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    For the third time (the last year) in a row my mac won't start up. Neither in single mode, safe mood or regular boot. It does in recovery mode. I've tried back up through terminal but my folders are not found.

    I've used fsck_hfs many many times on the disk0s2 partition. It modified the volume a few times, but now it stalls at 200+ incorrect number of thread records (was over 23000 before). And other errors invalid volume file count etc.

    So i've purchased Disk Warrior. But am i able to make a usb sooner? I'm in the netherlands therefor it takes some time to rceive the flash drive. If so, i have a mac with os sierra Available at work, and the disk warrior software in my mail.

    My iMac is with os x 10.8.5 (mountain lion). (Can't update more, because of the age of the mac).

    Single mode stalls after kernal is lp64 remark.
    Today i got two lines after that, firewire and something else.

    I'm a code geek, yet not technical so I need step by step guidance. Online i fail to find what I need, they only say "make bootable usb and use that as start disk" yes but HOW!?

    Can this be done, or not because of difference in os between mac?

    On different site I found this, but how can I install disk warrior when i can't boot? And are thse steps even possible with a regular externald WD drive?

    The steps:

    • When you install the DiskWarrior it asks you where do you want it to be installed, choose USB as a target
    • Press "Alt" during booting, choose recover option
    • Go to terminal, run the DiskWarrior from /Volumes/yourusbpath
    • It will open the new window, which will allow to repair the disk
    Many thanks,

    All help is appreciated. I only want my desktop folder back, which containes files i've not backed up yet. Applications and such I don't care about.

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    Can you boot your iMac from an external drive? If so, you can install DiskWarrior in that external drive and then rebuild the directory of problematic internal drive from the external drive.
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    Here's Apple's support article on how to make an external startup drive:

    However, if the Mac is that old, you may not be able to boot from a drive you make with your newer Mac. Just to be sure what OS your iMac supports, what model is it? If it's a white iMac, yeah, you can't go higher than Mountain Lion. But the aluminum iMacs (Mid-2007 and later) can run as high as El Capitan 10.11.6.

    If it can run El Capitan, check Mac App Store > Purchased on your work Mac. if El Capitan is listed, you can download that when you create the installer.

    If your Mac is older than that, you could boot using an installation DVD (preferably a Snow Leopard disk, to improve the chances that Disk Warrior will run - would it run on Tiger or earlier?).

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