apple watch

  1. honglong1976

    WatchOS7 - How to exit sleep tracking?

    Hi everyone, I have a watch with sleep tracking enabled. Usually, it works great. Today, no alarm went off and it was stuck in sleep tracking mode. Does anyone know how to exit sleep tracking? Thanks :)
  2. seatton

    Watch App for Quiet Meditation

    Hello, I am looking for an Apple Watch app for meditation. Is there an app that I can start my meditation, then hit finish and it will log my meditation minutes (Mindfulness) on the Health app directly? I don't want any app that will talk through my meditation or send a light tap on my wrist...
  3. E

    Watch and phone not friends!

    Hello someone please help! In short... My phone has not downloaded the latest version of watchOS and now my phone and watch won’t talk to each other! Ive just bought a brand new Apple Watch series 4. I charged it up for a coupe of hours before I started to pair it with my phone. Once this...
  4. João Victor chaves

    Marks of line in display

    i bought an apple watch nd and said it was on warranty , everything is normal but when i point to light i see some white marks in the square as in the picture
  5. pedrohen

    Apple Sport Loop x Nike Sport Loop

    Hey, guys! I am planning to purchase a black Nike Nike Sport Loop and I wonder: does the Nike SL feel the same as Apple? I saw in a video that Nike's is not as "soft" as Apple's. That's true?
  6. lonefoxvn

    Apps a game that syncs between Apple Watch and iPhone

    This game is Slot for watch 3D. We made it as an experiment to sync data between Apple Watch and iPhone. The result is great. Have fun at home!
  7. GlassyJuice

    Apple watch recovery heart rate goes null after 1 minute

    After excercizing my apple watch will proceed to record my heart rate for about 1 minute, then it goes null and seems to stop recording. By the time it reaches 2 minutes theres no data to display. This has been happening for a few days now
  8. Jay-Jacob

    Time Zone Stand Ring Problem

    Hi. I am from U.K. and will be going USA this year for holiday and it 8 hours difference. Going there isn’t problem cos time go back 8 hours but problem is coming back U.K. problem cos lose 8 hours means I lose 8 hours stand. I have perfect record since get this watch and is there way prevent...
  9. napabar

    DaynaFile Part 2 - Let's have some fun!

    Having a working DaynaFile and being able to mount 5.25 inch disks on a Mac was too good of an opportunity to pass up for further tinkering. So, I've connected an Apple Watch, Amazon Kindle, and a Nintendo Switch to a 5.25 inch Floppy disk with read/write access! Enjoy! Apple Watch: Amazon...
  10. Peter Fenyvesi

    Apple Watch series 5 band glued inside of the watch.

    Hi, I got an Apple Watch series 5, from my relatives in the past days, to help them out with the problem of instant glue.. The girl worked with some glue in a dental technician laboratory, but somehow some instant glue spilled onto the watch. She realized it on the next day, Apple store...
  11. Z

    Heart Rate monitor on 3 vs 5 series

    Looking at both current models, the only key difference that might impact my use cases is the difference between the heart rate monitor in the two devices. Im hoping someone has some first hand experience, or even better, if there might be a detailed review on the difference in the heart rate...
  12. G

    Open letter to Tim Cook

    I try for weeks to get a copy of my AppleWatch 4 invoice, but it seems too difficult for Apple to do that. As I live in the philippines I have no official Apple Store to go to, and unfortunately all official ways didn't work yet. I know it's christmas, but as is a public known...
  13. thr33stones

    Apple whoop acquisition???

    Just thinking out loud here but I think that an Apple / Whoop Acquisition would be even more dominant in the wearables market, and would allow Apple to add depth and expand into a fitness/pro subscription model for serious athletes and fitness fanatics (like they used Beats for Apple Music...
  14. BeccaJanis629

    HELP! Should I keep it or send it back

    I got a refurbished SBSS 40mm watch from Amazon. It was listed as new/other. I called the vendor and they said that’s what you get with used and I could return it. When I opened the box I was so sad to see a large nick in the top right corner and more scratches on the screen than is on my series...
  15. Stuey3D

    How tough are Apple Watches?

    So I have recently migrated over to an Apple Watch (Series 3 Space Grey Aluminium LTE) from a Garmin Instinct and so far I am loving it. I currently have it in a Spigen Rugged Armour case as I work an outdoors job and my hands have to go into some quite disgusting drains quite often with gravel...
  16. S

    Apple Watch stutters

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if any of you have been experiencing any lag/stuttering when going from the watch faces to the apps page when clicking the crown. My S5 is that I got a few days ago lags sometimes when I’m going into the app menu. Everything works smoothly, except the animation...
  17. M

    iPhone Xs / 11 Pro + Apple Watch sync speed

    Has anyone here used their Apple Watch with both an iPhone Xs and an 11 Pro? If so, did you notice any increase in sync speed? I just bought an iPhone Xs from Best Buy and I have yet to receive it. I'm still on fence about getting an 11 Pro. I will be getting an AW5 and I wanted to know if the...
  18. S

    Show Off Your Case(s) for Apple Watch Series 1-5

    Hi all! Long Long time lurker, but first time posting, so please go easy. I noticed pretty much this entire sub-forum is about Apple watch bands, curious what CASES you guys are rocking on your Apple Watch? (ps. if there's another thread that's disappeared into the abyss, my apologies) Let's...
  19. C

    Watch won't download & install apps.

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I've bought Watch S5 44mm GPS. I'm having trouble installing apps. Please see the screenshots. Apps won't download and install. I've tried the following; -Soft resetting both the Watch and my iPhone. -Updated both the iPhone and the Watch to their latest version...
  20. napabar

    Apple Watch connects to Iomega Zip Disk.

    The HTML viewer, introduced in watchOS 5, can be used for some unexpected file sharing!