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battery replacement

  1. Native Kid from the 505

    13" MBP mid-2010 Battery Replacement Dilemma

    Hey everyone, so I got a (possibly common) dilemma regarding replacing my battery in my aging MBP. It's a mid-2010 13 inch unibody model, non-retina version. It still has the original battery when I purchased it from the Apple Store in early 2011 for college, and it has undergone numerous...
  2. rneglia

    Apple Support Limbo - MBP 15", Mid 2014

    I sent my six year-old 2014 MBP into Apple Support (Houston address) for a battery replacement, and it arrived on November 2nd. The Repair Status screen says "Our technicians are working on your product. We'll notify you when the repair has been completed." And then nothing from Apple for....16...
  3. N

    need battery replacement, help with backing up various files

    Hi All. I have a battery replacement scheduled for an iPhone 8 and need some clarification on backing up and making certain I have a copy of my stuff. I completed a backup through iTunes to my PC. I understand it’s encrypted so I just can’t pull a single file or note from it. I want to know if...
  4. FrenchTrucker

    iPhone SE Moving from X to SE - advice needed

    I need to make a call on this matter in the very near future. I’m immigrating to Canada in a month’s time and need to have this sorted by then. i currently own a X that has served me well for almost 3 years. It however needs a battery replacement now which will set me back about $70 (converted...
  5. C

    Problems after replacing Battery and Trackpad

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought a 2nd-hand Macbook Pro 2012. My previous computer was the same model,I was happy with it because I could replace most of the parts and I thought buying another I could reuse some parts of the old one. The Story: 1 - The computer I bought worked fine but the...
  6. E

    Buying genuine MacBook Pro battery

    So my MBP is showing the 'Service Recommended' sign. Where I live, we only have any limited options for Apple products and almost always get ripped off. So I thought of getting a relative to buy the battery from some store or website in USA and get it here with him. Apple doesn't manufacture or...
  7. PhillyGuy72

    Apple Watch SS Series 0 Battery bulged - How hard really is DIY replacement?

    Has anyone else tried this?? Especially on an original Apple watch?? I noticed a prompt on my original Apple Watch Black SS of "charger not supported" last night, I went to take it off the charger and saw the screen was completed dislodged. Right off the bat I suspected the battery since I saw...
  8. t0m3k

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone 6s+ battery replacement

    My current battery health is at 79%, but I'm slowly seeing that it's starting to drain a bit quickly. Once I charge it, I tend to put the iPhone in Lower Power Mode. I'd like to keep this model as long as I can, would it be wise to have Apple replace the battery? Looking at their website the...
  9. M

    iPhone 7(+) Apple replaced my 7+ instead of changing the battery

    Last week I went to the Apple Store to have the battery of my iPhone 7+ replaced. After three years it was still working perfectly fine, but the battery capacity was down to 81% and clearly not lasting very long anymore. I was considering upgrading to an 11 but dreaded the procedure of getting...
  10. D

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Best Battery Replacement Pkg.

    Good Day all, Brand new here, and owner of a New To Me 64GB iPhone 6S. I really like the phone with it's IOS 12. However, the phone has a Battery Health of only 75% and seems to drain pretty quickly with moderate use. So I am thinking of replacing the battery, and have seen a bunch of YouTube...
  11. kandavu

    iPad mini Line bisecting LCD screen after battery replacement.

    T I did a battery replacement on my iPad mini2, iOS 10 yesterday and after the second charging cycle, a line on the LCD, spanning between the Home button and the camera has manifested. I did a power down and reboot and the line is still present. I’m including a photo with more details. Can...
  12. J

    iPad mini swollen ipad battery...needs replaced?

    bought an ipad mini 2 off ebay…came with a swollen battery (go figure) I paid about $60 for it, the seller offered a partial refund of $40 because he forgot to mention it…so would end up being $20 (a steal) he said he never had a problem with it. i’ve been using it for two weeks now and never...
  13. E

    2014/2.6 GHz Intel Core i5/ 8 GB RAM up for battery replacement. Recommendations

    Hi all, I have a mid 2014 MBP 13 inch as noted above. I started having some unexpected shutdowns and now the computer is showing that it needs a battery replaced. Should I do it at this time or should I go ahead an buy a new one? I had to purchase it after my old 2010 MBP had some mother...
  14. H

    iPhone 6 Plus Charging Issue After Battery Replacement

    My battery was draining incredibly fast so I replaced it with an aftermarket battery kit from amazon, following a youtube video. However, with the replacement battery, I could not turn on the phone, so I switched it back to the original battery. After closing up the phone, I can't charge the...
  15. janeauburn

    Other Apple's revenue miss--tacit admission of shady iPhone business practices?

    As I expected, Apple disappointed the street today with significantly lower guidance for Q1 revenue. In its statement, Apple tacitly admitted that it has been relying upon the performance hit caused by degraded batteries to juice its revenue in the past: While macroeconomic challenges in some...
  16. A

    88% design capacity after 1 cycle - New Battery

    Hi everyone, I just replaced the battery of my mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro for the first time. After calibrating it (steps I took below), I checked the battery with coconutBattery and It's showing that the design capacity is around 88%-90% after only 1 cycle. This isn't normal, right? I didn't...
  17. B

    iPhone SE Would The Apple Store put on a Case for me?

    If I go in there for a battery replacement and I brought in a Otterbox case I bought from someone else would they put it on for me?
  18. B

    iPhone SE Battery replacement for SE?

    Is it worth getting a battery replacement for my iPhone SE? it’s battery health is at 88% and have had the phone for 2.5 years
  19. Defie22

    iPhone 7 - When to replace the battery?

    Hi. I have my iPhone7 for almost 2 years. From the first day I'm not satisfied with the battery life. Now my battery has 84% of its original capacity. I still have 2 months of warranty and I'm not going to buy new iPhone in next months. When is the best time for me to replace the battery...
  20. H

    Upgrading MacBook Pro, Mid 2010, 15 inch

    My pro is 500 GB HD, 4 G Ram. I have used less than 90 GB total. I tried to update the OS from Mavericks to High Sierra and it "crashed and burned" even though HS specs on Apple said it would work with my computer. Here's the dumb part: Never backed up anything! Took it to repair shop. Told...