apple music

  1. dawindmg08

    Music store purchases show duplicates with cloud icon; any way to globally hide these?

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I couldn't find any recent notices in the search: I'm fairly new to Catalina and the new Music app. Just made some purchases from the store and I'm noticing consistent behavior with my new purchases (songs or albums): duplicate files are shown of each...
  2. BobboHead13

    Apple Music Web Player officially out of beta?

    I've been using the Apple Music web player beta and I noticed today that it now navigates to (previously it was but now that redirects to the new URL). Also looks like the Apple Music logo is updated with a new color gradient too (see tab...
  3. purdnost

    Outlined Heart Icon?

    I was looking at my music library in the Apple Music desktop app, and I noticed some songs had red heart icons next to them, indicating that I had "loved" those songs, of course. There were also some songs that had just the red outline of a heart next to them. What does this indicate?
  4. Apple Music Problems

    How to stop Apple Music/iTunes downloading songs from playlists?

    Hello there, I first want to say sorry if this isn't posted in the right place, I am completely new to this website. My problem is that every time my saved playlists (New Music Mix and Chill Music Mix specifically) are updated with new songs, these songs are automatically downloaded to my...
  5. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Music app won't play Matched songs "not available in your Country"

    I have iTunes Match (now iTunes in the cloud?) and Apple Music. Quite often a track, that has been Matched (because I've ripped it from a CD or something), just won't play from the Playing Next list and the Music app is just hanging (sometimes "for ever", other times just for a while before...
  6. purdnost

    Apple Music Crashes When Attemping to Delete App Access

    Music > Account > Apps with Access (near the bottom) When I attempt to delete the MusicButler app, the Music app crashes. This happens on my iPhone as well as my iPad. I'm assuming this is likely a bug, so I reported it to Apple. Curious if anyone else has this issues. This may also be a good...
  7. purdnost

    Apple Music Profile Avatar Separate?

    Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo When I update this avatar, iOS asks me if I want this to be my avatar everywhere, or system-wide... but this doesn't seem to apply to the Apple Music profile avatar. Am I getting that right, or is my iOS being glitchy?
  8. cwazytech

    Recovering Playlists from Deleted/Restored Songs

    So, i accidentally deleted songs from my library when I was actually just trying to remove them from one of my playlists and the result was all the songs I deleted were removed from the other playlists they were attached to (Full disclosure: I have a lot of playlists. It's a problem). I restored...
  9. atihg566

    1 year apple music subscription refund

    i have for 1 year apple music subscription i bought it 3 mouths ago i want to ask apple if i can cancel it and get maybe refund or gift card or something how and where can i ask them that ? because in refund page in not show
  10. R

    iPhone Cancelled apple music for iTunes match, ‘cannot be downloaded’

    I cancelled my apple music subscription and signed up to just iTunes match instead, as only use the ‘my library’ tab anyway. Since doing that, whenever i try and listen to half of my library on Music on iPhone i get ‘cannot be downloaded’ error. Some songs work, some do not, half of an album...
  11. R

    Japanese text on Apple Music

    So, I can't get Apple Music to display text, song names and artist names, in Japanese. I have the language set to Japanese, nothing. Even tried changing region to Japan, also nothing... It's quite annoying. :P
  12. S

    iTunes match,why?

    Hello! So I have some songs that I want to upload to my Apple Music Library. They are available in Apple Music but the ones I have are with the noise removed(in Adobe Audition). So I want to have those versions of the songs in my library. However when I try to upload them,some of them upload...
  13. P

    Can I get my AIFF files back in Apple Music instead of the substituted AAC files?

    I use Apple Music in OS Catalina on a new MacBook and I see that all my iTunes library .AIFF files in OS Mojave on an older MacBook are now AAC files in my Apple Music library. If I prefer to have my AIFF files in Apple Music instead of the substituted AAC files, is there a way to get them back...
  14. P

    Are iVolume adjustments made in iTunes active in Apple Music?

    The songs in my iTunes library have been adjusted with iVolume in OS Mojave. When I use Apple Music in OS Catalina on a new MacBook will the adjustments made in iTunes be active on the songs in my Apple Music library? Thank you.
  15. boabmatic

    Is there a way to only upload a selection of local music to Icloud library ?

    Hi all, Currently I'm subscribed to apple music which I use on my iphone XS and an old iphone 6 (for in the car) both with icloud Library enabled. I have a Macbook pro that has GB's and GB's of local music that I use for DJin but that has icloud library disabled. Is there a way to enable the...
  16. P

    iPhone Apple Music requires subscription for purchased music

    I’ve uploaded/synced my music collection (29 GB) on to my iPhone. However, when trying to play some of the songs I’m prompted to “choose my subscription” - as if I need Apple Music to listen to my own, legally obtained, music. For instance: Track 1 on David Bowie’s Blackstar requires a...
  17. Volusia

    Apple Music Family Plan

    Trying to set up a family plan that includes my adult son and his wife. Want them to have access to Apple Music, but do not other purchases to go through same family account (movies, apps, etc.). Is there a way to set this up? TIA
  18. ?

    iPhone Where is upcoming music in the new music app?

    I was forced to update my phone to iOS 13 due to some issue with my phone screen and apple wiping it. Now, I cannotswipe down on the music app to reveal the upcoming music. I used this all the time. Why has apple removed it? Even have Apple Music and everything, and now theyre basically making...
  19. Gorniv

    Universal Player for Apple Music

    Hi everyone! I've been developing the player for Apple Music and I'd like to know any thoughts about it: «» - a great way to discover the world of music in a new player for Apple Music. We have collected more than eight thousand playlists on one...
  20. D

    New Apple Music app search function

    I can't stand it, and just like with the last time they updated itunes, I need to find out how to be able to use the search function as it previously functioned. In this latest version you put in a word to search, and it shows results in a separate almost picture-like results screen. I have...