1. circatee

    Windows 10 and Parallels

    With the latest Mac Mini running M1, has anyone here installed and is using Parallels (Windows 10)? If so, any issues? Also, does your model have 8GB memory or 16GB memory? Currently, I have a Windows desktop. But, looking to move to a Mac Mini, as primary. With that, the idea is to have a...
  2. KarinvdB

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2018 box art

    I’m curious to see what the box art is on the different models of the 2018 iPad Pro. I couldn’t figure out from the unboxing videos which model has which art on the box, wondering if it may be random? Here’s mine, 12.9” 512GB WiFi Space Gray
  3. Slix

    .Mac box

    So I was shopping at the local Goodwill Outlet today, and came across this wonder! It's sealed completely still, apparently someone thought it was a good idea to donate a $99 subscription they bought sometime after 2005. :P Good thing it requires 10.3.9 or later! ;D I wish the sticker for...
  4. Cursed_SX

    Mail to PDF

    Hi There! I know on MacOS you can export a mail to PDF. Is there any way to do it on iPad IOS? Typically important emails, receipts, invoices and so on we export as PDF and save it on our shared Box account from Mac. Is it possible to do this from iPad? Thanks in advance!
  5. K

    New iWorks features (Box integration)

    And so now iWorks users have the feature of "Box" integration, which, among others, provides a possibility of collaboration on given documents and storing documents in a cloud. I believe this is exactly the same what iCloud already offers? Is this "Box" in anything better than Apple's iCloud...
  6. Z

    iPad Air weight

    I want to ship my 1st gen iPadAir sealed in its box, but i don't know how much the whole thing weights... how can i find out?
  7. C

    iMac packing method from B&H

    Does anyone know if B&H ships orders of iMacs inside a brown box or bare with the Apple iMac packaging displayed?
  8. originalmagneto

    APFS and file sharing?

    Anyone using BOX to collaborate that jumped onto the High Sierra bandwagon and can report results? Can I update to 10.13 and leave the filesystem as is and maybe then, convert to APFS on the fly? Thanks for your thoughts..
  9. peakman

    Universal Santa Music Box: FREE interactive animated songs

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I've made this FREE interactive animated songs app for Christmas, hope you like it: iTunes:
  10. PapaGino

    Sealed in Box Powermac 7100/66

    So I have had this Macintosh laying around my house since it was new. My Father got it from his work back in 1994 (he was a graphic artist) and never ended up opening the box since he had a Performa at the time that he liked over the 7100/66. So after 22 years the poor 7100/66 has been sitting...