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apple arcade

  1. M

    Universal Populus Run - new levels?

    Has anyone tried this game yet? I like it very much and was wondering if anyone knows when new levels will be released?
  2. M

    Universal Will big publishers join Apple Arcade?

    I’d love to have a reason to Apple Arcade, but I just don’t see any compelling games there. Apple keep saying my iPad is more powerful than a computer and has better graphics too, I’d like to see proper games on iPad. Do you think someone like Feral or Aspyr would ever port tomb raider, batman...
  3. R

    Apple Arcade not working for one account on Mac

    I am running Catalina on a 2014 iMac. I am signed up to Apple arcade and it works for myself on the Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. However, on my iMac, I am able to download the Games but they will not play under my account. However they work for my family if they log onto the same Mac. I am an...
  4. mrfabio

    iPhone Apple Arcade in App Store

    Is it possibile to turn it off and remove its tab from the App Store app in iOS? In Books it’s possible to remove the Book Store section through the Allowed Apps settings.. Thank You
  5. AustinIllini

    Which Apple Arcade Game are you Playing right now?

    Just got iOS 13.1 on my iPad. Bought a trial of Apple Arcade. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the game options! The topic is simple: Which Apple Arcade game are you playing? I just started trying Sayonara Wild Hearts (from the Keynote) Mods: Feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place.