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  1. pauclaude

    Move Sierra bluetooth drivers to High Sierra (downgrade)

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to transfer (downgrade) the bluetooth module from Sierra to High Sierra. On my iMac 2011, equipped with a bluetooth 4 dongle, I have three partitions: one with Sierra, one with High Sierra and one with Catalina (patch). There is no way or program to...
  2. Xenostar

    Strange bluetooth earbuds lag error with videos

    I recently purchased some Anker bluetooth earbuds for the first time. I'm having a very strange issue when using them with my Macbook Pro 2016 model (Running Mojave 10.14.4, 2.7 GHz Intel, 16gb Ram, Radeon Pro 455). Basically, if I watch a video on Youtube or a stream on Twitch, the video...
  3. G

    Trackpad 2 great but connecting a pain

    Hi, extremely happy about by Trackpad 2 but connecting to my MBP 2015 with Mojave is a very unreliable. I have to go through several hoops with the BT and trackpad settings before it connects. Anyone any hints ? BTW On my HP Probook h....tosh with El Capitan it connects instantly...
  4. P

    Sharing Same Music Over 2 AirPods

    Wouldn’t this be cool? Does anyone know of a way either native or though a third party app that would allow two AirPods to share the same audio at the same time. Bose Q35 do this and it’s great! Nice when on a run with someone, commuting, or just jamming out! Any ideas?
  5. ppdix

    iPhone Bluetooth issues in the car

    Since beta 5 or 6 of iOS12 I've had problems reconnecting Bluetooth to my 2 cars. Both are 2018 Audi. The connection shows "Connected" but it doesn't work. I have to manually turn off BT in the iPhone X and turn on, then it works fine until I stop the car and it loses the connection. It happens...
  6. S

    Macbook twitchy Bluetooth Connection to Mouse and Keyboard

    Hey, Just got the new Macbook Pro 15", July 2018. I still got the Apple Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard from my late 2013 iMac, and I noticed the connection is kinda twitchy. Battery for both is almost 100%, yet they behave like they're almost out of battery – randomly disconnecting and...
  7. S

    Phone Switches to Phone mode on Bluetooth

    Hello, I have a 2012 Civic and recently my phone has begun switching to phone mode during an incoming call and I'm unable to take a call via my cars bluetooth. I've searched through the settings, but I'm not finding the solution. If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it! Thank you.
  8. Spooner83

    Multiple listeners via bluetooth?

    Is there a way to play music from one device but have multiple friends listen to the same song at once using bluetooth??
  9. K

    iOS Swift + IOS + Bluetooth Questions

    Hi, I am new at around you and also IOS programing with swift language. Nowadays, I am dealing with a project which uses bluetooth in order to communicate with beacons and cloud message service which is Firebase. Actually, I did a part of Firebase side. However, I need to help for bluetooth...
  10. AndreBausLe

    Bluetooth Audio issue on Windows10 BootCamp

    Hi, I got a Problem with Bluetooth Headsets under Windows 10 (BootCamp) on my MBP 15" 2016. If i stream music to my headset, it seems that the signal is week. i get many skips in the music stream. If i hold my Hand on the Headphone receiver, sound stocks completely. The Problem is much...
  11. J

    Recommendations for on-ear headphones?

    I'd tempted to purchase the Powerbeats 3 for my runs but absolutely loathe the rounded in ear style headphones. Does anyone have any suggestions as to in ear headphones (similar to EarPods)?
  12. drlib2011

    Airplane mode not mirroring 7+ 10.1b5

    Hello I have a 7+ 256g and just put on 10.1 beta 5 and was using the airplane mode and it does enable on the watch but (setting are mirror iPhone) but does not disable AW SS 2 with 3.0 any one have this happen? I did do a bug report on it also
  13. M

    Apple trackpad problems with El Capitan

    I recently upgraded OS to 10.11.6 on my 2009 Mac Pro and have had problems with my Apple magic trackpad. It seems to intermittently drop and recover connection and also appears to lag in response to input. Often it will respond in a jerky way that causes me to overshoot or undershoot my target...