1. hellopupy

    Night Shift automatically goes darkest in full screen video playback

    Night shift was just fine before catalina. After upgrading, my night shift (which is set on custom auto day/night modes) will automatically shift to the darkest mode (which I've never selected) whenever I watch any videos (youtube, or native players) in full screen mode after a few seconds. It...
  2. A

    iPhone Wifi Backup to Local Drive

    Needing recommendations on an app that will do the following: Automatic photo/video backups through wifi to local drive (NAS or PC/Mac HDD) Ability to schedule backup time and select exact folder location Automatic backups should work in the background, for example at night when phone is on...
  3. rhett7660

    Auto import photos from folder to "Photos" app

    Hello, I have a NAS system that has the auto upload function set for my iPhone. However, I would like to take those photos and have them auto upload into Apple Photos app. Is there anything that can do this? I am assuming automator, but I have searched and I haven't been able to find...
  4. S

    Sending "AWAY" text messages?

    Is there no way at all to automatically send replies to text messages? I will be going "off grid" for some time and want people to know that I am away and not able to respond when they text me. Would this be an iphone thing? Or a Verizon thing? Is it even possible?
  5. O

    Mac Automatic repeated typing of a character

    Hi. Hard to choose a forum for this question both general and particular. I wish, after opening an inDesign file, to automatically hit the same character within a configurable time (about 1/4 second), and that about 16 000 times. With Automator and / or an Apple script, is this possible? (For...
  6. K

    Whenever I type anything, Mac auto typing into Launchpad search bar

    Whenever I type anything, be it in chrome, spotlight search, even this very textbook, my Mac has automatically typed it out into the launchpad search bar, and when I hit enter, an app opens up. It's getting very frustrating that everytime I go to, facetime opens up with it. Are my...
  7. honglong1976

    Apps Autosleep tracking £1.49

    Just noticed this on my lunch for £1.49 Only come out in Dec. Anyone used it? I tried Pillow/Sleep++ and Sleep Watch (too expensive but automatically tracks sleep). May give this a go.
  8. CipherBeta

    Random Apps/System Info windows opening.

    'Ello folks! Person who's used a PC for the past 10 years and now works with a iMac desktop where I work. That being said, I'm still warming up to using a Mac, so besides the general discomfort of a new OS, I also don't have a clue how Mac operates in the back end, and/or how to troubleshoot...
  9. Chris4943

    Cisco clean access auto login?

    How can I automatically login to my college's Cisco Clean Access client that requires I type in a username and password to use the wifi constantly. I would like the end result to be like when I get home and open my computer and I'm automatically connected to my wifi. It's 2016, it can be...