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boot issue

  1. mixedfeelings

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mojave 2020-006 bricked my 5,1?

    Hey, all! I have a 2010 cMP 5,1 basic quadcore cpu, in Mojave with a Sapphire Pulse RX580 8gb GPU. I have kept it mostly up to date, but it only had the firmware. I recently ran the 2020-006 update and it seems to have bricked my machine. When it restarted, both monitors were black...
  2. kahlil88

    2011 MBP not booting and blue screens

    Got a 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro that won't boot. Tested with hard drive connected via USB to rule out bad SATA cable. Usually powers off or restarts, but when I try to boot recovery mode or a USB installer it blue screens (doesn't shut off or reboot tho). Strangely enough I can boot Apple...
  3. smartyhall

    PowerMac7,3 Boot Issues

    I just recently picked up a PowerMac7,3 with the dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC 970FX option. It was missing its drives, so I dug out an older SATA drive, stuffed it in, and went to boot a Tiger install disk. The install disk boots, sees the drive, and completes the install. However, it won't actually...
  4. S

    Macbook Pro 2014-Retina Boot Problems

    Macbook starts up (fan spin every-time). Macbook occasionally chimes. (after removing and replacing SSD a few times or after being off for quite some time) Macbook does not output display to its built in retina display (I have reason to believe that this is cracked but still functional) Macbook...
  5. lilfear1

    Mac Mini windows install

    I work for a college and we have some Mac Mini's that some run Mac, and some run Windows. This particular one however, crashed during windows install (before bootcamp). Now when it is turned on the windows splash screen comes up, and if no buttons pushed (f12, f2) it says something to the...
  6. O

    Can not book Mac from CD or USB

    Hello, I have a friend with a Macbook Pro (not sure of what month and year) and they consulted me recently to help them out because of a problem they are experiencing. Whenever my friend brought it over, he said that he opened it and saw a blank white screen. He also claims that it is flashing...
  7. P

    Mac Mini 2010 won't boot

    After migrating from a Mac Mini 2009 (OS X El Capitan) to a newer one (OS X Mountain Lion), we restarted it, and it's not booting. We already tried booting with Cmd-S and Cmd-R. Cmd-R doesn't work, because this mac is refurbished and has no recovery HD. Please help!
  8. J

    MBP mid-2012 SSD upgrade getting no permission on boot up

    Hi All! First post on here after reading two dozen posts across here and other forums that unfortunately haven't worked for me. I have a a factory mid-2012 MBP with 4gb RAM and 500gb hdd, which obviously well overdue for an upgrade. I purchased a Crucial 8gb RAM kit and Samsung Evo 850 500gb...