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airpods pro

  1. JippaLippa

    Very low quality playback on macOS (good on iOS)

    Hello. I recently got a pair of Airpods Pro as a gift and while I use different and better sounding equipment when I'm listening to music, they're very convenient to be used in other instances. The Airpods Pro work perfectly on iOS, but unfortunately they sound horrible when used on macOS...
  2. Rastapopoulos

    AirPods Pro charging indicator is motion sensitive!

    I just found out that when you are charging your AirPods Pro that you can knock on the surface it is on and it will light up the light on the charging case. That way you know if it's already fully charged (green light) or still charging (orange light). I found out when I put my glass on the...
  3. JippaLippa

    [Airpods Pro] Questions about the ANC and latency with macOS

    Hello everyone. Normally I wouldn't purchase the airpods pro as they're not the product for me. When it comes to everyday use, audio quality is my only priority, and I already got better sounding earbuds. Not to mention a 2nd generation is clearly coming soon. That said, I just received some...
  4. J

    Prefer Airpods 1 & 2 over Pro

    I love the features of the Pro line of products but I don't like the way they fit into my ear. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I constantly have to shove them into my ear cause they are sliding out of my ears. I never had this issue with my old Airpods 1st gen, they stayed in like they...
  5. A

    AirPods Pro or Apple Watch?

    Should I get AirPods Pro 2 or an Apple Watch S7. Ive never owned either of these products, but for the ones who own them both which would you rather have if you can only have one?
  6. S

    right airpods pro connection cutting problem

    I'm using airpods pro on android xiaomi note 8 pro and it was working just fine until 3 days ago when it started having connection problem, like if I connect right side only or both they will work perfectly only if i keep my phone right next to them or close to my chest so it will be close...
  7. senorduck

    AirPods Pro ignore 'Connect to this iPad' setting

    I have AirPods Pro (model #A2084) that I use with my iPhone 11. If I ever take a bud out of the ear and put it back in, the AirPod will connect to my iPad and play that content. I have gone to Bluetooth settings and set my iPhone to 'Connect to this iPhone - Automatically' and on my iPad I...
  8. purdnost

    OK to Charge AirPods pro with 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    As the AirPods Pro don’t come with a power adapter, am I safe to use the 20W one that came with my iPad Pro?
  9. S

    Left earbuds of Airpods Pro is not responding to any sounds after a fall but the connections are good.

    After a minor fall my left earbuds not responding to any sounds and music. The connections are good but I am not receiving any outputs via left earbuds. Right earbuds are working great Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?
  10. MikeMcCollister

    Can't Get AirPods Pro To Announce Workout Notifications

    When WatchOS 8 came out, it included a feature that would announce workout information to my watch or to my AirPods Pro, if I were wearing them. I always get an announcement but rarely do I get the announcements through my AirPods Pro. I have looked at multiple settings and I cannot get it to...
  11. U

    Notify when left behind not working for AirPods Pro connected to iPhone on ios 15.2 betas.

    Notify when left behind not working for AirPods Pro connected to iPhone on ios 15.2 betas. The option of "Notify when Left behind" is not visible inside iOS Settings > Bluetooth > Airpods Pro. However it is working of the iPhone is having iOS 15.1 public release. It also did not work on 15.1...
  12. cliff_13

    Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling - Is it really like that?

    Hey Guys, whats up? I bought my new airpods pro last thursday and i have some questions about the quality of Noise Cancelling. Is it normal to still listening wind, raindrops, other person voice, the background music at the gym academy when the ANC is activated? I've never expected that ANC from...
  13. C

    Airpods Pro Case Battery Health

    I have Airpods Pro for 22 months. buds were replaced a year ago, but case is the original. I have noticed that it lasts very little, while use is not high. Can I check battery health of airpods pro case? Any help if I can have any replacement etc, as I am out of 1 year Apple's warranty...
  14. B

    Airpods Pro - new version? MLWK3ZM/A - What's new?

    New model number MLWK3ZM/A released today in stores here in Norway. Back to full price. (NOK 2990 vs NOK 2190) Anyone know what's updated vs the "old" MWP22ZM/A?
  15. L

    "Notify when Left Behind" not available with IOS 15.1 on an iPhone 11Pro and Airpod Pro?

    I'm using an iPhone 11Pro running IOS 15.1 (I updated from 15.0 this morning). AirPods Pro details: HW Version 1.0.0, Model A2084, FW 4A400. When I updated the iPhone to IOS v15.0 , I noticed that the new "Notify when left behind" feature was grayed out (Not Supported) for the Airpods Pro...
  16. dannys1

    AirPods Pro & Max - totally different sound between Noise C/Off/Transparent

    I'm not sure if this has only happened since iOS15 as I first noticed it with AirPods Max on an iOS15 Beta on iPad, but can confirm it's the same with AirPods Pro on the latest iOS15 release. The signature and sound quality are completely different between noise cancelling and off/transparent...
  17. E

    Are my airpods pro legit?

    My sister bought me second hand airpods pros a bit ago (the seller had good reviews and the airpods were sold as personal item of theirs, it came with a protective case and was not packaged to look brand new) and I noticed the limited warranty had been extended due to the extension of the...
  18. Nimaghp

    Airpods pro find nearby wont show on find my app!

    Hi, I have an iphone 11 pro on ios 15.0.1 and airpods pro on 4A400. After updating my airpods to the new software I was expecting to see find button in the find my app for my airpods but unfortunatelly there isn’t. It only shows the directions button. And there is other problem in airpods...
  19. D

    I think the new AirPods Pro firmware update bricked my AirPods

    I got my AirPods Pro new four months ago. They worked great until last night. I used them yesterday morning. When I finished the case and the pods were each about half charged. I left them by my bed all day, not plugged in to charge, but with the pods in the case and the case closed normally. I...
  20. Telesmurfen

    New AirPods firmware update, 4A400, any improvements?

    Hi! Usually, after a firmware update, the forum is flooded with threads of people complaining about how the firmware has made the sound quality worse, worse ANC, etc. Occasionally there is some praise about improved sound. But this time I have seen no such threads. So, I was wondering if any...