1. aimforsilence

    Issue with Apple Watch storage constantly filling up.

    Hello, I'm having an issue with my wife's Apple Watch Series 1 and was hoping someone here may be able to help me as my 2 attempts at Apple support helping me and my own troubleshooting has not solved anything thus far. What happens is that the watch's internal storage get's completely full...
  2. Mouldytriangle

    Please help me choose between the Apple Watch 4, 5 and SE

    Hello 👋🏽 I am struggling deciding between the 4, 5 and SE. I’m not even considering the 6 due to its steep price point. After hours of google searches and YouTube videos - I am not even more confused as to which to purchase. I would really apprentice if you could explain the main differences...
  3. ckuttner

    Insurance on AW?

    I’m about to leave the world of Fitbit (Versa) and enter the exalted world of AW6, 44 mm. I have had recent heart valve replacement surgery, and both my cardiologists want me to get the AW to monitor my atrial fibrillation. As I await delivery, and realizing that $380 is a fairly big...
  4. M

    Titanium Series 6 not available in Austria - why?

    In the Austrian Apple Store, only the steel and aluminum versions are available. Anyone have a clue why? You can get it from the US, UK, Germany, etc. (not in Belgium though either). I live in Austria and, in a very Apple move, you can only order from the Austrian shop for delivery so I can't...
  5. AlexJ092

    Best place to sell Apple Watch Edition?

    Hi Everyone, I have a Apple Watch Edition Series 2 (White) and I am looking at trading it in towards a new Series 5 Edition. Where would be best to sell? I have looked at Apple but when I put the serial number in it shows up as a Aluminium watch? Thanks in advance for your advise.
  6. M

    Apple Watch 5 - Always on Display, No Night/Dark Mode?

    Hi all, This may sound silly as the reason most of us bought the S5 is due to the always on display! But, has anyone noticed/ annoyed at just how bright it is at night!? I have the S4 which I have not sold yet and bought my S5 Watch a few days ago. Absolutely loved my S4 and the battery life...
  7. JoeWal

    Universal Treeceps – Activity & Workouts in an Immersive Virtual World

    Dear MacRumors community, this is a day I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store. I have prepared a video that tells you all about it: You can download Treeceps here on the App Store. Working out - To me has always felt...
  8. J

    Which apple watch should i pick?

    I've a (16,75cm/6,7 inch) aprox wrist and i'm plannig to buy a series 3 stainless steel gps+celluar. Which size should i pick, 38 or 42 mm? I dont care abou battery life or screen size, just want to not have a huge (wrist smaller than watch) watch in my wrist. Useful info: have a 39mm iwc and...
  9. bonjourx

    Will apple let me exchange just the Apple Watch band?

    So Ive ordered an Apple watch series 5 LTE stainless steel gold with the Aubergine Modern buckle in Small, now im afraid that the small wouldn't fit me! Would I be able to just exchange the band in store? I know the aubergine isn't available anytime soon right now so im thinking of exchanging it...
  10. tony1984

    Trade in credit for APW Series 4

    Is anyone else bothers by the fact that apple is only offering $110 dollars for the series 4? I have the stainless steel gold model and paid well over what they are offering as a trade in. It would be so much better to just go private party since apple is devaluing their own product to junk.
  11. henry72

    Unlock with Apple Watch on iMac

    Hey guys! Does this feature work for you? I have a Series 4 and a 2019 iMac but it is extremely unstable and it fails to unlock like 90% of the time which is quite annoying. I have had the same issue when I had the iMac 2015 too but worked perfectly on my MacBook Pro. It works for a while...
  12. seatton

    Standing minute count

    Hi, I installed iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 recently. Does anybody know how the standing minutes are calculated? I have a standing desk and stand all day for the most part. Some days, I have much higher standing minutes. Anybody know if it does not count when I rest my hands on my desk while...
  13. McCArch

    Notification bug?

    Occasionally I'm on a text string (thread?) where everyone is texting way too much and I don't want to be bothered, knowing I can catch up later. I used to be able to "Hide Alerts" on the string on my iPhone, and it wouldn't show a notification on my lock screen, and it wouldn't send any...
  14. J

    Apple watch battery- HELP NEEDED

    I have an original apple watch- 42mm stainless steel. The battery is quite bad as of now, and i am looking to replace it. However i cannot find a battery replacement anywhere. Also the adhesive has gone bad because the screen does not stick down. I have been hunting for new adhesive and a...
  15. mikezmac

    They have the mail, messages complications on the iphone but . . .

    OK They have the mail, messages complications on the iphone 'watch' app under 'My Faces' when you edit your watch face.However if you assign them they don't show up on the apple watch. They do not show up on the apple watch, it lists them as off/blank.
  16. ipedro

    A Perfect Year — 3 Rings for 365 Days Straight

    I’ve been waiting all year for this, hustling every day to get my stand goal, making sure I had at least a 30 minute workout every day and pushing through hard days when I was sick or it was negative 35°C outside and I had to face a snow storm to hit my calorie goal before midnight. Tonight, I...
  17. T

    trade in or sell AW s3?

    I am getting the series 4 today via mail and opted to trade in my series 3 SG aluminum LTE. Apple is offering me 200 for just the watch and no bands. Now I'm wondering if I could get more by selling the watch? What are your thoughts or experience with this? I do not want to sell any of my bands...
  18. J

    How can I start a playlist shuffled?

    If have a playlist synced to my watch. Whenever I want to shuffle it, I have to start the playlist, then I get all the options, then I can turn shuffle on, and then skip to the next song. How do I just start the playlist with shuffle turned on? I know I can do this with Siri, but I won't...
  19. A

    iPhone X New phone and new watch setup

    I’ve never gotten a new watch and phone at the same time. Can anyone outline the setup steps to make sure both new devices lose no data? Thanks
  20. M

    Will health insurance cover Series 4 as a medical device?

    Any thoughts on this?