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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by an-other, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Let me open with saying I know just enough to be dangerous.

    I currently capture video from my cable box through an old "Elgato HD" box and their EyeTV software. the output is loaded onto my ipad for travelling and off wifi viewing. The hardware piece is showing it's age as the micro USB connection is starting to get a bit wonky. I'm beginning to investigate replacements. If there's one thing I could improve on the process is the processing time. Elgato puts a wrapper on the files, and it takes a lot of time to export them.

    I'll start with I am aware of HDCP, and I have splitter which will pass the signal.

    Elgato have stopped making "tuner" hardware for the US market for this type of purpose. Hauppage (sp?) is hard to nail down. I've been tempted by picking up an old elgato hybrid on e-bay, but they're getting pricey.

    My initial thoughts were to go with something like an Elgato Game capture. It seems like I could fit it in the "ecosystem", and get it recordings in real time with the EyeTV software. I would still have the export time issue.

    I recently uncovered this in my research: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/prod...dlkulsdzminrec_Ultrastudio_Mini_Recorder.html It looks like a processing piece of kit for sure. Thunderbolt!

    Does anyone have any thoughts on an optimal set-up? Any experience with an elgato game capture or the Blackmagic design? Does anyone know of a better solution?

    I suspect in 5 years I won't have this issue as streaming services will continue to allow you to save content for offline viewing. That day isn't here yet for me.

    Thanks for all assistance on offer.
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    Blackmagic is generally good stuff. It can be very particular about resolution and frame rates so YMMV, but I'd recommend it over the elgato. That dongle is not going to handle the encoding of your video though, so make sure you take that into consideration. Any 2012+ mac with an i5 or i7 processor should be able to handle on the fly transcoding to H264 as long as you are not asking it not to do too much simultaneously.
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    I've been using an Elgato Game Capture HD box for over a year now with no issues, very satisfied. Runs well on a mini that is running 10.9.5. The saved files are common mp4 type (H.264, AAC) which FCP imports without issue, quicktime plays without issue, Handbrake makes m4v for appleTV and iPad without issue. I haven't seen a HDMI stream it couldn't record. I chose Game Capture because the Blackmagic stuff at the time seems to be hit or miss, can be difficult to set up/figure out, can be fickle and was much more money (web is full of compatibility questions). Once you figure it out it may provide superior results, but the Game Capture was so much less money and just works. Its is about as easy a plug and play as it gets. The capture software also has cut and trim editing capability. No need for eyeTV, dunno if it works with Game Capture.
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    We have used Blackmagic Mini and OBS to stream live broadcasts ( four simultaneously one year ) for several years now with great success. The output can be saved, closed captioned and then uploaded in place of the live stream recorded via youtube. We are currently looking into 4k solutions. Our current limitation is 720p from our switcher ( Roland ). The switcher allows us to use multiple cameras for live capture. As an add on question, does anyone know of a 4 camera ( or even 2 camera ) switcher that will do 1080p or 4k?
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    This is a really nice device and works well. I use it to get an SDI connection out of cameras for skype calls, broadcast connections out of routers's and tricaster's and other things video related. Just make sure you're buying the right one though. They have one that goes from thunderbolt to hdmi/sdi and hdmi/sdi to thunderbolt.

    The one main thing you need to watch out for is some blackmagic products have a blocking feature built into them for things that you're looking to do. I know if I were to take an output from my cable box and go through the converter, blackmagic notices the comcast signal and blocks it. Good luck!

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