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  1. lilbukka

    Missing audio button in Apple news+ in iOS 13.6 and iOS 14 dev beta 4

    I subscribe to Apple News+ and there’s a new feature called audio that’s supposed to be included but I don’t have an audio button and I was wondering if any of you have the audio button.
  2. P

    iPhone Apple News New Yorker

    I’ve had a bit of a problem with Apple News+ restricting The New Yorker on my iPhone. (iOS 13.6) While other magazines and news outlets provide an option to sign in to a specific subscription and bypass the News+ restriction, there is no such option for The New Yorker, of which I am a...
  3. purdnost

    Apple News Widget Support Only Stories I Follow?

    In the Apple News app settings there is an setting to "Restrict Stories in Today". Only stories from channels you follow will appear in Today. All other sources will be blocked. In iOS 13, with this setting enabled, the News widget will only ever display the text "Read Stories in Apple News"...
  4. Arktika

    All Devices About the subscription service of Apple News+

    Hi guys, I have two Apple accounts,and I wanna join in a family group that has subscribed to Apple News+ with my US account. And if I switch the US iCloud account to my Chinese Account, while the app store remains in the U.S. region, can I still enjoy the subscription of Apple news+? Thanks so...
  5. allegraosati

    Mac Getting back into coding, encountering an error in Terminal

    I'm dusting off Terminal to be able to publish stories to my channel on Apple News through Apple News Format. Yippee! Here's my question: I've created a .papi config file successfully to get access to publishing to my channel. The Macdown file from Apple tells me to run papi-client channel...
  6. Stephanos12

    Apple News App

    Recently, about 2 days ago, apple news app stopped showing stories by macrumors, and many other channels. It is saying that the stories are not available for my region, which is set to United states. It is weird because I have been using it since first it started, and until 2 days ago it was...
  7. I

    Apple News App expansion to Ireland

    Hi does anybody know if Apple plan to roll out Apple News App in Ireland. they haven't seem to been able to get it pass the 3 launch countries. Does anybody know if they have any plans to expand it to any other countries or why it hasn't been launched sooner in other countries Thanks
  8. darkcompass

    Apple New Topics

    I am enjoying this Topic Management. Lets me clean up my news feed no end, and stop unwanted and unneeded articles from cluttering.
  9. T

    iPad Apple News app in ios12

    They changed the layout of the Apple News app ( which looks good). But the thing I can’t find is how to make an article full screen ( on an iPad). There is a side panel listing all the channels or sources but once you click on an article to read that panel remains there. Therefore cutting down...
  10. I

    apple news app bug drains battery

    a couple weeks ago i noticed higher than expected cpu utilization while my phone was idle and battery draining faster than expected. curious, i discovered thousands of system messages per second were being logged by ios on my iphone (see uploaded file). it appears that the apple news app is...
  11. OldSchoolMacGuy

    Chicago Apple Store Issue Resolved With Software Fix

    Seems the problem with snow on the roof of the Apple Store in Chicago wasn't an issue with design as originally reported. They did design for Chicago winters and have heaters installed in the roof to melt snow. They just weren't functioning correctly. A software fix has corrected the issue...
  12. beanbaguk

    Apple News no longer working on iOS 11.1

    I use Apple News daily so I was surprised after my iOS 11.1 install, it was missing! I checked everywhere but had no luck finding the app, so I thought the update may have uninstalled it. In the app store, it showed it was installed, but upon tapping "Open", nothing happened! I tried to...
  13. londrum

    Apple News won't synch between iPad & iPhone

    hi. Im just wondering if anyone else is seeing this same problem with Apple News... I quite like the idea behind Apple News, but my frustration with it is that it won't synch between my iPad and iPhone. If I dislike a story on my iPad and then turn on my phone and refresh the stories, it will...
  14. psionicsin

    Apple News "Story Unavailable"

    Hey guys So I've noticed that after updating to iOS 10 (developer here), all of my self-curated sites that I've added suddenly get the "Story Unavailable" pop up when I try to access them. I spent a REALLY LONG TIME adding specific sites to Apple News as these are the sites that I follow and...
  15. cwosigns

    Apple News App Crashing

    Hello, Wondering if anyone else is having an issue with Apple News crashing on startup. I'm on a 6s Plus and it persists even after a hard reset (pressing and holding power and home buttons until Apple logo appears). My 6 Plus is fine. My iPads are fine. Just the 6s Plus. Any ideas?