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    MP 7,1 HDR with capture card and Pro Display XDR

    I’m looking for the solution that would let me connect PS4/Xbox to Pro Display XDR via HDMI. I think the best way to do that is to buy PCIe capture card for Mac Pro and connect it that way. I was thinking of using either AJA KONA or Blackmagic DeckLink but I can’t find any info if I can preview...
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    iMac Pro Possible to connect multiple Blackmagic eGPU to iMac Pro?

    Hi is it possible to connect two Blackmagic eGPUs and get better results? I'm thinking of another of the same basic one, or a Pro. Looking to get better performance doing 3D-rendering. After some google it seems daisy chain is not the way to go, but to be using different TB3 ports to balance...
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    MP 1,1-5,1 3.1 MP Graphics Card not recognized (MSI R9270)

    Hello everyone, Just got a Mac Pro 3.1 as a gift. I have an MSI R9 270 graphics card from an old Windows build that I was hoping to drop into my new Mac to replace the stock ATI 2600XT. All the videos on the internet I have watched show people just dropping the cards in, and they work...
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    The risk of buying apple pro hardware

    While it is true that Apple is finally beginning to appreciate pro and prosumer customers on one hand it is showing disdain on the other. There are many examples but what motivated me to write this is the unfortunate timing of the 2018 MacBook Pro 560x gpu and 3 short months later, the option...
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    Blackmagic eGPU vs internal Vega 20 in MBP

    Hi, I am one of those early adopters of the 2018 MBP i9 with 560x cpu. I have a 5k monitor which I use frequently in 5k aspect ratio. I have noticed that most things I do with my 560x model MBP work adequately at native resolution 2560 x 1080, but when I go up to 5120 x 2160 everything just...
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    Question for early adopters of MBP 15 inch with 560X GPU

    I am curious if you will be 1) buying an external GPU (if so which one?) 2) sell your “old” MBP 15 INCH 560X To buy a new Vega model 3) keep your 560X model and accept it’s limitations 4). Spend endless hours complaining about how Apple screwed you by making your computer obsolete in just...
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    MacPro Late 2013 + eGPU Blackmagic + LG 5K

    Hi, Could I branch an eGPU Blackmagic via the Apple Thunderbolt 3-Thunderbolt 2 adapter to a nMP (Quad Core/D300) in order to make use of the 5K Retina mode on the LG Ultrafine? If I well understood there should be a working terminal command for those external GPU (which are not supported via...
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    Better performance with LG 5K and Blackmagic egpu?

    Hey guys, I’m using the Ultrafine 5K display with a maxed out 15" MacBook Pro 2016 and I have never been happy with the performance in clamshell mode. Once connected, the fans start spinning like crazy and performance is reduced a lot especially when running Lightroom. It is impossible to edit...
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    2018 MBP + Black magic eGPU vs 2013 Mac Pro

    How does this set up compare to the 2013 Mac Pro's (ie 13" or 15" base models w/ the blackmagic eGPU vs the D300, 500, 700) I have a 2013 nMP and 2012 rMBP, looking into getting a base model 13" 2018 MBP for more portability.
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    Thunderbolt 2 Splitter

    So one thing I'm looking for I've never been able to find is some sort of Thunderbolt 2 Splitter/hub where I can turn one Thunderbolt port into two basically. I know this may seem unnecessary because most Thunderbolt components have the ability to daisy chain, however, I am working with BMD...
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    HDMI Capture

    Let me open with saying I know just enough to be dangerous. I currently capture video from my cable box through an old "Elgato HD" box and their EyeTV software. the output is loaded onto my ipad for travelling and off wifi viewing. The hardware piece is showing it's age as the micro USB...