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  1. B

    iPhone SE 2nd gen Is Walmart safe to buy a new 256Gb Unlocked iPhone SE?

    Since Apple Discontinued the 256gb Unlocked model of the iPhone SE, The only places that I've seen is Amazon Renewed Premium and Walmart Here's the links to both, who should I buy it from, Money isn't an issue but safety is. Thank you...
  2. Y

    MBP16 ETA on US Amazon?

    Any estimates when 16" M1Pro/Max Macbooks can be available on Amazon? How long it took for M1 MBP / MBA to appear on US Amazon in Fall 2020?
  3. ShaunFrancis

    iPad Pro Anyone else buy the iPad Pro from Amazon UK?

    I ordered my iPad from Amazon as it’s more suitable for me to collect from a pick up point. When I saw the iPads listing it said wil be released on 27th May. Currently it says estimated delivery on the 28th. Anyone else ordered from Amazon UK? I was thinking would these come sooner as I...
  4. Caliber26

    How long does it take for Amazon to start selling new Apple products?

    I usually buy directly from Apple but I have a bunch of Amazon gift cards and plan to use that money for the new iPad Air. Once Apple releases a new product, when can we expect to see it on Amazon?
  5. S

    Coronation Street via Amazon Prime Video

    Hi All Wife got me an ATV 4K for Christmas and I am trying to setup our watch list and hers includes Coronation Street. We currently pay Amazon £4 a month for the itv player as this seems the only way to get HD away from Sky. When I do a Siri search it only gives me the option for ITV hub...
  6. M

    Best place to buy a refurbished macbook air?

    Hello! So I'm in the market for a new computer for doing recording work (voiceover, singing, etc.) and was recommended the macbook air because it's quiet and can be kept right in the booth with the microphone. I think I need one of the older models because my equipment uses the regular usb...
  7. jagooch

    Amazon Prime Day Reminder

    I keep missing Prime Days because I don't get an alert letting me know when they are going to happen. Is there a service that will send me an alert like "Prime Day starting in 1 week" or "Prime Day started today" ? Or perhaps a service that automatically adds Prime Day to my Apple Calendar?
  8. scottrods

    Problems with Safari

    Hey Guys... I'm not a Mac guru at all, but am gaining on it slowly. However, I'm encountering a new issue with Safari on my MBPr and am unsure if I have caused it with some settings I don't remember changing, or if it's just Safari or Mac compatibility issues. Safari is having issues with a lot...
  9. Michelasso

    Prime Video: English subtitles disappearing

    Since when Amazon introduces the irritating previews my subtitles are disappearing. This is my setup: - ATV 4K main language Italian - Language for audio and subtitles in ATV's settings: English - Language for audio and subtitles in Prime Video web settings: English Usually when I played a...
  10. S

    Transfer file from MacBook Pro to Amazon Fire TV stick

    Hello, I have Amazon Fire TV stick. I have to transfer 1 file abc.apk from MacBook to Amazon. When I connect stick either using USB or using HDMI and USB it was not recognized by MacBook. Then I tried to use FTP but I failed to connect from MacBook to stick FTP server. I did similar thing on...
  11. Appledoesnotlisten

    2017 15" MBP: Is Woot/Amazon the best deal? Is it covered by the 4 year keyboards warranty?

    I am shopping for an entry level 15" 2017 on the deal and it seems that refurbished from Woot ( Amazon) is currently the best deal ($1646 with tax). However, I do not trust Amazon refurbishing process and am afraid that it does not come with the 4 year warranty on the keyboard. Please advise...
  12. MrMoris

    Apple Music with Alexa

    Hey, I just received a new Amazon Echo and therefore I had to switch to Spotify. Honestly, I really miss Apple Music, because it works much better, has better music recommendation, cheaper, and includes lyrics to every song. I was wondering if you think Apple Music will ever be supported using...
  13. S


    so with the WSJ reporting almost for sure Long Island City and Crystal City as a split decision for Amazon’s expansion, what are your thoughts?
  14. Sovon Halder

    Apple Silicone Case - iPhone 8. Is this Original or Fake ?

    Amazon India (2400INR -or- 35$) The box arrived open; where the back (paper) has completely fallen off the plastic shell. I didn't mind but then this... 1. It's G5KVDDNYJ7JM (etched in case) vs. G66VD2CFJ7JM (printed underneath barcode) 2. There is somewhat noticeable gap between the logo...
  15. Huntn

    Amazon Original Series

    There are a series of decent shows. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan- (S1) Fighting a terrorist. Thumbs up. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- (S1) House wife becomes standup comic. Big thumbs up. The Man in the High Castle (S3)- The Axis won WWII but films appear that show the Allies winning it instead...
  16. jeremiah256

    Home How Many Personal Assistants Do You Use/Want To Use?

    This is an interest of mine since I want to get more into the Internet of Things (IoT) and want to start off with home and personal automation. I'm no expert on any of the assistants, and hopefully, this thread will provide myself and others who are interested, a way to expand our knowledge...
  17. jsviper96

    Apple Watch Series 4 availability on Amazon

    My wife and I recently married and have a Amazon gift card balance we'd like to use to purchase two new Apple Watch Series 4s. However, we're not sure how long it'll take for Apple to begin selling them on Amazon and if we'll be able to wait that long. We see that Apple sells products on Amazon...
  18. S

    iCloud vs MS One Drive Vs Amazon drive Vs others

    Hi I've been trying to evaluate a could storage bundle with basic "office productivity" tools like basic spread sheet, text editor and slides / power point like functionality etc. My spread sheet and text editor needs are basic - just simple tables, graphs, pivot tables, mail merge etc, and...
  19. B

    Universal Riveto - Your ultimate shopping guide

    Riveto is your ultimate shopping guide helping you make smart shopping decisions. Get the app from App Store: Are you unsure about buying that TV or confused about which phone to shop? Riveto is here to help! Watch expert review videos...
  20. HappyDude20

    eBay VS Amazon FBA?

    Hello, Almost 10 years since i've had this account and boy has this community been helpful. On to the question: I've been selling on eBay for almost 15 years and the final value fees have increased so much that it feels like eBay is practically a shark taking away anywhere between 12%-35% when...