boot camp assistant

  1. tiange123

    MP 6,1 Boot Camp doesn't work, windows cannot be installed

    I tried to format my SSD drive serval times, degraded the system to osx 10.13.6 and managed to keep the disk format as HFS+ in order to install windows 10. But every time I install the windows 10 through Boot Camp, it doesn't boot windows installation and creates an empty Boot Camp partition. I...
  2. N

    Trying to avoid Boot Camps install partition.

    Hello, I have an iMac 27" 2017 model with a 128GB flash blade and a 1TB flash SSD inside. I'm on Mojave and I use the big HD for macOS and the small one for Boot Camp. When I install Windows via Boot Camp the BC Assistant creates a 8GB partition named Wininstall that contains the Windows iso...
  3. J

    Installed windows 10 on 2011 MBP, but unable to finish setting up boot camp

    I used this video: to install windows 10 on my early-2011 MBP. It worked fine until about 8:22 in the video. It says to install boot camp and then another page will pop up asking if you want to install using compatibility settings. But when I click on the file to install boot camp, first it...
  4. O

    Boot Camp Assistant not recognize ISO

    The ISO was downloaded from Microsoft official website and copied from a USB drive. However, Bootcamp assistant failed to detect the ISO file.
  5. Shunnabunich

    Installing Windows 7 on Mid-2011 iMac

    Hi folks! I recently replaced my 2011 iMac's failing internal hard drive with a nice, spacious 4TB chonker, and decided I could spare the room for a Windows partition again — it's been a few years, and there are a few Windows-only games I wouldn't mind trying to play again. Thing is, my iMac...
  6. J

    boot camp problem - Macpro5.1

    Hello everybody i update my old mac pro , to a mac pro5.1, and now i have Mojave installed. The problem now is with Boot Camp on the image you can see that i can't install windows on a partition, because Boot Camp is not compatible with my Mac. there is an option to solve this problem? Thanks...
  7. mikezang

    Create Bootable Windows 10 USB memory on Mac mini 2009 late

    I still use a old Mac mini 2009 late with El Capitan, then I have some old laptops: ThinkPad T60 with Windows XP, Acer ES1-131 With Windows 10 that can't be recovery. So I want to create a bootable Windows 10 USB memory, What can I do? Google told me to use Boot Camp. I run Boot Camp Assistant...
  8. that1_ernie

    Boot Camp on mid 2014 MBPr

    hello, i have a mid 2014 MBPr running with a samsung 960 evo 500gb ssd and i cant figure out how to successfully launch windows 10 on my boot camp partition. last attempt it crashed on the end of the installation process. keep getting error “The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an...
  9. F

    Boot camp with win10 educational lincense

    Hey, ok, so I tried installing win10 educational license on my MBP. The whole system crashed and after trying this another time, same result. I even contacted Apples chat support about this problem, getting referred to their own page,, about boot camp...
  10. coanmenell


    UPDATE: Apparently the GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB doesn't allow you to see the screen during boot which doesn't allow you to input key commands for recovery mode or boot select. The computer was booting from the last OS that was ran but still didn't explain why my drives were not being recognized. So...
  11. Hi-Fi The fox

    BSOD with Boot Camp drivers

    I'll start with the basics to know: I have setup Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit using the Boot Camp Assistant on my 2.4Ghz 2008 black MacBook running 10.7.5. The Windows installation is completely working but lacking the extra functions (Multi touch, keyboard functions, etc.). I had also created the...
  12. kitharass

    Installing Windows 10 - Boot Assistant Help Please?

    i need to install windows 10 64 bit on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. 1. I have downloaded iso image from microsoft. 2. when i go for Boot Assistant, it's not giving me option to install windows 10 on which drive. also giving me this message 3. when i select "Create a windows 7 or later version...
  13. ejimenez

    Boot Camp Assistant EFI problem

    Macbook pro 15" mid 2015 on High Sierra (10.13.1) Recently did a fresh reset to delete previous Windows 10 partition. Tried to install again but Bootcamp displayed an EFI, follwed some online forums to get rid of that problem but nothing worked. Right now this is what I get. Any ideas?
  14. M

    BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT cannot partition drive

    I have a large 4TB SSD from OWC installed on my Mac Pro (late 2013). All is well. Sierra 10.12.4 I now need to add a boot camp dual boot to windows 7. I tried to run the boot camp assistant which then promptly failed. I do not recall the exact error, but I needed to use the Boot camp enabler...
  15. pford

    Cannot run Boot Camp Assistant

    Greetings, I've had this issue for a while and gotten no help from Apple. No response by email and a real run around trying to use their discussion group - having to re-login multiple times and told the page I want cannot be found. Anyways getting to the point I get the following message when...
  16. D

    Sierra 10.12 Boot Camp ONLY supports windows 10

    In the Beta release 10.12, Sierra Boot Camp Assistant does not allow creation of Boot Camp partitions with any version of Windows older than v10. This contravenes many Apple advice pages on the internet such as: Use Windows 8.1 on your Mac with Boot...
  17. A

    Resolved Windows installation fail (iMac 27 mid-2011)

    Hi Guys, Problem: Im trying to install windows 10. Since superdrive is failing, i change it to SSD. So installing Windows trough superdrive ODD/ the easy way (bootcamp) is not possible to install. My mac : Model no : A1312 iMac 27 i7 3.4ghz 8gb Ram (4+4) osX - El Capitan AMD Radeon HD 6970M...
  18. R

    I can't install win7 on Imac 2011 (21.5-inch)

    I can't install win7 on Imac 2011 (21.5-inch) I bought the Imac and the Windows 7 was installed. After five years, I had to remove the windows 7 from boot camp I did that, and update to the mac os to El capitan - fresh installed After that I tried all the ways to install Windows 7 from boot camp...
  19. Mejenborg

    Unable to boot to OS X from Windows 10

    Hi Having a kinda strange problem. I have a Mac Pro 4,1 (upgraded to 5,1) and two drives - one drive with OS X El Capitan installed, and one with Windows 10 installed. I used Boot Camp Assistant to install windows 10 which created 2 partitions an EFI and a Bootcamp. When installing Windows I...
  20. djrelentt

    I am in DESPERATE need of HELP! (Boot Camp Problem)

    Hey everyone, I always use Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition on my MBP. I am running OSK 10.9.5. For some reason I started my Macbook Pro today and my partition was gone. It shows in Disk Utilities but it is greyed out (See image here -...