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anti-reflective coating

  1. J

    MBP old anti-glare issue

    I’ve worn out my 2015 MBP retina, and have ordered a 2019 16” model to replace it. Over the last several years of its life, I noticed the screen looked terrible and every effort to clean it was useless. Recently I read that there was an issue with that model where the anti-glare layer would...
  2. R

    macbook pro mid 2019 anti-reflection coating issues?

    I just got my 13" macbook pro for a week when during wiping the anti-reflection coating came off. I remembered reading about it for earlier macbooks, but since the repair program ended I assumed it would be fixed. Will try to return it to apple, but not sure if they will charge for 'damage'...
  3. A

    Are you guys still getting anti-reflective coating problems?

    Are you guys still getting anti-reflective coating problems? I saw a coverage on this problem: I have the 2015, 13in MBP. Bought it around Sept. But it is out of warranty now with apple care. Am I still able to get the...
  4. I

    Damn, they're fast [screen replacement]!

    Had minor anti-reflective coating issues. Set an appointment to see if anything could be done. They say they'd replace the screen in house. Three hours later my laptop's ready for pick up!
  5. I

    Screen coating on late 2013 mbp

    I have a late-2013 mbp purchased in Fall 2014. I've just noticed the screen coating is slowly wearing off in one corner. I know this was a known issue in the past, and Apple even offered free repairs to some customers. I wonder what my chances are for a free fix... Should I wait till it gets a...