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android 7

  1. W

    Instagram accounts

    Hello everyone! I have been using Instagram on my Smartphone (Moto G4 Play) and computer (iMac, using for a couple years now. I volunteer for a local historic community event. I'd like to set up a dedicated Instagram account for the event that I can administer. Is there a way to...
  2. MrDarkwraith

    Android TV/x86 on the first generation Apple TV?

    Is it possible to install Android TV/x86 on the 1st Gen Apple TV?
  3. anika200

    Solving compatibility issues with OSX and Android or Google

    I own an iMac and want to get the most out of my Google and Android experience too, why not. :) So I want to create a list and add to it over time on how I am able to blend OSX and Android phone and Google. Please feel free to add posts and your knowledge. First one: Google contacts labels to...
  4. anika200

    security risk to use Messages on android

    I see this app that will let me use Messages on my android phone with my iMac. The whole article is here Does this look like a security risk to anyone? I was thinking about trying it but am not sure how...
  5. motulist

    Clean install Android OS?

    I switched to Android about a year ago and it's been great, but I did lots of noob things to it along the way. Now Android 7.0 is available for my device and I'd like to start the device all over from scratch. How do I completly reformat my storage and clean install the new OS?