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Sep 19, 2022
at least 3 more games have been delisted from Apple Arcade without any notice: ChuChu Rocket Universe, Punch Planet, and Tangle Tower.
ChuChu Rocket Universe was a good sequel to a Sega Dreamcast classic and Tangle Towers has a metacritic score of 85%.
Last time Apple removed games, there was a specific "Leaving soon" section in Apple Arcade page (, this time the games are simply gone. Can we have an explanation?



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Dec 23, 2014
U.S.A., Earth
Wonder if the reasons are stated? Sometimes, it's the dev studio that opts to have their game leave AA. AFAIK, it may be a thing where they're so successful on AA that they decide to branch out to the regular iOS App Store, and other platforms. AFAIK again, there are no restrictions on being exclusive, but it could be the game being on AA isn't worth their while anymore if they can make more money be leaving AA and allocating resources and manpower elsewhere.

That said, even though they don't owe us advance notices, they'd be nice to have none of the less.
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