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  1. ctjack

    iPhone 12 mini Iphone 12 mini signal strength: which one to keep of two?

    I got two 12 minis from my carrier. Strange thing is that one has 2 bars and sometimes loses connection in my house, while the second mini does have 1 bar and loses the signal to 0 more often than the first one. Never did the field test but planning to do so. Interestingly, the one that shows 2...
  2. W

    iPhone 12 Pro Antenna strength

    So the big deal for me each year is the signal on iPhones tend to be weak compared to the competition so I just wanted to ask anybody who has bought an iPhone 12 Pro if the signal is better, worse or the same as the iPhone 11 Pro? NOT to be confused with 5G I’m not interested in 5G at all it’s...

    Other iPhone 11 Series Reception Poll

    Does your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro get better or worse reception than your previous iPhone? Please note that I am looking to compare previous versions of iPhones to the new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro only.
  4. Navhoot

    iPad Pro What is Antenna Beside Camera? iPad Pro 9.7

    I opened up my iPad Pro to replace my smashed screen/LCD and accidentally scraped the antenna beside the camera (see pic). Does anyone know what this antenna is? I’m thinking it’s the wifi/Bluetooth antenna, but when I check online shops, they don’t seem to match up with that particular...
  5. E

    Other Xs Max, antenna and return policy

    Hi, pure theoretical for now if its proven that Xs Max has hardware issues related to antennas, will you still only be able to return it within 14 days, or will apple do some sort of arrangement? is there any history of hardware issues acknowledged and fixed free of charge? i, like lots other...
  6. J

    2009 Mac Mini & High Sierra

    Hi there, I recently purchased a late 2009 Mac Mini (2.53Ghz 4GB 1033 DDR2 RAM) to use as a HTPC. I formatted and installed the latest OS X I could. A few tweaks in VLC and its running 1080p mkv files no problem. I was thinking about upgrading to High Sierra via dosdude1’s macOS Sierra Patcher...
  7. Z

    enlarging the antenna

    There are sometimes when im connected via wifi but due to the long distance from the router there is no adequate signal. From the same distance i have no issue with my macbook. I suppose that the problem is the small antenna on the iPhone compared with the one on the macbook. Is there a way to...
  8. D

    iPhone 7(+) Iphone 7 matte black antenna bands

    Recently bought my Iphone 7 matte black. It went straight into a case after the purchase and yesterday when I was removing some dust trapped in the case, I discovered the antenna bands are full of micro-scratches. Just wondering some of the following questions on the iphone: 1. What is the...