apple watch

  1. applesque

    Precision find coming to Apple Watch?

    With the announcement of iOS 15, Apple announced Find My will be coming to apple watch, however, that begs the question, will we be able to precision find AirTags with the Apple Watch Series 6? As we know, Apple Watch Series 6 does have the apple U1 chip onboard to enable ultra wide band...
  2. topbin

    Apple Music Dolby Atmos on Apple Watch?

    Has anyone found a way/know if it's possible to get Dolby Atmos songs onto Apple Watch for listening from there? I've removed the downloaded (non-Atmos) file from Music and allowed things to transfer over to Watch but so far it's still playing the non-Atmos versions.
  3. PKdeGallo

    AM/Spotify Issues on S6

    So I might be losing my mind a bit here but I've been noticing that on WatchOS 7.5 Spotify is having this weird issue where I'll start playing music on the phone (iOS 14.6) and the Spotify app will pop up but the app will not keep up with what's playing on my phone. Noticed that even if I just...
  4. M

    Braided solo loop stretched too much?

    My size 6 braided solo loop is now almost 3mm longer then my size 7 rubber one. Is this acceptable or can I request a new one from Apple since the watch is way to loose now?. Or is there something I can do to shrink the band?.
  5. Hergesheimer

    iPhone WhatsApp only rings on my iPhone when Apple Watch notification is disabled

    Hello, I have this issue for a long time already: If I get a WhatsApp video call I don't get any notification or sound alert on my iPhone. The screen stays off, only when I open the phone I can see that somebody has called. In order to receive the alerts I have to disable the notification...
  6. T

    Apple Watch Complication

    So I’ve been using Tiles for the last couple of years and one of the really good features for Apple Watch users is a specific complication that’s set to my watch Home Screen. Has anyone found a way to activate the Airtags without going through FindMy on the phone? Seems crazy there isn’t a...
  7. B

    All iPads Charge iPhone or Apple Watch using an iPad Air 4th gen?

    Hi everyone, Referring to this article: I was wondering if I could do the same thing—charge my iPhone or Apple Watch from an iPad Air 4th gen (in other words, use my iPad Air as a power bank)? I tried to charge my Apple Watch from my iPad today and it...
  8. countryside

    VPN for Apple Watch?

    Howdy, I use ExpressVPN on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t have a VPN setup for my Apple Watch. I have the cellular version. Does anyone know if ANY VPN service supports Apple Watch? Is it even possible on Apple Watch? Thanks!
  9. P

    40mm or 44mm??

    Hey everyone! I have recently bought the 40mm series 6 Apple Watch but I’m not sure whether it looks too small on my wrist and now contemplating getting the 44mm instead. I have a wrist of about 140mm, although might not be extremely accurate. I have took pictures with my dads old 42mm watch...
  10. Malcy16

    What do you do with your Apple Watch?

    Hello All, I've had an Apple Watch since the launch of the original, since then I've moved to S3 and next month I plan to move again to a S6. When people who aren't as up to speed with Apple and Technology in general ask me what I use it for I just reply with "It is a luxury convenience" - This...
  11. J

    Apple Watch Trade in Fiasco

    I recently traded in an Apple Watch. I was quoted $160. First attempt it was rejected for “unable to delete user data” and returned to me. Spoke with a manager who restarted the process for me and I tried again. Yet again “unable to delete user data” even though both times I unpaired the watch...
  12. J

    WatchOS 7.3.2 Now Playing Problems

    I’ve been having problems with Now Playing showing up when I’m playing podcasts or music or Pandora since updating to 7.3.2. The icon doesn’t show at the top of my watch while playing something, and when I go into Now Playing on the watch, switching to the iPhone doesn’t appear available...
  13. the_danka

    Is it possible to use the eSIM only on the Apple Watch?

    Does someone know if it’s possible to use dual-SIM on my iPhone (11 pro) in such a way that the phone will use the primary SIM and the watch will use the second, eSIM, without the iPhone being connected to two networks all the time? Context: my cellular plan is given to me by my employer. They...
  14. J

    Beware of trade in via mail

    This is kind of a rant so if that’s not your thing please do not read. I recently traded in a Series 4 for a Series 6. I wanted to do the trade in while in the store picking up the Series 6, but was told due to COVID they were not able to do that. Which in and of itself bothers me because they...
  15. GrandeLatte

    March 2021 Activity Challenge

    Hi Folks, Ready for March? Here is my new monthly challenge: 2,400 total exercise minutes which works out to 77 minutes per day. Wish me luck! What are your challenges? Do share! :) :cool: :D:) PS: I believe Women's Day is on March 8th, so we might have a special challenge there.
  16. ckuttner

    High heart rate alarm?

    I already owned a FitBit Versa—in fact, FitBit notified me early last year that I was having irregular heartbeat, enrolled me in a study to help them develop an atrial fibrillation tracking capability, lent me a one-week heart monitor that led to my having heart surgery this past October. After...
  17. A.E

    Apple Watch Series 6 Creaking/Clicking Display Cover.

    Hi everyone! A couple of days ago I purchased a Series 6 44mm Apple Watch in stainless steel. I noticed yesterday that upon adjusting my watch on my wrist it made a audible click and I felt it come from the display underneath my palm. I then wiggled the display from side to side with my fingers...
  18. honglong1976

    Does anyone how the metal is joined to the Apple Watch strap?

    how is it joined? Is it glued? Or another method. Just curious and curious to know if anyone has ever broke one? thanks :)
  19. GrandeLatte

    February 2021 Activity Challenge

    Time for February Challenge and Unity Challenge? I'm here!
  20. Huntn

    Eating Healthy and Exercise

    I had a thread regarding dieting (I thought), but can't find it. I was a chunky kid, discovered exercise as a teen, became an avid runner, went 40 years without a weight issue due to regular exercise, but now in my 60s, I'm about 30 lbs overweight. I'm 5'10" @220 lbs. I can no longer run, but...