1. A

    Mac Applescript + Combine PDF's

    I want to write an AppleScript which combines 2 pdf's. I found on the internet that it can be done with a shell script. But, If my Mac doesn't want to do it. I don't know if I make a mistake in calling the script or if I make a mistake in my filenames (my homedirectory contains spaces). I tried...
  2. M

    Sleep/shutdown/mute timer for Mac: iWannaSleep 2.0

    Some of you may still remember my little sleep/mute/shutdown/... timer for Mac "iWannaSleep", which I wrote and released topping 16 years ago. Much to my surprise, it was included on many Shareware-CDs of Mac magazines from all around the globe (hey, the internet was not available / affordable...
  3. E

    Mac Cannot open a new Word document in Objective-C

    Hello, I have a task to open Microsoft Word and create a new document in Objective C. If I am running an Apple Script below in the Script Editor, it works fine and a new Microsoft Word document gets created: tell application "Microsoft Word" to make new document" BUT, if I am trying to call...
  4. blackxacto

    iOS Is it possible to create a keystroke to insert the $ last?

    I report amounts of money, very fast and under pressure on Twitter messaging. I cannot always remember to start w the $. If I think to start w $ I sometimes forget the total amount and must look back: "Now what was the total?" Is there a way to create a keystroke that would insert the $ at the...
  5. rickpoet

    Looking for script or automator action to copy specified mail message headers

    Hi, I'm looking for an AppleScript or Automator action(s) which would allow me to copy specified headers in a group of selected email messages in Background - I run an online poetry magazine which takes submissions by email, I want to on a weekly basis copy all of the email addresses...
  6. Asu

    Mac Set url in Opera

    Simple question: how to tell Opera in AppleScript to load an URL? Thanks
  7. shaan104

    I want to prevent the Touch Bar from sleeping when left inactive

    I just bought a new MacBook with Touch Bar and when ever I'm watching something, or the Touch Bar is left inactive, it dims and sleeps which is really annoying to me. Is there any terminal command or apple script through which I can disable this feature. I searched all the settings and it isn't...
  8. H

    Mac Rename .pdf files from .csv reference list

    Hi, I have proven to myself again that I am not a programmer. I have found numerous posts with similar questions but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it all to make anything fit for my needs. Thank you in advance! I am trying to rename groups of PDFs from a .csv file. Working on a MacBook...
  9. supsurf

    Mac Script to Batch Trim QuickTime Video Clips

    Hello, I appreciate any help that anyone can provide since I lack much Applescript knowledge. I frequently have large batches of short QuickTime files (usually just 5-30 seconds each) that I need to trim a few frames off from the beginning and end and then save them to a new folder. The source...
  10. L

    Mac Automator / AppleScript Question - TextEdit

    Hello All. I'm very new to scripting in macOS. I was wondering if there is any way, either within automator or with AppleScript, to check if there is any text inside an open TextEdit document? Any ideas? It's part of a larger automation but the only aspect of it I can't seem to find. Thanks
  11. Sciuriware

    Can not send file to trash

    Hello, on a single iMac running 10.14.2, one user can send a file to Trash b.m.o. Applescript. The other user can only do this by Finder. However the Trashing is invoked from a JAVA program, so putting 'osascript' to work is mandatory. Obviously the first user has the privilege to control Finder...
  12. N

    10.14.2 and Automation permissions

    After installing 10.14.2 I found that one of my scripts wouldn't run. This script had run for years. Eventually I found it was related to permissions. In the course of testing things I got a popup asking if I would grant permissions to the target app. I said yes and now the app works. This is...
  13. 8

    Mac AppleScript Check For Volume, Launch App

    Hi all I'm trying to put together a basic AppleScript to check if a volume is present and launch Dropbox. I keep Dropbox data on a separate encrypted volume and have it prompt for the password at login. If no password is entered, the volume doesn't mount and the Dropbox app shouldn't start...
  14. M

    Mac Automator - Filter and Move Files

    Hello, I have a workflow that takes all the files from a directory and any within subdirectories, then moves them. The files are filtered, then moved. But, as you can see my filter picks up three files but only moves two. This must be because it can't move two files with the same name into the...
  15. mpainesyd

    Applescript automations not working in Mojave

    i have an Applescript-generated app for taking screen snapshots which has worked well for many years of OSX/macOS updates. I have just installed Mojave 10.14.1 and the App generates an error like "not authorised to send keystrokes..". I have added the app to the Accessibility list in Security...
  16. B

    Mac Script editor app shutdown alert

    Hi All, I'm trying to make an app that will display a prompt upon shutdown asking if the user has logged their hours via our online system 'timely'. The idea is that the reminder appears 'Have you logged your timely hours?' with the options 'yes' or 'no'. 'Yes' allowing the machine to shut...
  17. Asu

    Mac Running applescript remotely

    Hello, I wonder if it is possible to run an applescript, that is on a regular home computer sitting behind a cable modem and a typical router, from some random remote computer? Thanks
  18. M

    Mac Keeping folder Synced - iCloud

    Hi. I posted this recently on macOS/mojave area. I'm sure there's a programmers solution to be discovered, hoping for more luck here. I have a folder thats very active in iCloud, consistently removing/renaming/adding files. It pains me to open illustrator or Photoshop and find that the file I'm...
  19. M

    Keeping folder Synced - iCloud

    I have a folder thats very active in iCloud, consistently removing/renaming/adding files. It pains me to open illustrator or Photoshop and find that the file I'm hoping to get to work on has the little cloud icon that means it needs to be downloaded first. For a couple jpegs no drama really -...
  20. P

    Mac Spell Checker Script Missing Misspelled Words

    I have the following spell checker script in AppleScript Objective C that is only catching some of the misspelled words. For instance, it seems to think the word "defnece" is spelled correctly. It also doesn't catch French or Spanish words even thought the language is set to English. Any ideas...