1. D

    iPhone FaceTime & Apple Pay Issues

    Two main issues I and others have been having. FaceTime seems to be really buggy especially when FaceTiming other iOS users who are on iOS 12, etc. FaceTime will drop any connectivity during calls. On Wi-Fi it will randomly drop and go to LTE or sometimes even drop all signals like Airplane...
  2. C

    Online Apple Pay Refund Issue

    I have bought a product from an online website. I have requested a refund from them but I have a slight issue. Basically I paid for this using Apple Pay, the way I believe it works is it is assigned a device card number and not the actually card number. Recently I have restored my iPhone causing...
  3. S

    Other Today I got two Wallet app notifications saying I attempted to make Apple Pay purchases!

    The fraudulent purchases were declined thankfully (they were both around only $10). But according to my bank, they weren’t declined because they were thought to be fraud; they were declined because of an error in the way the card was trying to be used. The bank person suggested maybe someone was...
  4. E

    Apple Pay coming to austraila’s Largest retail bank in January

    CBA announces apple pay support for Jan 2018
  5. ck2875

    CVS has started re-enabling Apple Pay

    CVS has started to re-enable their NFC terminals to accept Apple Pay (after intentionally disabling them when Apple Pay first launched since CVS didn't like not being able to data mine your purchases since Apple Pay obfuscates your card numbers). They're promoting it in stores with little...
  6. blackxacto

    Other Backpack phone scanners

    I have an iPhone SE 32gb. I have activated Apple auto pay through my bank checking account. Can a backpack scanner record my autopay info, if he gets close enough (like an accidental bump)? Also I have a wallet that says it is made with the material that will block scanners. Do I need to...
  7. B

    iPhone X FaceID bug breaks Apple Pay NFC

    So I encountered a strange bug that took me a while to figure out (and completely stumped apple tech support). I noticed in the last several weeks my iPhone X wasn’t working at Apple Pay terminals around town that it previously had no issue with. I initially chalked it up to flakey terminals...
  8. honglong1976

    Watchos4 - Apple Pay - add credit card greyed out

    Hi, I restored my Apple Watch (and iPhone) and when I add a credit card, "add credit or debit card" is greyed out. Is this normal? Thanks in advance
  9. Quasselstripper

    ApplePay Germany – Any Updates?

    Hello, there had been some rumors years ago that ApplePay will start its service in Germany. But there hasn't been any updates or official statements so far. Does anyone have any information on this?
  10. patjem

    ApplePay in Spain Works now

    great to See ApplePay active in Spain since today, December 1st. Just activated with my Amex card without any hassle and added to both my iPhone 7 plus and Apple Watch.
  11. S

    ApplePay not loading on Watch series 2

    I upgraded from iPhone 6s and watch series 0 → iPhone 7+ and Watch Series 2. When attempting to add my apple pay cards from my wallet on my iPhone (all cards successfully added on iPhone) in the Watch app I hit add to watch and then the spinner just sits there and no matter how long I wait it...