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  1. JippaLippa

    [Airpods Pro] Questions about the ANC and latency with macOS

    Hello everyone. Normally I wouldn't purchase the airpods pro as they're not the product for me. When it comes to everyday use, audio quality is my only priority, and I already got better sounding earbuds. Not to mention a 2nd generation is clearly coming soon. That said, I just received some...
  2. cliff_13

    Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling - Is it really like that?

    Hey Guys, whats up? I bought my new airpods pro last thursday and i have some questions about the quality of Noise Cancelling. Is it normal to still listening wind, raindrops, other person voice, the background music at the gym academy when the ANC is activated? I've never expected that ANC from...
  3. Boneslasher

    Beats Studio3 Wireless Issues & Questions

    Dear all, I have received a new pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless today. Incredible packaging, the best ever, pairing seamless. Upon pairing the battery level was given as 100%. I used them from 8.30pm to 12.15am tonight during a long meeting over Discord on Mac. Around 11.30pm they reached 5%...
  4. S

    Active noise cancelation - firmware E3751

    Hey guys, wanna see someone else opinion.. dunno if i'm dumb or what ? but I genuinely think that new firmware made my Airpods Pro ANC much less efficient? does it make sense? I can hear surrounding noise much more than before.. Anybody notice this?
  5. P

    AirPods Max ANC: Does it learn over time?

    Edit: Doesn't look like it does. But the ANC performs well nevertheless. Original post: *** Here's an observation. I got my pair yesterday. Out of the box the ANC was pretty much on par with my Bose NC700, more or less. There are certain rattling fans and whirring freezers in this house that...
  6. rachit995

    AirPods Max Color Visualizer with all possible combinations

    So @AngerDanger created all 125 combinations of AirPods Max colors, so I thought of creating a tool to visualize all of them. You can try it here: Thanks, @AngerDanger for all the combinations. @Joe Rossignol
  7. M

    Voice/Noice Cancellation in Beats Studio 2 vs AirPods Pro

    Hi All. For over a decade, I have worked from home and had it all to myself, minus a few months when kids were home during the summer. I usually just play music using my Sonos speaker and occasionally, if there is some outside disturbance, I will put on headphones. However, with the quarantine...
  8. Z

    New Firmware of APP is weakening the ANC

    I'm noticing an obvious ANC quality decline after the APP have updated to the new firmware, version 2B588. Are there any way of downgrade the firmware or not so many people have noticed it yet?
  9. C

    Beats Studio3 Wireless amplify background noise when making phone calls

    Adaptive Noise Canceling of my Beats Studio 3 works fine while listening to music. But when making phone calls the background noise seems to be amplified by the headphones. I use them wireless. Factory reset or latest firmware does not help. Apple support could not help me / they did not know...