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  1. J

    Multiple RAIDS (all of a sudden) running extremely slow, at work, and at home.

    I have been using a QNAP NAS 6-bay setup at work for the past 2 years with R/W speeds upwards of 1.4GB/Sec (thanks to 2TB cache and 32GB Ram in the NAS). Until about a month ago those speeds were constant. Now, all of a sudden, I'm hitting 100MB/sec with absolutely no changes to my setup...
  2. G

    iOS Get Rid Of Duplicates In Arrays

    I have an app I am trying to build that contains player objects in an array but I am trying to make sure there are no duplicates. My objects come by way of a notification from another VC. How do I remove duplicates in my favArr? class FavouriteManager { static let shared =...
  3. X

    Xserve 2,1 2008 fan array "IN" issue

    Hi gus, I've the following problem with my Xserve 2,1 fan array. I have tried a lot but no changes. (swapped the fans in the array, ...) I think the control or maby the sensor is damaged. Changing the rpm down with the fan control does not work :-(. Before it worked all fine. thanks for...