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apple card

  1. AlexBR

    Apple Card Apple Card not activatable

    Since my #applecard lost its nice look, after a year of use I decided to order a replacement. Got a new card that wasn’t activatable. It was displaying an error. I chatted with #Apple/#GoldmanSachs support and the person on the line did something that deleted my physical card section completely...
  2. S

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone Upgrade Program - Paying with Apple Card

    I'm new to the iPhone Upgrade Program this year. When I signed up for the Upgrade Program it asked for a credit credit so I gave any card in my wallet. I thought I would be able to use Apple Pay for that but didn't see any options. Anyways going forward I would like to put the monthly charges...
  3. CheesePuff

    Apple Card Monthly Installments needs more flexability

    The Apple Card Monthly Installments is a great feature of the card, but it really needs more flexibility with the product payment plans. For example, I purchased a $2300 iMac with it, and its payment plan is over 12 months, which is perfect. But the new Apple Watch Series 6 can now be purchased...
  4. C

    Interesting approach to Apple Card financing on the Back to School promo

    I was just playing with some MBP configs and pricing in the EDU store, and I noticed monthly installments were quoted much higher than they should be. It turns out that, at least online, Apple is applying the Airpods credit to the Mac, NOT the AirPods, which results in the full price of the...
  5. Internet Enzyme

    Apple Card Monthly Activity Misleading Y-Axis

    So in the Wallet app, one can view his or her monthly or weekly spending activity. In the month view, there are pages that prominently display a bar chart of that month's total spending. The scale of the Y-Axis on these charts is variable, and automatically adjusts based on the maximum one...
  6. T

    Apple Card UK Launch?

    Has anyone heard any news surrounding the international launch of Apple Card, or even more specifically, in the UK? Obviously I'm aware Apple hasn't made a comment, but Apple Pay took less than a year after it's US launch to come to the UK. We are now around the 1 year mark since the product was...
  7. blake_licorice

    Apple Card not requiring payment until June?

    I enrolled in the April deferment program, but it says I don’t have to pay until June? Is anyone experiencing this or know why?
  8. D

    Apple Card Transactions missing from Wallet App Transaction Listings

    **Note** This is specific to Apple Card. This is NOT about Apple Pay, Apple Cash or any other third-party credit cards in Wallet. This post is specifically about the new 2019 Apple Card Credit Card issued by Goldman Sachs and the Wallet app on iPhone which is the exclusive instrument for...
  9. B

    10k in fraudulent charges on Apple Card, no resolve with Goldman Sachs

    Yesterday morning I woke up to just shy of 10k in fraudulent charges on my Apple Card. So far, I have no resolve from with the charges. I have spoken with a couple of Apple Card reps with Goldman Sachs, not one bit impressed with their willingness to assist. Although the charges were reported as...
  10. F

    "Apple Card Unavailable" error on new iphone 11 pro

    Hello folks, Wondering if anyone has run into an issue adding the wallet apple card to your new phone? I received my ip11 pro on launch day, went through the restore process from my previous Ip8 and since the 20th of September I have been unable to add the virtual card to Wallet. The card...
  11. 4sallypat

    iPhone 11 Pre-approved from Citizen's One bank for pre-ordering 9/13 - wanted to add another phone

    Using the Apple store app, I got pre-approved for an iPhone 11 thru Citizen's One bank for 24months 0% using my Apple Card. My question: Can I get another phone for my family member on my same loan pre-approved account without having to create a new loan ? I don't want another credit hard pull...
  12. 4sallypat

    Stripped Apple Card - bare titanium look anyone ?

    On 9-5 article shows what the Apple card looks like after it was stripped of the white coating: Would anyone like to do this ?
  13. 4sallypat

    Apple card delivery went from 1 day to 2 days (CA-KY-CA) - UPS isn't efficient ?

    Ordered the physical Apple card last week and was told by the Apple Card wallet that the card would be shipped out Tuesday which it did from Compton, CA. UPS app originally said it would be delivered in one day (today - Wednesday) since it's from Compton to Los Angeles - a mere 10 miles away -...
  14. mainemini

    Article on privacy issues with credit cards includes Apple Card in examples "In a privacy experiment, we bought one banana with the new Apple Card — and another with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa from Chase. Here’s who tracked, mined and shared our data." This is...
  15. 4sallypat

    Q: 2019 iPhone release - promotions or special financing or upgrade program w/ Apple Card ?

    With the new 2019 iPhone being released in a month, does anyone have any confirmed info, rumors or leaks about special financing or promotions for those wanting to get a new iPhone ? The reason I ask: Goldman Sachs Apple Credit card has just been released to the US masses and I for one would...
  16. F

    Trouble activating the physical Apple Card

    My physical card arrived a couple of days ago. Despite the note in the packaging tell me how to activate the card, my iPhone X does not sense the new card. Also, the workaround in the Wallet that lets you click a button to start activation does not appear in the app. I messaged Apple Support...
  17. clcnyc

    Apple card-applied and denied with great credit

    So, finally applied and to my disappointment was denied due to one ding in my credit report which I've never seen! Some issue my husband had with Hyundai in 2014 that ended up being paid in full, but unfortunately I was on the lease as well. Literally nothing else. Spotless payment history, no...
  18. chino-rican

    How I'm getting 5% cash back thanks to the Apple Card (sort of)

    I recently called one of my credit cards to cancel. When they asked me why I was cancelling I told them that their 1% cash back (all purchases) wasn't cutting it anymore and I was going to apply for the Apple Card. They looked at my history and saw that I was an active user and longtime...
  19. Y

     Card Approval Time

    I just saw this morning that the Apple Card was launched in the US and decided to apply. I’ve been reading lots of other comments about the process and it seems like most people are approved in seconds, but it’s been almost an hour and I still don’t have a yes or a no... I have pretty average...
  20. chocolatesox

    Apple Card International Expansion

    I’d love for the Apple Card to expand, for myself, to the UK but I don’t have high hopes. We haven’t even got Apple Pay Cash yet and that seems to be very much linked. Also the fact that credit cards work very differently over here in the U.K. market, it would be interesting to see if they...