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Feb 9, 2005
Hi All.

For over a decade, I have worked from home and had it all to myself, minus a few months when kids were home during the summer. I usually just play music using my Sonos speaker and occasionally, if there is some outside disturbance, I will put on headphones. However, with the quarantine, my kids are home (teens) and my wife is working from home. The two of us are sharing the basement which is where my office is and now her office as well. While she sits a good 50-60 ft from me, she talks really loud when she is on her calls all day long. (she is deaf in one ear, which I think contributes to her talking louder when she has a headset on). She talks at a normal voice level 95% of the time in normal every day life, so I really don't want to say anything to her about being louder, cause I don't want her to be concerned with it. According to my Apple Watch, she is cranking out around 45-51db in a room that otherwise is 33db, at 60ft away.

I was using a Jabra Link 370 noise cancelling wireless on-ear headset which does some sound cancelling in the lower ranges, but I can still hear her just fine. If I crank up the music, it will drown her out, but not as well as my older Beats Studio 2 (wired) over-the-ear headphones. Even with no music on, it drops her down a lot. I can still hear her though, but it seems to cut her down around 50-60% I would say.

The problem I have with my Beats Studio 2 (wired) and my Jabra headphones, is the pressure on my head constantly annoys me, but what is more annoying than that is my ears get really hot, to the point I really can only wear over-ear headphones for maybe 40-45 minutes. The on-ear headphones I can handle for maybe 90 minutes, since my ears don't get as hot as fast, but also it lets in more noise. The pressure also remains a factor.

I've been looking at the AirPod Pro and while it seems like they may have been the solution when they first came out, the firmware update may have softened the ANC. But if anyone has both Beats Studio headphones and AirPods Pro with a current firmware (not the original release one) and let me know which one is better at cancelling out a female voice from 50-60ft away that has around a 15db noise level at that distance would be awesome.

I hate to spend $249 on them if they are not going to be as good or better than the Beats cancellation.


PS - Some places on Internet are recommend Sony WF1000MX3 in-ear ones as being better?
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Apr 15, 2018
It's not the firmware that has reduced the APP ANC - it's a design fault with the glue. See the rattlegate thread - the mics deteroate. Apple is replacing them under warranty - just contact them.

APP's have by far the best ANC available. I've tried them all (WHXM3, WF XM3, Bose 700, WI-1000x). If you add foam tips it's even better - although less comfortable. I test mine with my 7.1.4 surround setup playing white noise and cafe noise.
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