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  1. J

    Tri boot Mavericks, Catalina (Or any other 13.5 or higher), with Windows 7

    Hello, I am trying to Have 3 different installs on my mac book pro (2014 mid). I have been able to use and install Mavericks; I have installed windows 7 normally with mavericks. Everything had worked, until I tried to install Catalina. I want to boot from windows 7 as my main os, Mavericks as my...
  2. H

    Bootcamp Migration to a New Mac

    G'day everyone. Long time forum lurker, first time poster. (Go easy on me please.) Tried researching the forums and google for an answer but I can't quite find an example to match my situation, so here it goes. After years of putting up with my ****** 2018 i9 MBP constantly black screening, I...
  3. Geitekaas

    I want two Mac OS partitions and one Windows (Bootcamp)

    Hello dear people, I have seen a few old postings, more or less about this subject. But after so many years I think it's time to ask for a sort of an update. On my MacPro I use OpenCore, so no problem there. On my MacMini 2012, I also have OpenCore, with Sonoma. No problem there also. I just...
  4. L

    MacOS Gone After Bootcamp Install

    Ok so after installing Windows 8.1 on my Mac Mini 2011( macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 ) using bootcamp everything seemed fine and working until one day i wanted to switch back to macOS, so i used Option Restart but it only showed bootcamp so then i tried using bootcamp assistant but once again it...
  5. M

    27" inch apple studio display not detecting in bootcamp

    hi guys, i've recently been working to setup my studio display on my 16 inch macbook pro from 2019. The display works perfectly on mac os but there is no signal going through it on windows 11 bootcamp. windows seems to detect something being connected but it doesn't know what it is apparently...
  6. JnL

    How many 2009 MBP drivers for XP would work on an Early 2011 13"?

    I know there are just general drivers for the Broadcom card and the iGPU obviously, but I'm wondering how many old BootCamp drivers from the 2009s actually work with the 2011 hardware.
  7. Rizvi1

    Can't delete partition on my Sonoma 16" 2019 Intel MacBook Pro

    Hey all, I had a test partition on my old 16" 2019 Intel MacBook Pro I was using. Now I want to get rid of it, but I can't do the "-" on it to delete. The error I'm seeing is "You can't remove this volume because the preceding volume can't be resized." I've never had issues deleting partitions...
  8. zectby

    Macbook Air 2012 Bootcamp

    Hey , thank you for your help. I have an old Macbook Air (2012) from my childhood. But i dont remember the passwords of MacOS or Bootcamp. I tried the recovery but it couldn’t download the software for resetup because there isn’t enough space. But i also can not delete the Bootcamp to have more...
  9. JnL

    What's the last year of MacBook Pros with native XP drivers, or at least enough to be usable?

    I have an Early 2011 13" MBP. Last of the Snow Leopard era, and technically last that can run a BootCamp version capable of running XP. What I'm wondering is if the cutoff is the 2009s, 2010s, or 2011s.
  10. kk3mpp

    MP 1,1-5,1 installing windows 10 / 11 on Mac Pro 5.1

    hello there, i'm just wondering if i can get windows 10 or 11 on my Mac Pro 5.1... my Mac Pro 5.1: 3.06 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon / 16GB memory / GTX 680 2GB (non-flashed) / Big Sur on NVMe SSD 512GB (using OCLP) i had windows 10 (with bootcamp drivers installed via brigadier) on SATA disk, which...
  11. U

    MP 7,1 How can I install a secondary video card for Mac Pro?

    I recently bought an AMD RX 6800 video card. I managed to install it in the fourth PCI slot of my Mac Pro. I did not remove the MPX video card, it is still connected to the Apple XDR display via Thunderbolt cable. In Windows bootcamp I get a black screen. How can I use the RX6800 for windows and...
  12. E

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows 10 install on 5,1 Mac Pro

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit stuck trying to get windows 10 to install on my 2009 5,1 Mac Pro. I've installed Mojave that's native but its not saying "BootCamp is not supported" I've got 4TB worth of drives in and read somewhere it has to be under two, which can easily be sorted but haven't tried that...
  13. Mojo1019

    OS Neutral League of Legends - macOS vs Windows 10 (BootCamp)

    Hello everyone, recently I have noticed a huge degradation of performance while playing League of Legends on my Mac (MacBook Pro 16" mid 2019, an Intel Mac with mac OS 12.6.6). I have notice that while I used to play at around 100 - 120 fps in normal Summoner's Rift games, now if I rarely can...
  14. PowerPCFan

    Windows XP on an iMac?

    I want to run Windows XP in a virtual machine on my iMac (late 2015 21.5” iMac) but I don’t know what VM to use. I would run it natively but I don’t have an old pc that can run XP. Please don’t reply “use boot camp,” I know that might work but I can’t do that, I just want to run XP inside of...
  15. M

    External APFS disk not usable now...

    I have Bootcamp installed on my iMac 2019. And i have a APFS formatted 1TB external HDD. I was checking my old USB sticks from Windows Disk Manager. It asked to Start Service something like that. I thought it is asking for USB stick. It was asking for my external 1TB. Clicked it without knowing...
  16. J

    Does deleting Bootcamp erase all content accessed using the Windows partition permanently?

    if I delete Bootcamp from my mac, is the content accessed whilst using the windows partition deleted permanently? So no authority, law enforcement or any snoopers could ever retrieve it under any circumstances or lengths they could go to no matter what there budget / resources? Thank you
  17. tinygoblin

    Resolved 🗑️

  18. tinygoblin

    Resolved 🗑️

  19. M

    Unable to reclaim free space after bootcamp uninstall

    Hi people. I'm unable to reclaim free space after uninstalling Bootcamp (done through Boot Camp Assistant). I've already search this and other forums with related problems, but none could solve mine. Here are some screenshots from Disk Utility and results from diskutil: $ diskutil list...
  20. W

    Apps for HighSierra

    Hi. I just am trying to get an old iMac to install windows. It’s a 2011 iMac with Intel. All the videos and instructions on how to install Windows aren’t helping me. What version Windows can I use? I read somewhere that it has to be windows 7. No later. BootCamp isn’t helping me either. I’ve...