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  1. Apple4r1

    Apple Pay 7 Eleven Mexico confirms Apple Pay arriving any day from now

    We have been seeing little signs of Apple Pay arriving in Mexico since March of last year. 30 minutes ago 7 Eleven Mexico tweeted this: Very exciting for all Apple users here in Mexico! Can't wait to pay with my watch 😄
  2. J

    Possible to receive Apple Pay payments with Macbook Pro?

    I have a '19 MBP with fingerprint sensor. I don't have an iPhone (I do have an older iPad without fingerprint sensor). On my Macbook, in sys prefs, under Wallet & Apple Pay, I do have credit cards showing, but when I open the Messages app I don't see Apple Pay after clicking the Apple App icon...
  3. D

    Apple Pay Apple Pay failures

    I pay with Apple Pay on my series 6 watch, much more convenient than using iPhones and having to type in 6 digit codes since FaceID doesn't work with masks. With the watch, when you put it on you must enter a 4 digit code, but not afterwards when you pay. Twice this morning in businesses...
  4. NoGood4077

    Iphone 12 mini Apple Pay did not work

    Iphone 12 mini. Apple Pay doesn't work. I did everything: re-added cards (automatically and manually), soft reset, hard reset, icloud backup, fresh backup, even installed beta 14.3.2. With no result. BTW - on ios 14.3.2 (beta) the touch is failing again. Similar observations? Advice?
  5. J

    Apple Wallet Transactions

    Since updating to iOS 14, I no longer get transaction notifications when my cards linked to the Apple Wallet are used. Anyone else seeing this bug?
  6. T

    Apple Card UK Launch?

    Has anyone heard any news surrounding the international launch of Apple Card, or even more specifically, in the UK? Obviously I'm aware Apple hasn't made a comment, but Apple Pay took less than a year after it's US launch to come to the UK. We are now around the 1 year mark since the product was...
  7. M

    What is the difference between Safari Credit Cards AutoFill and System Preferences Wallet & Apple Pay?

    I added my card in Wallet & Apple Pay on System Preferences expecting that I will be able to AutoFill my card whenever I want to purchase something in Safari. That is not the case. I have to actually add the same card in Safari Credit Cards AutoFill. What is the difference between these two? On...
  8. M

    Want to use Apple Pay on iPhone 11, but ...

    I want to use Apple Pay, but it requires iCloud. Since I'm wary of iCloud (Apple holds all the encryption keys, after all), I want to know that if I enable iCloud to set up Apple Pay, do I have time to first configure iCloud before it starts copying everything up to Apple's or their third-party...
  9. M

    Apple Pay refund with deleted card in Wallet

    Hi there, I’ve recently bought something online with Apple Pay. I send it back 4 weeks ago and the merchant refunded me right away. But the problem is i deleted the virtual card in the wallet app, so i didn’t remember my device number. You guess, i still haven’t got the refund back. Is it...
  10. milleron

    No Apple Pay on iMac

    My iMac is stable on Mojave 10.14.6, but Apple Pay has never worked. I have no trouble using Apple Pay from my iPhone Xs (iOS 13.1), a 2018 iPad, or my Apple watch. But on the iMac it always errors out stating that it cannot find my iPhone even though it's sitting within 10cm of the iMac, on the...
  11. Joesg

    Apple Card not supported on 1st gen Apple Watch

    I wasn't able to add my Apple Card to Apple Pay in my Watch, so I called support. After about 3 hours of back and forth with various techs and two case escalations, a senior technician informed me that the new Apple Card is incompatible with the 1st gen Apple Watch. There is no information about...
  12. purdnost

    Question About Apple Pay Transaction Defaults

    Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay (Transaction Defaults): Default Card, Shipping Address, Email, Phone When I make a purchase using Apple Pay, how are these defaults used? Are they provided to the business I'm making a transaction with? For example, if I make a purchase online, my default email...
  13. vtboyarc

    Issues after 2 days with Apple Card

    So, I got the early invite a couple days ago, got approved with a $4,000 credit limit and the max interest rate (more reason to pay off the full balance each month). I’ve run into three annoyances so far. 1: I chose the option in the wallet app in the Apple Card to “Make Default at Apple” and...
  14. S

    Reinstalled Mojave 10.14.5 VIA USB caused Apple Pay to stop working

    First of all the actual apple "community" on the apple site is a joke. I am having trouble with Apple Pay after reinstalling Mojave VIA USB. My Mac has a T2 chip so I had to change the security settings to allow usb booting. After that I receive an error message that says "Can't setup Apple...
  15. Mike MA

    Volksbanken are introducing Apple Pay later this year. So mostly the Sparkasse is left from the big German players.
  16. M

    Does Apple Pay on Apple Watch work without iPhone passcode?

    Hello, Iˇd like to ask if it´s possible to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch, which has the passcode set up with iPhone, which has no passcode set up and therefore has no cards added in Wallet? Thank you.
  17. purdnost

    Question: Apple Pay Settings In "Payment & Shipping"

    Settings > [my name] > Payment & Shipping > Payment Methods > any card There is an option in each of my card screens to link the card with Apple Pay. I'm not sure what this does since I have been paying with my cards in the Wallet app for a while now with no problem. Does anyone have any...
  18. jcschwartz

    iPhone Apple Pay cards

    Apple Pay cards might remain suspended after a device exits Lost Mode. I know this is listed as a known issue on the developer site, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue or found a work-around for it. The issue started for me when I changed my password for my iCloud account...
  19. pedzsan

    Gas stations and Apple watch

    Unfortunately, I'm still confused where I can use Apple Pay via my watch. One major reason is my local HEB grocery stores have got the wireless credit card logo on the card machines but the checkout people always tell me "Oh!! that's not working" as if it should be clearly obvious to me. Also...
  20. R

    Apple Pay in unsupported European countries.

    Hey! Yes, as the title says - there are still some countries in Europe, where Apple has not launched Apple Pay. These UNsupported countries are Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and others. I live in one of those and I can confirm that for the past months I have...