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  1. James Murray

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can't change startup disk to bootcamp after flashing rom

    I flashed my rom yesterday but now I get the following error when I try to change the startup disk to bootcamp: The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk The only way I can boot into windows now is if I take out any Hard drives that are formatted for mac os. The Windows SSD still...
  2. M

    Mac Pro 3,1 Black screen when booting into windows

    Hello, I am currently running an early 2008 3,1 Mac Pro running 10.11.6 and had successfully installed and ran windows 8 and 10 on separate drives while using a ATI Radeon 4870 HD 512MB. Mac OS as well as windows 10 worked perfectly on it.I swapped my graphics card to a ATI Radeon 5870 HD 1GB...
  3. S

    Trackpad Issues boot camp windows

    If I do something like play games my trackpad lags, I have seen many posts about this, the solutions don't work for me. (Macbook air bootcamp windows 10)
  4. M

    Sound issues under windows 11 bootcamp (MBP A2141)

    hi guys, I've recently installed windows 11 pro under bootcamp on my 16" 2019 macbook pro (A2141). The installation and the bootcamp driver setup went smooth until stumbling into audio issues. it appears that the integrated speakers don't work on windows, although, the audio jack and BT works...
  5. L

    MP 1,1-5,1 Boot Camp Manager won't open

    Hello guys! I'm running a 5.1 Mac Pro, dual xeon 5690, with rx580. Open Core version: 0.8.7 from Martin Lo package I followed the windows 10 tutorial installation from...
  6. P

    WIN Bootcamp: BSOD due Wifi Driver.

    Hello, Is there any way to install an old/alternative driver for the Wi-Fi card? My Windows keeps crashing because of the driver for the network card. The minidump files indicate bcmpciedhd63.sys as the cause of the BSOD, which is related to the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver. I have already tried...
  7. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 boot camp falling to launch on the mac pro 4,1 flashed to a 5,1

    hello, i have mac os mojave on my mac pro. when i launch bootcamp it says this mac is not supported. is there a fix to this? running mac os mojave.
  8. O

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro RTX4090

    Hi all, recently dived into a new world with boot camp on my MP 7,1. I’m really interested in installing a RTX 4090 FE. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this card in the 7,1. I understand the card is quite new! I believe the FE is 304mm in length and my current 6900XT which I cut...
  9. macpot

    Is macOS safe if Windows (Bootcamp) gets a virus?

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro 2020 with T2 chip and File Vault enabled. I installed Windows using Bootcamp, and after some time got a virus there so I quickly used Bootcamp assisstant in macOS and removed Bootcamp completely. Is it safe to assume that application (virus) on Windows had no...
  10. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Bootcamp Mac Pro 2012 with PCIe SSD (SATA 3)

    Hi there, I am the proud owner of a "new" Mac Pro 2012 (Mojave) after my graphics cards on my Mac Pro 2010 (Snow Leopard) gave up on me twice within 8 months. The new unit has dual Xeon processors X5690, a Radeon RX 570 with 8 GB RAM and runs from a Samsung Evo 850 m.2 SATA 3 SSD mounted in a...
  11. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 attempting to install windows on 09' mac pro 5.1 via usb

    hi guys, I'm at a point where i want to install a modded windows 11 that bypasses the TPM. Im aware that windows 11 on the mac pro 2009 is not officially supported but id want give it a shot. i tried going through the bootcamp installer and even used a windows 7 iso file which bootcamp...
  12. BananasMac

    Option to “Install Windows 10 or later version” is greyed out

    (posted already on r/bootcamp for help, just posting here in case there could be more) Hi there, I’m trying to install Windows 10 on my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro (9,2) running Mojave and Boot Camp Assistant only allows me to create an install disk and download Windows support software from Apple. I...
  13. C

    Bootcamp: I Cannot install windows due to no mouse/keyboard inputs. Can anyone help?

    Hello all, mac noob here, I have to apologize if this thread is in the wrong forum or asked already. I went through the bootcamp setup assistant on my 2019 macbook pro i9 and once it restarts and boots into windows I have no keyboard or mouse inputs whatsoever. I am stuck on the language...
  14. J

    WHAT IS USEING 80GB OF RAM 2017 IMAC!!!!!!!!!

    2017 IMAC did the normal upgrades samsung evo plus 2 tb, qvo 2tb, i7700k 4.2, 128 gb ram. thing has been working great, still is. did the upgrades little under a year ago.Been dual booting windows 11 on a external 256gb nvme m.2. gen 3 i took out of my laptop after i put a 980 pro in it. It was...
  15. W

    SSD performance is worse in bootcamp Win10 (Mac mini 2018)

    I just installed Windows 10 on my Mac mini 2018 (Apple SSD Ap0256M/Intel Core i5-8500B). Random 4K (QD=1) test: MacOS: 40.88 MB/s Read, 297.31 MB/s Write Win10: 13.05 MB/s Read, 68.67 MB/s Write I do feel laggy when I use Win10. What could the problem be?
  16. Romahaaa

    Bootcamp: can't install DirectX 11 Runtime on Windows 11

    Hi guys. I just installed Windows 11 using Bootcamp but using specific software I get the error about DirectX 11 runtime. I tried to install it from Microsoft page, but installation never completes throwing the error: "An internal system error occurred. Please refer to DXError.log and...
  17. Gst95

    Mac has high temperature while running games, is this a concern?

    Hello, So I've recently started testing a game (Skyrim Special Edition, on Bootcamp to be exact) on both my Macs, one of which is an iMac and the other a MacBook Pro. Now, I'm perfectly aware that Macs aren't really designed for gaming, and while I have considered something a little more...
  18. J

    "No USB Drive" error in Boot Camp Assistant

    Early-2011 MBP 13" (8,1) running Mojave 10.14.6 Trying to install Windows 10, and I edited the plist to allow installing to USB instead of having to burn a DVD, but I have tried 3 different USB sticks, all different brands, exfat, fat, macos journaled makes no difference and I keep getting this...
  19. M

    Keyshot on Bootcamp NO GPU

    Hi everyone, I've just installed bootcamp on my 2019 16" mb with the 5500m 4gb GPU, unfortunately after installing keyshot, the GPU button appears for 2 seconds when I open the program, then it disappears and only the CPU processign is left. I've tried both with the official gpu drivers...
  20. ondert

    Can I install Windows on external TB3 drive?

    Hello, I’ve got already a TB3 enclosure which accepts m.2 NVMe ssd. This one to be specific; I have used this to install Windows on it and boot from there on my 2017 and 2019 5k iMacs. However, then I moved to 2020 5K iMac and couldn’t do the same thing...