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apple watch

  1. KeanosMagicHat

    Apple watchOS 10 Double Tap on latest watches only – disappointing

    The instant I saw the Double Tap feature on watchOS 10 I thought gimmick (unless of course it is being used as an accessibility aid in which case it's fantastic). Less than a minute later, however, I quickly changed my initial opinion and realised just how useful this could potentially be in...
  2. eightace

    All iPads Unlock iPad Pro with Apple Watch - appears as search item but not visible in settings

    It's a bit niche but I thought I would see if I could set my iPad Pro to unlock when I was nearby with my Apple Watch on. Search in settings and it appears but it isn't visible on the actual settings page the search links to. Is this a bug or intentional?
  3. TheYayAreaLiving 🎗️

    ⌚️ 🌎 Apple Watch 2023, Apple Watch Ultra 2 /Series 9/SE, Pre-Orders/Order Status/Delivery Status/*Shipped* Thread (U.S.A./Worldwide) 🌏 ⌚️

    Greetings all, Welcome! How are you doing? Hope everyone is doing well. It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to place your orders for the new Apple Watch (2023). Hopefully, you are ready for the pure madness to begin. I hope all of you have your passports ready to travel once again...
  4. G

    Can I use an Apple Watch without an iPhone?

    Hello, I'm new here and I have a question about Apple Watch SE 2. I just received this watch and when I try to charge it it says "Bring iPhone near Apple Watch". I don't have an iPhone, my phone is a Samsung S21 Ultra. Can I start and use this watch if I don't have an iPhone. From what I see, I...
  5. mkjohnnie

    Charging dock recommendation?

    I’m looking for a setup where I can charge my iPhone and apple watch with magsafe, and my beats flex with a usb-c port. Any recommendations?
  6. yashrg

    Camera Remote app on Apple watch closes camera app on iPhone when switching apps on watch

    Has anyone else noticed the inconsistent interaction between Apple Watch's camera remote app and iPhone's camera app? If the iPhone is locked(A) or the camera app was opened after unlocking the phone(B) and then you open the camera remote app on the Apple Watch, you can preview what the camera...
  7. jagooch

    how long does it take to change AWS4 battery in the USA?

    My Apple Watch 4 battery health has dropped to 70% and I've started noticing how often I need to charge it. I'm curious about what the replacement procedure is and how long it takes. I have an Apple Store near me, but I don't know if they will service it there with a 1 hour or so wait, or if...
  8. Dougswatchtings

    S6 Watch Background + Complications INFO NEEDED

    Hey there! New here. After a few hours of disappointing Googling, I hope to receive some direction or advice as to if this is even possible. I would like to create a WatchOS face or use tools to piece together my face. Just curious if this is even possible or not. Many of the tools recommended...
  9. Dulcimer

    Apple Watch Series 10/X Speculation Thread

    The AW has received largely incremental updates for the past several years, doling out an occasional new sensor here and there, refining the design with larger screens, and more rarely an SIP update once in a blue moon. They then introduced the Ultra last year as a higher end, more enthusiast...
  10. AstroRexaur

    How do you track your steps/workout at under-desk treadmill?

    Hi! I bought a under-desk treadmill (work from home) and when i ”start” workout routine as indoor walk it seems that do not track calories/steps as it should. There’s a workaround for fix this?
  11. Oosti_1

    Resolved Help: can’t setup / update series 1 Apple watch

    Hi, I’m trying to setup my a series 1 Apple Watch but I’m running into an error. The watch is wiped and reset. So I begin by pairing my phone and watch by scanning the picture, then it notifies me that a software update is needed. When trying to update, I get an error message saying...
  12. S

    Watch series 3&4 is still worth buying before Watch OS 10 comes?

    I'm looking to buy my first Apple watch, works with my iPhone SE 2022. So I have a little money for this. I need an Apple Watch to measure my heart rate and walking distance also sos features, I don't need the advanced features. I have a question, Watch Series 3&4 are worth buying in 2023? Watch...
  13. pacorob

    iPhone Running personal records

    I cannot recommend the Workout Sessions app enough for tracking e.g. your personal records for e.g. running, cycling or for other workouts. It has no ads, tracking (unless you want it to use GPS), uses Apple Health data e.g. retrieved from Apple Watch but also works great with Garmin watches...
  14. Rainshadow

    Ultra Lat/Long Complication

    Anyone else have the lat/long on the ultra always reading blank and says “updating”? One of the most useful features to me would have having the current lat/long displayed on my watch face - believe it or not. It’s pretty frustrating that it NEVER seems to work and I’ve tried updating my...
  15. J

    Portable AppleWatch charger + iPhone Magsafe

    I'm looking for an option to charge my Apple Watch and iPhone on the go. Is there a battery pack that has both? Thanks
  16. Miicat_47

    Do you use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac?

    Do you guys use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac, when you have Touch ID in the Mac? (And why?) For me using the Touch ID makes more sense (and is prob more secure)
  17. Regbial

    New Apple Watch SE won't last from 45-50% through the night sleep tracking...

    I bought a new Apple Watch SE 41mm back in May... and it's been twice already when I go to sleep accidentally with the battery around 50% and I wake up and the battery is dead. The first time I could still see the watchOS with my watch face but as soon as I opened the sleep app after waking up...
  18. DjanSeriyAnaplian

    Apple watch scrubbing feature - help requested

    I made a post in relation to the above and was wondering whether song scrubbing had been added to the iterations of iPhone. Here's the orignal post: I'm interested in picking up an Apple Watch, but I want to know (and can't find the answer elsewhere): is it possible to scrub through a song in...
  19. I

    watchOS 10 - Measurement / Calculation of Total Calories wrong

    Hi Guys, as you can see in the screenshot, the total calories calculation seems to be wrong. I am 32 years old, 1,75m tall and 90kg of weight. I did a heavy crosstraining - workout today and used the watch from sleep tracking over daily use, to the workout at the gym until now. The activity...
  20. R

    how long does it take to change AWS4 battery in London?

    My wife has an AWS4 with a battery performance of 77%, in my country there is no official store where she can change the battery, but in October she will be traveling to London for a few days and she wanted to know if anyone has already done the battery change (I know they actually give you a...