battery drain

  1. jwatters579

    iPhone iOS 13.6 / SEVERE Battery Drain & Apple Music

    For the past few weeks, I have been noticing I have my battery capacity on my iPhone X has been 87% (AKA Battery Health = Service). My phone has been running warm and I went to look at the battery usage by app and saw Apple Music at 74% (even when it's closed). Has anyone else had this problem...
  2. N

    iPad Pro Magic Keyboard (Battery Drain?)

    Is it me, or this thing draining the iPad’s battery when not in use? 100% @ 3pm, no use at all and now 80% @ 5pm. Any one else seeing this? Thanks. *11 inch iPad Pro (2018), with 13.4.1 iPad OS
  3. H

    iPhone Battery indicator freezing at single value and randomly dropping

    When I go from wifi to mobile, the battery indicator will freeze at the current percentage for upwards to 10 hours. After switching mobile data off, or turning it off and going back to wifi, it will drop down by usually 5-10% in the space of an hour. No usage to indicate why this occurs, and...
  4. chfilm

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11pro losing 25% battery over night doing NOTHING

    Hey guys I got my 11pro two days ago and was amazed by it and looking forward to the awesome battery life. I restored from a backup from my X Via iCloud. I had it plugged to the power almost the entire time because I wanted the photo curation to be finished. But last night I was out and...
  5. jozefd14

    iPad Pro iPad (2016 Pro WiFi mode) battery drain even when the screen is off/idle/standby

    I have not had any problems with my iPad Pro 9.7 inch WiFi only version until upgrading to iOS 12. I’ve noticed that even when my iPad is not in use, WiFi/Bluetooth turned off, screen is off, background app refresh off, “listen to hey Siri off” , the battery STILL GRADUALLY drains. As you can...
  6. EmilyB613

    Beats Solo 3 magically recharge themselves?

    I purchased these headphones in June 2017 from Target. Two days after the one-year warranty was up, they started...magically...recharging themselves. Now they stay at 100 percent all the time. I've reset them several times. They straighten themselves out for a little bit after a reset, but then...
  7. S

    iPhone XS Battery drain overnight (15-20%)

    Hello all, Lately I noticed that my iPhone XS has a big problem with the battery overnight. Every night I go to sleep and then wake up the next morning, my battery is 15-20% down (after 7-8 hrs). When I go sleep I have wifi, bluetooth turned off (through settings, not the control panel), I...
  8. F

    iPhone XR iPhone XR issue or IOS issue?

    i know there are multiple battery threads out there, but was curious if my issue is an XR issue or iOS issue. (iOS beta testing) I’ve noticed significant battery drain overnight if I leave WiFi on (upwards of 20% over 6-7 hours). Siri appears as the culprit in battery stats. I turned...
  9. dragunica

    13' 2015 mbp sleep/battery issue

    Hi, I am new to macOS. I recently bought my first MacBook 2015 (refurbished one) from a legit store. Everything is perfect except one issue. Whenever I put it to sleep, the battery is draining itself a lot. I have turned off bluetooth, wifi, turned off power nap and notifications when the...
  10. G

    Mac Book Pro 2018 draining battery overnight

    Hi! This night my 2018 13" MacBook Pro died overnight. I had the lid open, but after some time it should go to sleep even with the lid open. It does that normally. I ran "(log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason" | grep '2018-11')" in terminal and found out that about 3 things woke it up...
  11. AJAAY

    Sleep prevented by AddressBookSourceSync

    I’m having an issue with my 2017 MacBook being prevented from going to sleep by Address Book syncing. I’m at a loss on how to turn it off. I’ve tried numerous troubleshooting steps but the syncing process keeps popping back up in Terminal. I use iCloud contacts, and I’ve tried turning iCloud...
  12. wjcavalier09

    This fixed the iOS 11 battery drain

    Okay, I have been driving myself crazy wondering why my phone has been draining like crazy. Spending HOURS researching and talking with Apple. I care across a post that said to disable True Tone display and holy!!! It works!!!! I had no ideas having it on was draining my battery like crazy. It...
  13. wjcavalier09

    Fix iOS 11 battery drain! It works!

    Okay, I have been driving myself crazy wondering why my phone has been draining like crazy. Spending HOURS researching and talking with Apple. I care across a post that said to disable True Tone display and holy!!! It works!!!! I had no ideas having it on was draining my battery like crazy. It...
  14. N

    iPhone X Does turning Cellular Data off while on WiFi REALLY save battery life?

    Let's myth bust this. I've heard that the phone uses more power to maintain a wifi signal rather than a 3G signal. That probably explains why sometimes when I pick up the phone after not using it for an hour or two, the status bar reads "3G", and then shows the wifi logo after a second or two...
  15. Evox75

    Help. 11.1.2 very low memory

    I check my memory and I’m down to 4-5% remaining. iPhone X 256 gets hot while using it and not plugged in. Battery drains very fast. What steps should I take to figure out the issue? Thanks so much for any help provided in advance.
  16. fhturner

    Running 2 external displays drags down MBP15 battery

    Wondering if others have experienced this... When I run my MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013 w/ the built-in display + iMac 27" TDM (2560x1440) + Apple Cinema Display 23" (1920x1200), the machine eventually works hard enough, runs hot enough, and blasts the fans full enough that the battery level...

    Early 2015 Macbook pro battery drains in sleep mode

    Hello guys, I have been having problems with my macbook pro early 2015 model, I have noticed lately past few weeks my battery dies 15-20% in sleep mode at night. I checked sleep log from 12:29Am when I went to sleep to 11:39 am so about 11 hours it dropped from 91 to 73% You can check the log...
  18. T

    Restoring iPhone to 11.2.2..keeps wanting to update to 11.2.5

    I have had some major problems with my battery dying and also slow charging over the last few days...i am not sure what is causing the problem so i figured i would try restoring my iPhone 7 back to iOs 11.2.2....Towards the end of the process (but before the backup restore), my iPhone keeps...
  19. noslenam

    iOS 11.1 batter % dropping as i watch

    So I’ve read the batter issues on many posts. What I just noticed while I decided to read a few more posts to see what others are experiencing is the battery percentage literally dropping as I watched it. I started at 42% and it caught my eye that it decreased and as I watched it for about 30...
  20. U

    MBP (mid 2012) - battery drain during sleep

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 (non retina) - 16GB RAM (Crucial) and 1TB Seagate SSHD (all changed last year). My battery is 3 years old - original, cca 90% of capacity and 570 cycles. My problem started a few months ago when I've been experiencing a significative battery draining during...