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    Hi All,

    I am new here and have only posted once before and had such a wonderful response (THANK YOU- AGAIN!) that I thought it only natural to ask here about the issues I have been dealing with and how to fix them!

    So... I have a mac book pro (2012) and I have two older (maybe 2010 or older?) Apple mac monitors (one I use with my ACER laptop) the other I would love to use with my mac book pro but until now was using it with my mac air (which died recently) so now would love to use with this MBP but the issue I was having with the MBA and I no doubt will face with the MBP is that I had to keep using the keyboard and track pad of my MBA/MBP instead of being able to use the apple wired keyboard and mouse that I plugged into the usb at the back of the Apple mac monitor it just doesn't register that I have plugged in the apple usb keyboard or the usb apple mouse??? Am I really stupid and doing something wrong? i have tried it on both mac monitors and the keyboard and mouse do not register when plugged into the back of the monitors usb ports.

    I was eventually hoping to get a mac mini and another Apple mac monitor and another wired keyboard and mouse and using it as an iMac by plugging the keyboard into the back of the monitor and using the mac mini as the computer- OR am I a total spaz and have zero idea what I am doing?

    Posted with embarrassment ....
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    If you have a really old Cinema Display, then I guess you need to connect both its Mini Displayport cable and its USB cable to the computer to get USB peripherals connected to the display to work with the computer.
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    What Mikael said. Make sure you have everything connected that needs to be connected. If you're using an Apple DVI adapter, both the USB and Mini DisplayPort need to be wired up at the same time.

    There's no special procedure for using ANY standard keyboard or mouse with your Macs. Over a several year span I literally went through dozens of mice, keyboards, and input devices in search of something that would play nicely with my tendinitis. All of them worked and I often had almost ten input devices all going at the same time. Some of them were really old PC peripherals that I had to connect using a PS/2 to USB adapter.

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