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  1. honglong1976

    AirPods Pro - Worst support experience with a good outcome.

    Hi everyone. I love my AirPods Pro and noticed a weird rattling on one ear bud, then both, and a screech if I put my finger near the earbud. I contacted Apple to replace them under the repair programme. Dead easy so far. They sent me a box, I posted them. They repair and returned them. Super...
  2. Telesmurfen

    AirPods Pro and AirPods Max or Sony WF-1000XM4 and Sony HF-1000XM4

    Hi there, friends! First, a short introduction to what this thread is about. I use an iPhone 12 Pro max, and I love to go for walks while listening to music. For years, I've been an "Apple only" man. I've used the original EarPods (from the 3,5mm jack version to the lightning version), the...
  3. B

    Made a cool AirPods holder for my bike!

    For some reason I hate the feeling of having the AirPods case in my pocket, but I ride with them enough that they sometimes need a quick recharge. Today I whipped up this case and thought I would share! It even has a little silicone insert so that the case fits tightly and can't bounce out.
  4. G

    Major AirPods Pro microphone problem with no fix?

    AirPods Pro are faulty when handling their microphones. Not only does it effect call quality, but also dictation, Siri, and voice memos. Siri and dictation never gets what I’m saying correctly 90% of the time. When I go into voice memos, it will always sound very muffled at the beginning and...
  5. aevan

    Having a hard time deciding between medium and small tips for APP

    Both small and medium tips pass the Ear Tip Fit Test for me. And they stay in my ears. However, I think the seal is still slightly better at the medium size, while the small ones are slightly more comfortable. I know this is very subjective and depends on ears, but is the general rule “put the...
  6. ApplesAreSweet&Sour

    Make AirPods automatic switching a little faster and more reliable on Macs (tutorial)

    Automatic switching to and from Macs We all know how less than reliable the auto-switching feature works even after recent updates to Big Sur. Switching to an iPhone/iPad almost always works without having to toggle any settings. But MacOS requires you to answer the "AirPods nearby -Connect?"...
  7. C

    How can I prove that my airpods are original?

    Good day everyone! I'm gonna sell my airpods 1 which I bought in early 2019 but I already lost the box. Is there a way to prove that my airpods are original just from the unit itself? I know people are careful when buying airpods since there are knockoffs that truly look like the originals. The...
  8. B

    iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro Max - AirPods Pro - "Pop" or "Click"

    So.... I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max (my wife has a 12, I'll come back to this in a moment). After my wife LOVING using her AirPods Pro on her phone (iPhone 12) I decided I wanted a pair. So.... hello Amazon! Pods arrive, I pair (and wait for firmware update to pods, FYI I am at iOS 14.4.2, and...
  9. C

    Replacement AirPods Pro Process

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Apple support changing their processes re:replacing AirPods Pros. In the past I had a lot of the crackling issues and a lot of replacements from Apple themselves. That process was pretty much: tell apple of the problems, they place a hold on my...
  10. A

    AirPods Pro or go outside of Apple ecosystem

    Hi Folks, I am an iPhone User and I have been waiting to upgrade from my AirPods to the AirPods Pro (I got the AirPods around April/May 2019). Currently the microphones do not work on the AirPods - they havent been working already for a year, so I use the Airpods to listen to music. My other...
  11. U

    Charging AirPods Pro with Apple 20W charger

    Hey everyone, this question might be asked somewhere before but couldn’t find any recent thread on it. Hence asking here. I recently got AirPods Pro. I have an Apple 20W charger for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Is it safe to charge the AirPods Pro using that charger?
  12. MacConvert07

    AirPods Pro Battery Dead

    Two days ago I grabbed my AirPods Pro to use on a zoom meeting and they wouldn't connect to my mac. Turns out both the AirPods Pro and the case were completely drained. No lights on the case, no connection to my mac or my phone, nothing. After charging them they appeared to work normally again...
  13. Bestonreviews

    Resolved How to knows my AirPods is original?

    A few month ago, I was bought an AirPods and I enjoy with the AirPods till now. But recent someone told me the AirPods is not original. Then I was research on Youtube with the search sting "How to know my AirPods is original" I saw some videos, but I don't trust their solution. So, please anyone...
  14. S

    Lost charging case for AirPods Pro

    Lost the charging case for AirPods Pro but I still have the AirPods as I was wearing them ..quick question ...will any cheap 3rd party cases work just to charge them...also some of these cheaper airpod pro clones come for 30-50 usd with headphones so was wondering if I order them ..then I can...
  15. jumpcutking

    AirPods Pro - Does Find My for AirPods Actually Work?

    The wonderful "Find My" app helps me figure out where I dropped my phone, left my watch... but NEVER my AirPods. Finding them is the most difficult thing I've ever experienced. I'm not talking about finding an ear, but the charger base (with the ears in it). It's honestly the most difficult...
  16. B

    Swiping up causes sound dropouts on AirPods Pro

    Does anyone else see this behavior? It doesn’t happen every time I swipe up to go “home”, but it happens several times a week.
  17. AjTee

    Notifications that Airpods Pro has been detected on Big Sur issue

    Hello, I am getting continuous Airpods Pro detected notifications on Big Sur when I am playing music for example on iPhone. I cannot disable it. Is there any fix? Regards, J.
  18. MarijnStuben

    Airpods pro connection problems

    Hi All, I'm new here and hope someone can help my out. 7 months ago I bought the Airpods Pro. Worked perfectly until 1 day ago. 1 of the 2 sides wont connect propperly. I have done some research but can't find a solution. What I've tried so far: 1: The side that doesn't work isn't...
  19. GGJstudios

    Big Sur sound output issue

    Installed Big Sur on Early 2015 MBP, upgrading from Mojave. I was looking forward to AirPods Pro automatically switching between my iPhone and Mac. Instead, I lost functionality. I can manually connect the AirPods to the Mac, but it doesn't output sound to them and disconnects them after...
  20. Axonn

    Big Sur killed my Airpods Pro?

    Like many of you, I was extremely excited about the release of Big Sur. And like all of you, I didn’t manage to get it installed till many hours after release. Here’s what got me worried though. After upgrading, I wanted to try out the auto-switching of AirPods feature. Didn’t work. Then I...