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apple mouse

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    Macbook twitchy Bluetooth Connection to Mouse and Keyboard

    Hey, Just got the new Macbook Pro 15", July 2018. I still got the Apple Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard from my late 2013 iMac, and I noticed the connection is kinda twitchy. Battery for both is almost 100%, yet they behave like they're almost out of battery – randomly disconnecting and...
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    Hi All, I am new here and have only posted once before and had such a wonderful response (THANK YOU- AGAIN!) that I thought it only natural to ask here about the issues I have been dealing with and how to fix them! So... I have a mac book pro (2012) and I have two older (maybe 2010 or older?)...
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    First Hand (Wireless) Mighty Mouse?

    Hey all! Any place where I can get a first hand non used or used but totally like new wireless Mighty Mouse? It has been discontinued since 2007, but I think it is such an attractive mouse! Do you agree? Got one and want to share about it? =) How is it different from the wired version...