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big sur

  1. G

    Slow mouse movement when disabling acceleration on M1 MacBook Air

    Hi, I just bought an M1 MacBook Air and mostly everything works great, with a few exceptions. I usually like to disable mouse acceleration because I'm much more precise with that setting. The way I do it is by going to Terminal and entering defaults write .GlobalPreferences...
  2. applCore

    Anyone figured out a bootable clone option yet for Big Sur?

    I somewhat frequently run into scenarios where I need to upgrade Macs' hard drives from either standard rotary drives to SSDs or size up the SSD that comes with a Mac. I'm now having Big Sur systems coming in the door and have been hitting walls with the previously very clean and reliable...
  3. E

    slow to cancel iPhone backup

    Sometimes, when I need to reboot, I can't because Big Sur is backing up my iPhone. If I go into finder and cancel the backup, it takes a very long time to stop (minutes if not longer). But today I noticed that if I disconnect my iPhone from my Mac, it stops immediately. Is there something I...
  4. chiarecciu

    big sur microsoft remote desktop

    Hi everyone. I have a MacBookPro. I work from home by connecting to my company computer through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. My operating system is Big Sur. Since yesterday every time I try to connect with the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, I can't do it and I get this message We couldn't...
  5. robertcoogan

    Problems with chnages to firmware on boot

    I used to use rEFInd as a boot loader, but with the upgrade to Big Sur there have apparently been changes to the firmware that interferes with rEFInd's operation. So I am back to holding down the option key. Yay. <--(sarcasm) If I tried to boot normally, rEFInd should kick in and take me to...
  6. bibs310

    EXTERNAL MONITOR ALERT - j5create USB Display adapters are NOW COMPATIBLE with macOS Big Sur 11!!!

    Beta Driver for macOS 11.1 Big Sur available!! (BEEN WORKING GREAT!!) Below are step-by-step instructions including a link to download the driver. Here is a link to a pdf document for those who need a visual instruction guide. macOS 11.1 installation steps: Please disconnect your j5create...
  7. F

    Can't See SD card in Big Sur Finder, Help Please.

    I can not find out how to show an SD card when using Big Sur Finder. Same card showed in a 2012 MacBook Pro. Does anyone know how to fix it so that I can see a SD card in Finder ? Thank your time and for any help/suggestions.
  8. imdog

    Should I Return M1? Screen-tearing on LG5K & Bluetooth Issues

    Hi, I've been having a lot of issues with my M1 Mac mini unfortunately. The most of any Apple Product I've ever used! So I got the Mac mini (16GB/1TB) & the LG Ultrafine 5K for Christmas. I have 2 days left in my return window so I have to make my decision pretty quick. These are the issues I...
  9. Ollie Axe

    Mac Mini with LED Cinema Display through the HDMI port ?

    Hello guys, I have a Mid 2014 15 Macbook Pro currently connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display and an Apple LED Cinema Display 27 and I want to upgrade to the M1 Mac Mini M1 but I don't know exactly if that's possible for me to use both of my monitors at the same time as I know that you can...
  10. S

    Kernel panic on shutdown

    Hello, I'm getting kernel panics whenever I shutdown or restart my Mac. This happens _only_ on shutdown and restart. I recently changed the language on my Mac, and then the problems started happening, but I'm not sure it's from the language change. I'm using a 27-inch iMac from 2017, with Big...
  11. ZircoBen

    Messages don't update

    Anyone else have their iMessages load / update really slow? Sometimes I have to close and reopen the app three times and later wait like 5 minutes for current iMessages to load up. It's ridiculous. Has anyone found any workarounds for this? I'm running Big Sur 11.1 on my 2017 MacBook Pro, and...
  12. T

    Problems with mx master 3 and logi options

    I have the made for Mac version so no unifying dongle. M1 air When I turn my mx master 3 on 80% of the time the buttons and gestures will be all messed up. My back and forward buttons won’t work on safari, middle click doesn’t work, none of the gestures except for pressing the gesture work. And...
  13. PinkyMacGodess

    macOS 11.1 - Weird duplicate system names on the network errors.

    So I login to my 'music server' where I've put 'all' of my content to share with the local Apple TV's, and I login after having some issues getting some 'home video's to play, and see the message: Yeah, but no. There are no other computers named like that, so what gives? I'm thinking this was...
  14. E

    benq pd3220u monitor detecting the wrong resolution in Big Sur all of a sudden?

    my benq pd3220u monitor is detecting the wrong resolution in Big Sur all of a sudden? Sometimes it goes to the right one but most of the time its wrong. Any idea how to fix this
  15. RealMonster

    Big Sur CLAIMS to be able to look at other Time Machine volumes but doesn't (also: permissions)

    So, scrolling around, it looks like there are lots of issues with Time Machine and Big Sur, particularly with older data. I didn't see this anywhere, though. I'm migrating from a machine running El Capitan. I actually set the new Mac up fresh, and I'm going to pull over just what I need. (The...
  16. S

    Change AirDrop Download Location

    Hello, I am searching for a way to modify macOS to accept files from AirDrop to a specific folder. In my case, changing from the local ~/Downloads folder to a custom iCloud Downloads folder. I have found a few automator tricks online, but they are all set up for 10.14 or 10.15 and don't work...
  17. M

    HDR, Youtube in chrome I have HDR but in Safari I can't enable it.

    Hello I have a Macbook 2017 13 connected to with an egpu to an HDR compatible display. I can enable HDR on the screen and I can also play VP9 videos with HDR in Chrome. How can it be that I can activate the HDR in Google Chrome but cannot activate the HDR in Safari. I have in Bigsur with...
  18. JedNZ

    macOS Big Sur on cMP 5,1

    I was encouraged to share my experience with installing macOS Big Sur on two of my cMPs as I wasn't able to find anything already prescribed for those like me who use the RefindPlus/OpenCore Chainloader, and hopefully it covers off some useful information for others attempting the same. I have...
  19. A

    M1 Mac External Display - Fuzzy Fonts & Colors - YPBPR vs RGB

    Hi All! Long time windows users transitioning to Mac. Old setup was a Dell Latitude hooked up to a Dell Ultrasharp U2415, one at home, and the other at work (laptop carried to and fro). Bought a M1 Macbook Air, and am absolutely thrilled with the performance, and with the fluidity of the...
  20. B

    Poll: Are you having bluetooth issues with your M1 mac?

    There has been a lot of talk about bluetooth issues with M1 macs. I am interested to know what proportion of people are having these issues. Let’s do a poll.