apple watch 3

  1. Malcy16

    What do you do with your Apple Watch?

    Hello All, I've had an Apple Watch since the launch of the original, since then I've moved to S3 and next month I plan to move again to a S6. When people who aren't as up to speed with Apple and Technology in general ask me what I use it for I just reply with "It is a luxury convenience" - This...
  2. uniquexoxo

    Is Series 3 still worth buying?

    Series 3 user, I want to outsource opinion if it's still worth buying? I'm thinking of getting an Apple Watch, is Series 3 a good buy? Series 5 is still expensive in my opinion so getting that would not be a good option as I just upgraded to an 11 Pro. Thank you
  3. dmylrea

    Switching audio from Apple Watch during call

    Here's a scenario -- I'm out walking, listening to music on my bluetooth earphones, streaming from my iPhone. I have a non-cellular AW Series 3. A call comes in and I press answer on my watch. Wanting the audio and mic source to be my BT earphones instead of talking into my watch, I try to...
  4. dmylrea

    Apps not updating/syncing to AW3 today

    So I noticed today that Spotify app on my AW3 was not working with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I went into the Apple Watch app on my iPhone and saw that apps in the app list at the bottom (needed updating) were just all spinning. I tried uninstalling Spotify, but it just sat on "uninstalling"...
  5. Milfan

    Apple Watch 3 After replacement force touch doesnt work

    Hey, so I replaced the whole display and also force touch. Display is working without any harm, but force touch doesnt work. I cleaned it well, tried more than just one force touch piece and still without any response.. Any idea if there is some kind of software problem or anything? Thank...
  6. K

    The Ultimate Apple Watch hack? Please help!!

    Ok Apple Experts I really need your help here!! So my Dad has already cracked his Apple Watch Series 3 42mm that I got him for Fathers Day. Unfortunately I was not signed up for Apple Care previously to the incident occurring and took his watch to the Apple Store to see what my options were. The...
  7. S

    Pairing Failed (Your Apple Watch couldn't pair with your iPhone)

    So here's my problem, I wanted to update my Apple Watch however when I did that something went wrong and I had to reset the watch and start from scratch. So now when I try to pair my watch to my phone again it is giving me the error message of "Pariing Failed Your Apple Watch Couldn't pair with...
  8. J

    Apps Apple Books audiobooks on Apple Watch 3

    I just purchased an Apple Watch 3 (all software up to date), and I can't find how to sync/download my Apple Books audiobooks onto my watch for offline listening. For that matter, I can't find an Apple Books app at all. Is this possible at all? I also have an Audible account with other books on...
  9. michial

    Apple Watch 3 mistake?

    I don’t own an Apple Watch yet but see they are $259 for the 42mm GPS version on Amazon and Best Buy. I don’t need the heart monitor on the 4 and none of the other features on the 4, while nice are not enough to draw another nearly $200 out of my wallet. I feel $250 is a great deal for a series...
  10. M

    Watch setup for a kid?

    Hi all! We just replaced my wife’s 38mm series 3 with a 4. Our goal is for our ten year old to use the 3 when he’s out in the neighborhood so we can call, text him, etc. There seems to be some hypothetical limitations that I’m not sure exist or not, so I’m hoping for some clarity and...
  11. michial

    Prospective New Apple Watch buyer. S3 or S4?

    Ive never owned an Apple Watch. I want to buy the base gps model. I definitely see the AW4 is a little better than the AW3. However, being on a budget I like how I can get the AW3 42 for only $309 vs $429 for the AW4. I’m young and in great health so not too concerned about the newer fall and...
  12. dbrewood

    Apps Microsoft Authenticator on AW

    Guys just a heads up to something I noticed this week...... I use the Microsoft Authenticator Application to handle my 2FA needs on the iOS platform. Prior to this week notifications on my AW3 were just notifications that I needed to respond to on the iPhone. However this week it looks like an...
  13. anirudh1950

    Apple Watch 3 (battery drained)

    Last night I charged my Apple Watch series 3 and battery was at 92%. I slept with my watch and when I woke up in the morning my battery drained to below 10%. I have been using Apple Watch since 8 months now and this is the first time anything like ever happened. I went to Apple Support and...
  14. B

    iMessage Compatible Smart Watches

    I tried an Apple Watch 3 and I couldn't get service when my phone was not with me. I am looking for a smart watch that I can respond to iMessages and other text messages without needing my phone in range. Do I have any options besides the Apple Watch (which didn't work for me anyways)?
  15. seatton

    Restoring iCloud backup to iPhone running iOS 12 PB

    I have a question. I installed iOS 12 PB 1 to my iPad Pro and I have not noticed significant issues - loving it so far. (mainly because I only use it for reading). I do a lot of reading and now the new "Books" app does not syn up with the iBooks on my iPhone X running iOS 11.4 latest version...
  16. F


    I love the ability to wear the Apple Watch on my right wrist. I also switched the bands around to make it a completely left-handed watch.
  17. dbrewood

    Apple Pay on Apple Watch (UK)

    Guys I need a bit of feedback here. I've just bought a Series 3 AW and of course have set up Apple Pay on it, I'm in the UK so have set up Santander and Natwest. All well and good. I've now made purchases with both cards and I expected that I'd see some sort of electronic receipt on the...
  18. HALE101

    LTE vs GPS on Apple Watch

    Im on the fence between the two different options . Im on a budget and would preferably want to get the GPS only version I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, iPhone 6s and AirPods. Is there any benefits to include this into the Mac eco system? Also, anyone here have the GPS version and satisfied with it?
  19. A

    Can't Hear Caller (Apple Watch Series 3)

    Hey guys. Recently (especially since the 4.3 update) when I call someone from my watch the first 3-10 seconds I can hear the caller just fine, then it will all of a sudden "disconnect" and I cant hear them anymore. If I go to my phone, I can hear them just fine. Is this a bug / is anyone else...
  20. D

    Incorrect Apple Watch Activity after time zone change

    i kept my iphone and apple watch on my home time zone (cst) even after landing in hongkong. i ensured that all rings were closed on 17 april before i switched the time zone to hongkong. a day later my stand goal shows 9/12 inspite of me having 22 hours of stand. the health app shows that but i...