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apple tv

  1. A

    HomePod Sonos One SL much better than HomePod Mini, or have I a bad one?

    I have an Apple TV in kitchen, that I mostly use for listening to music, sometimes radio via Broadcasts, sometimes Apple Music. For a year I had a Sonos One SL connected via airplay, I didn’t want the Alexa version because I don’t want Amazon listening in. It worked well and sounded well and was...
  2. P

    AT&T TV for Apple TV

    I've noticed the AT&T TV app for Apple TV seems a lot more glitchy since recent updates were released. Navigation through the Guide, Watch Now, and My Library is really jittery, a strange combination of both under- and over-sensitive movement when being navigated with the touchscreen on both the...
  3. Barbareren

    Apple TV’s best game controllers

    Hi, I was thinking about getting two controllers for the Apple TV 4K 64GB in order to check out that arcade feature... Do you guys think it’s worth it? What’s your experiences when it comes to gaming on the Apple TV? Which controller would you recommend? I’m not much of a gamer. I just have an...
  4. purdnost

    Disney Plus and Filmmaker Mode?

    While I can get Dolby Vision with Disney Plus on my Apple TV 4K, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t give me the option for filmmaker mode. Maybe this picture setting is reserved for purchased or rented movies, for example, as opposed to streaming content?
  5. X

    Apple Music Atv4 music avreceiver

    I have atv4 conected to my avreceiver onkyo. When i ear apple music i can’t put in allchannels stereo mode. I have tried with airplay and it doesn’t work. I like listem music with gron and rear spwkers , is it possible?
  6. X

    [Help] ATV4 Requires Device Verification, Airplay Broken For Previously Working Devices

    I currently have an AppleTV 4 running tvOS 13 and need to turn off all device verification (mandatory one time passcode) for airplay. This has apparently been broken since tvOS 10.2 according to what I could find on the subject. I had been using an older AppleTV 2 for years with all of my...
  7. Natosha Jacobs

    Kitchen sound system with Apple TV?

    We just found out our ceiling is being sheetrocked tomorrow and we are scrambling to finalize our sound system plans. Originally we thought we would buy some decent in-ceiling speakers and run some speaker wire over to the area where the cabinet that will house our TV and amp will be (and decide...
  8. MadXD

    MDM for Families?

    Is there an MDM solution that works well for families? I have 20 Apple devices in my home (and growing), supporting a family of five. Keeping all those devices updated and managed is a constant, often stressful undertaking. If it helps, I’m a registered Apple dev and am enrolled in Apple...
  9. purdnost

    Would My Apple TV 4K and LG CX OLED TV Benefit from an HDMI 2.1 Cable?

    I’m currently using an HDMI 2.0 cable. Would I benefit by upgrading to an HDMI 2.1 cable? As far as future proofing goes, I wonder if the next Apple TV hardware will take advantage of the HDMI 2.1 technology.
  10. A

    Apple TV not playing "matched" music in cloud, only Apple Music files

    The is only happening to me on Apple TV. When I click on albums/songs from the Apple Music subscription library, I get the tracklist and they play no problem. For the past couple of weeks it has not played any of my "matched" or uploaded songs in my cloud. The artwork for the matched music shows...
  11. buttongerald

    Samsung TV, and Pink and Blue Coloring?

    Greetings all, I have an Samsung TV, the model is UN55TU8000F. It's a 55" 4K UHD HDR television. It has an app built in for Apple TV. When Lord of the Rings was released earlier in December, we decided to start buying them in the new formats. The first film played fine with zero issues after...
  12. dukee101

    Fitness+ Fitness+ on TV using iPad USB-C to HDMI?

    For those without an Apple TV but have an iPad with USB-C and want to experience Fitness+ on a big screen TV, does Apple "allow you" to mirror the display to a TV via HDMI? Is there some kind of HDCP protection that prevents this, presumably to force people to purchase Apple TVs?
  13. TheDailyApple

    Lord of the Rings in 4K HDR

    It appears that the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit 4K upgrades are available to those whose purchased the iTunes versions in HD!
  14. topp3

    Any news on iCloud backup feature for Apple TV’s?

    It would be nice to get the iCloud backup feature for Apple tv‘s as is for iPhones and iPads - to restore or transfer all settings to new devices - any news on such feature on the roadmap?
  15. purdnost

    Harry Potter Cover Art Keeps Changing

    The cover art for all Harry Potter movies has changed two times in the last week. Do you think they’re honing in on an aesthetic they like? Not pictured is the latest cover art, which is similar to the first picture, but without the numbers. I personally liked the second batch (below). Also...
  16. UKenGB

    HomeKit Apple TV in Scenes and Automations

    How? I want to make use of Scenes and/or Automations that include turning the Apple TV On or Off, i.e. waking it or sleeping it. However, I just don't see how I can do that. I can make a Shortcut that does all that I need but only I can use it and not from the Apple TV itself. I can speak the...
  17. F

    Apple TV 4K missing audio output?

    Hi I have some issues with my Sonos arc not outputting audio from all apps but I think that I just can’t select the right audio output on Apple TV. The only option I have in audio output is TV Speakers (HDMI). what option am I looking for? edit: ok I found out that I appear to be missing...
  18. M

    BBC iPlayer ‘Up Next’ not

    Since the release of TVOS14, anything I watch on the BBC iPlayer doesn’t seem to be logging in the UpNext function. Up Next doesn’t seem to realise I’ve watched a show. Is this happening with anyone else?
  19. patearrings

    Will Apple Fitness work on the imac?

    I see the new service listed as needing ipad,iphone or apple tv, but being as macos already has an apple tv app installed by default, does anyone know if fitness will work via that as long as you have a fitness subscription? I have looked around apples site but cant find any answers. My reason...
  20. purdnost

    Soundbar Damage from Plugging an ARC Cable into a Standard HDMI Port?

    A few questions regarding my new soundbar: The instructions for my new soundbar state: “Insert the HDMI cable into a port in your TV labeled HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) or HDMI IN, not a standard HDMI port. Before reading this, I initially plugged the cable into a standard HDMI port...