the earbuds does nothing. I try things, long story short, I'm literally walking near an Apple Store and turn back to take my non-functioning bud in to see if they can fix it. Nice Genius Bar guy tests it and says my case battery is toast! My...
  7. JonathanParker

    AirPods Pro 2 double tap/triple tap, and tap and hold is unresponsive.

    On my AirPods Pro 2, tap and hold gestures does not work (for Siri & cycling Noise Control). Swiping up and down to adjust volume does however work. Double tapping and triple tapping to skip/go back tracks doesn't work. I've tried resetting the AirPods Pro, restarting iPhone, but it does not...
  8. V

    AirPods Pro (1st Gen) Optimized Battery Charging Issue

    Hi, sorry to open a thread for this but I couldn't find anyone else having posted about a similar problem. I was wondering this morning about my AirPods Pro (1st gen) settings. I was pretty much sure that I had enabled optimized batterie charging in the past, but when I checked this morning it...
  9. H

    Concept mockups: AirPods Pro with always-on display case

    I'm not a great graphic artist, but I wondered what a future pair of AirPods might be like. I thought it would be neat if you could still listen to music when you leave your phone behind. Here are a few mock-up concepts of what I hope we see in the future:
  10. F

    Anyone else experiencing problems with Airpods pro 2 weird crackling/static noises ? mainly while on the phone

    I replaced them 3 times after the launch date which was Friday & still the same exact issue, now am not sure whats causing it exactly because there shouldnt be any interference, am only using my apple watch ultra with the phone, my iphone is 14 pro max, so is it the phone or the watch or...
  11. S

    Do you guys leave spatialize stereo on when listening to music?

    Poll above
  12. Eldaerenth Faexidor

    What do you guys think of the new AirPods Pro audio quality?

    Like many of you I received the new APP today. Very happy with them. The noise cancellation is superb imo. The audio however is a total different story. I remember how crisp and clean the first gen sounded to me. The new APP’s sound a bit closed and muffled to me. Especially in the high range...
  13. JippaLippa

    Very low quality playback on macOS (good on iOS)

    Hello. I recently got a pair of Airpods Pro as a gift and while I use different and better sounding equipment when I'm listening to music, they're very convenient to be used in other instances. The Airpods Pro work perfectly on iOS, but unfortunately they sound horrible when used on macOS...
  14. Rastapopoulos

    AirPods Pro charging indicator is motion sensitive!

    I just found out that when you are charging your AirPods Pro that you can knock on the surface it is on and it will light up the light on the charging case. That way you know if it's already fully charged (green light) or still charging (orange light). I found out when I put my glass on the...
  15. JippaLippa

    [Airpods Pro] Questions about the ANC and latency with macOS

    Hello everyone. Normally I wouldn't purchase the airpods pro as they're not the product for me. When it comes to everyday use, audio quality is my only priority, and I already got better sounding earbuds. Not to mention a 2nd generation is clearly coming soon. That said, I just received some...
  16. J

    Prefer Airpods 1 & 2 over Pro

    I love the features of the Pro line of products but I don't like the way they fit into my ear. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I constantly have to shove them into my ear cause they are sliding out of my ears. I never had this issue with my old Airpods 1st gen, they stayed in like they...
  17. A

    AirPods Pro or Apple Watch?

    Should I get AirPods Pro 2 or an Apple Watch S7. Ive never owned either of these products, but for the ones who own them both which would you rather have if you can only have one?
  18. S

    right airpods pro connection cutting problem

    I'm using airpods pro on android xiaomi note 8 pro and it was working just fine until 3 days ago when it started having connection problem, like if I connect right side only or both they will work perfectly only if i keep my phone right next to them or close to my chest so it will be close...
  19. senorduck

    AirPods Pro ignore 'Connect to this iPad' setting

    I have AirPods Pro (model #A2084) that I use with my iPhone 11. If I ever take a bud out of the ear and put it back in, the AirPod will connect to my iPad and play that content. I have gone to Bluetooth settings and set my iPhone to 'Connect to this iPhone - Automatically' and on my iPad I...
  20. purdnost

    OK to Charge AirPods pro with 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    As the AirPods Pro don’t come with a power adapter, am I safe to use the 20W one that came with my iPad Pro?