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Nov 23, 2011
Does this look like a security risk to anyone?
I was thinking about trying it but am not sure how safe it is or if I would really even use it very often.

I read those steps. A hefty "hell no" from me.

You need to install Java on your Mac. That's an instant no-no unless you absolutely have to. Plus the application is closed-source. No way you can possibly tell what's going on. The developer isn't even identified with Apple.

Essentially you're trusting a third party with knowing your Apple ID and password, despite what assurances they may make otherwise. You couldn't pay me to use that. It's just not worth the risk and steps to get iMessage on your Android phone IMO.
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Feb 15, 2018
Of course I have not installed this thing, apparently this would just work before OS X HS and Google changed a bunch of stuff and went away from standards.
So no big deal, I can still just pick up my phone and text someone or whatever.
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