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bootable usb

  1. O

    making a biosboot usb with windows 10?

    I have been fighting with my iMac 21'5 inch for the past couple of weeks and I think I've finally reached the final hurdle. I am able to successfully put windows 10 on my iMac via an efiboot, but the sound drivers refuse to work due to this. My conclusion is that I need a biosboot usb with the...
  2. JohnGregory

    There's an easy way to install the brand new Catalina beta!

    I tried earlier today with great frustration to allow the System to update Catalina. I kept getting error messages that the Mac could not be restart and try it again. After several tries...failure. There is a solution! Allow the System to download the beta. Stop it form trying to...
  3. W

    Issues trying to boot macOS Mojave off bootable external USB

    I'm trying to run macOS off a USB so I can troubleshoot some issues I've been having with a monitor. I've followed this how-to video and can reboot (holding Option + Power On). Once I choose the USB I try to install macOS Mojave, however it stops me when I try to select the greyed out USB. I...
  4. toonamix

    Live USB bundle tools

    Hi, a time ago I found a bootable disk image witch contained a lot of tools/app to restore/recovery/backup mac osx by accident... Now I'm looking for it but I can't found (because I don't remember what it's called! Damned memory. Could u help me?
  5. MaGiCSuN

    Make rebootable usb DiskWarrior on different mac

    hi, For the third time (the last year) in a row my mac won't start up. Neither in single mode, safe mood or regular boot. It does in recovery mode. I've tried back up through terminal but my folders are not found. I've used fsck_hfs many many times on the disk0s2 partition. It modified the...
  6. fountaineer

    multiple boot installers on single usb drive

    I have mac os yosemite, el capitan and sierra installer each on a bootable 16gb usb stick. I'm wondering if it's possible to have all three bootable installers on a single usb? each with their own partition or however to make that possible. Thanks
  7. N

    Bootable disk doesn't seem to work properly

    Hello! I'm trying to install Mavericks in an old MBP 15" 2007 in which I have a Snow Leopard OS. I'm trying to do it from a bootable USB disk but I'm getting nowhere. I've done this exact same installation with the same USB device with 2 other different MBP 15" 2007 and it has work perfectly...
  8. A

    Deleted my Macintosh HD, trying to reboot mavericks from a USB drive

    I bought a mac book pro, mid 2012, retina version- from somebody I didn't know, off of craigslist. First mistake. It seemed to work fine, but after awhile it started freezing often and then the folder with a question mark started to appear. I was told that all I had to do was make a bootable USB...
  9. Tobi218

    [Bootcamp] Reinstall Windows on Partition

    Hey, Is it possible to reinstall Windows 10 on a already existing Windows 10 partition without loosing all the Data? I'm getting the error: "no bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key" Thank you!
  10. X

    Resolved OSX install from USB won't boot on PC

    Hello, I have a perfectly working El Capitan installer on flash drive. I know it works because I installed from it on a MAC mini yesterday. I wanted to use it on my PC running Windows 10, a Sony Vaio, in order to install MAC on a an external HDD. But no luck, the flash drive just won't boot. My...
  11. X

    Resolved SSD upgrade, HELP!

    Hello, I am quite the techie .... in the Windows world so my friend asked me if I could upgrade his Mac Mini (late 2009 version) with an SSD drive and some RAM. I said sure, I mean how hard can it be? Well, I am stuck. I tried all I could find on forums, YouTube etc... Nothing works, for me at...
  12. maxthackray

    Booting OSX from TimeMachine backup on a Windows Pc

    Hi guys. I'm trying to sort out a problem. I'm going travelling in April for a few months and I don't want to take my laptop with me as it's heavy and I don't want to risk theft or damage. I know that if you use a Time Machine backup to an external hard drive and plug the external drive into...
  13. E


    I have erased my MacBook's hd containing the OS, the problem now is I can't install a new OS. My installer CD is not the one the was shipped with my mac. My MB doesn't detect bootable usb as well. I don't know if there was a problem when burning the disk image to the usb or is it my mac that...